• thelolotov

    “According to a 2012 Harris Interactive study, over half of all American Internet users have five or more unique passwords to remember.” 5 or more??? I have somewhere in the range of 120! That said, I don’t remember them all immediately, but…

  • vic norman

    Dont make image of Android+Amazon.
    amazon is a shame to android. will never recommend or buy amazon products

    • thelolotov

      I love Amazon, I love Android, but I will not touch Amazon’s Kindles or app store. Forking Android was a dick move, and was entirely unnecessary.

  • zzzz. zzzz.

    • umbrellacorp

      Wake up, you’re driving!!!!!!!!

  • Hungry Hamburger

    Funny how they show the Android logo when it come to their apps but it’s no where to be seen on their kindles.