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With Kickstarter Backer Orders Delivered, Pebble Set Sights on Shipping Pre-orders

Pebble Smartwatch Android

Now that Pebble has shipped almost all of their original batch of smartwatches out to backers of their Kickstarter project, they are ready to ship devices out to the first set of pre-orders. Those who ordered black or cherry red Pebbles will receive an email asking for confirmation of shipping addresses this week. If you went with orange, grey, or white Pebbles, you’ll have to wait for Kickstarter backers to receive theirs first, a process which is still ongoing. 

Here is the email going out to those who pre-ordered:

We are happy to report that the first Pebble pre-orders placed after our Kickstarter project will be shipping soon!

Jet Black and Cherry Red Pebbles will be available first. If you have pre-ordered a Jet Black or Cherry Red Pebble, you will receive an email asking to confirm your shipping address yet this week.

Orange, Grey and White Pebbles will be ready in the coming weeks, once all Kickstarter Pebbles have been shipped. You will receive the shipping address confirmation email as soon as your Pebble is available.

If your order has multiple Pebbles with different colors, we will send out your Black and Red Pebbles at first with each other color Pebble shipping as soon as they are in stock.

Thanks for your patience as we work through our shipping commitments. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of Pebble on your wrist!

The Pebble Team

If you are considering a Pebble, be sure to check out our review.

Via:  Pebble

  • These are good signs that the development and use of the needs of its customers.

  • Spencer

    With all the new things that they’ve added to this, I’m seriously starting to consider dropping the dough for this. Very neat tool.

  • asdfadf

    here we go with the smartwatch posts again…

    • GTFO

      It seems you don’t like articles about technology.

      • safsadf

        I can go anywhere and read articles about technology. I come to DROID-Life to read articles about ANDROID.

        • Ben Landwehr

          And this is about “ANDROID”. I’m definitely interested in reading about this as I signed up for pre-order, you know, because it connects to my ANDROID device?

          • Tim

            I agree. Not does it only work with android it works very well with android and specializes with android. There are many features that are android only with this device and I am positive the backers were periodominantly android.

            Sorry about the spelling. I’m drunk.