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Sliding Messaging Receives Update, Brings Fancy Settings Menu and More


One of my favorite applications, Sliding Messaging, received an update this morning, bringing a re-worked settings menu which it was in desperate need of. Users will now swipe (naturally) through the various pages of settings, as well as swiping through the different themes the app offers. In a previous update, a new UI was created for the app, allowing users to see a Google Hangouts-like interface for texting. 

Sliding Messaging is still one of those apps that I think everyone should have installed on their device. Yes, it supports MMS and features a ton of other goodies that others crave from a texting app. You can grab the update or check out the app if you haven’t yet through Google Play.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • “Please remember the app is still in beta and evolving every day. Let me know if something is missing or not working how you feel it should and I will do my best to correct it!”

    Email the developer if you feel something isn’t working correctly or is missing something. Help him/her help you!

  • Sam

    I love this app. I love the Stock texting app and this app let’s me use that on my DNA.

  • bal412

    Do you need to remove the stock messaging app like freeze it with tb before using this? And what it so great about this app compared to stock? I’m on jb 422 on my rezound

  • IrishSid

    It also doesn’t recieved shared stuff from other apps, for example sharing a contact number.
    And it usually sticks my keyboard up which is tedious. But it’s still my go to messaging app for the quick reply, expandable notification options and the design. I’ll be dropping it when 4.2.x is released for the note 2 if the bugs aren’t sorted out though.

  • Cody M

    When it doesn’t lag my entire phone down i’ll use it. The concept is awesome, but it needs to be optimized.

  • Eric

    The developer should be fixing his MMS over wifi before adding new features. How people can live with having the app turn off wifi and turning it back on when sending an mms is beyond me.

  • Samuel Ludwig

    While I liked this enough to buy the full version a few weeks back, it not being able to automatically save drafts was a deal breaker for me. Any word on whether or not this is a feature now?

  • Dr0me

    hope they fixed the lag as others are saying. Great concept but the dev just needed to polish it off so it runs like butter.

  • suprkain

    mms support is still awful

    • Michael

      I think it’s a lot better than it has been in the past. I haven’t had any problems lately.

  • Derek Jones

    Does anyone else notice lag on the device itself (not just the app), that could be caused by the app? I have a Galaxy Nexus (4.2.2) and it just stutters its way through almost anything. I started removing apps I didn’t need to see if it made a difference, but it didn’t. The last thing I removed was sliding message (went back to stock messaging app) and it seems to have greatly improved performance on my phone. Things aren’t perfect with the phone, there is still some lag, but there is a noticeable difference without sliding message installed.

    • BubbleSort

      Did you have the service enabled? My phone (Bionic) has been abysmally slow too, so I’ve been removing apps and running FSTrim (which sped it up a little) but it is still slow. I’ve also since lowered the number of messages stored, but it hasn’t taken affect for all conversations. If Sliding Messaging is the culprit then I’ll just use stock.

    • William Mahaffey

      I love this app, but have terrible lag on my gnex as well.

    • Pengwn

      I recently formatted the internal storage on my GNex and reverted back to stock/locked to start over. It’s practically a new phone now. I use to get those random lag and stutters all the time but no more. I’d recommend taking everything you care about off the internal storage and doing the same.

  • DKowalsky2

    I don’t delete my message threads so this app lagged really hard for me when it first came out. Cool concept and developer responds well. It seems like those who delete older text threads and keep total messages low have had better luck. I’ve been using stock SMS on the GS3 + Ninja SMS, and recently dabbled with Textra as well. Maybe I’ll give this another shot.

    Things that are key:

    1. Smooth, snappy, fast UI

    2. Can handle group MMS

    3. Cooperates with MightyText (Sliding Messaging and Textra do not)

    If they can get on board with these three things, it’ll be my daily driver.

  • chudilo

    If they added AIM & Yahoo protocols (even basic messaging), I’d gladly pay for it.

  • fartbubbler

    saw that it now has mms support, so I tried it. Locked up my S4, had to battery pull.

    tell me it gets better than this, Kellen?

    • IrishSid

      Clear app data

  • JonathonFlores

    I loved this app but I was having constant problems with notifications not showing. I would have to actuallly open the app so see if I had unread texts. It also seemed to disable the stock messaging from notifications as well. weird stuff. since the update, it’s been better but, i still use the stock sms app about 50% of the time.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Yes but did it fix the painful lag that it experiences on my Motorola Razr Maxx? I bought the app but it’s so laggy.

    • Rob

      lag is terrible on the galaxy nexus also… i love it but will stop using it if it isn’t fixed soon…

      • Mordecaidrake

        I just loaded it back up, seems to be going okay. Little lag when i send messages on MMS group chats though.

    • Aceplanet

      I dont have the Maxx but i do have the Droid Razr, and i haven’t had much if any lag for a long time with this app. I have about 25 conversations right now and most of them have close to or 200 messages in them. (I limit them at 200)

    • Michael

      Runs great on my maxx, but I’m not running blur. There is a new option to in Advanced settings to run as background service.

  • Eric Callahan

    Anybody know if this works with Google Voice too? Or just regular texting?

    • John Burke

      Regular SMS / MMS only. Doesn’t support Google Voice.

      • Eric Callahan

        Boo! Thanks.

  • I see that in the Play Store description that it states Pro features. So is that another $$$ on top of the $.99?

    • $0.99 is the Pro version. That’s what I paid in total.

      • Got it. I clicked on the devs name and then I saw the free version. It is the same description for both the paid and free

    • Michael

      That’s just the them system

  • Michael

    It also supports the new Hangouts Emojis

  • Does this still not support picture messaging, etc?

  • John Burke

    Love this App & the Dev is very responsive!
    This update also added the support I requested for Floating Notifications.