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HTC Rumored to be Planning a Phone Made With Liquidmetal

htc one design

One of the biggest selling points for the latest flagship from HTC’s One, is that it is made of solid aluminum, giving the phone a feel that plastic can’t reproduce. As if the solid aluminum wasn’t enough, a new rumor says that HTC is looking into taking it a step further. If it is right, HTC could be producing a phone using Liquidmetal chassis’. 

While this might sound like a company cooking up another buzzword to sell some devices, using liquid metal alloys to make the chassis for a phone sounds pretty awesome. At this point, this remains a rumor because the demand for plain old aluminum smartphones, like the One, are still pretty high. However, with the good sales that the One have produced on the fact that it was made from aluminum, it makes sense that they might look into a new material.

As cool as the idea of having some type of liquid metal phone is, it somehow brings my mind to the horrors of Terminator 2’s T-1000.

Via: BGR

  • Chad

    HTC Robert Patrick

  • Michael Kane

    HTC T-1000. Anyone? Anyone? Hint : 1991 Movie

  • Mike Hilal

    Liquidmetal was used to make some crappy golf clubs in the 90’s. The company licensed apple to make electronics with their patents…apple DOES NOT own anything, they just have a revocable licence agreement

  • Col_Angus

    I thought Apple had an exclusivity licence with liquidmetal use in consumer electronics. Source:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/11/apple-liquidmetal-license_n_678591.html

  • bionicwaffle

    You don’t want this people!!! Metal interferes with wireless signals!!! The One is an awesome phone but it will have some issues with wireless signal. Just as some Apple phones have and the Transformer TF200. Whether it blocks gps, bluetooth, wifi, cell signal it’s going to block something sometime depending on how you hold it and if the metal gets in between the antenna and the tower/access-point/satellite that it’s trying to communicate with.

  • JoshGroff

    That was the first thing I thought of when I read liquid metal. I freaking loved the Terminator series.

  • TheWenger

    I thought Liquidmetal was bought by Apple.

  • SenseOffender

    Just in case, like myself, you were wondering …


  • Zaki Jaaskelainen

    Liquid metal is more scratch resistant than aluminium? If so, then finally a phone tough enough not to need to be put inside a cheap plastic cover for protection! XD

    I don’t know what HTC was smoking when they chose aluminium for the One. It scratches too easily. Look at the iPhone 5 which comes pre-scratched out of the box!

    • bionicwaffle

      I don’t understand why people care about scratches so much. What’s wrong with a few battle scars?

      • Zaki Jaaskelainen

        If you plan to keep the phone for the rest of its life then scratches do not matter. But if you want to keep its resale value high so you can give it as a trade-in when buying the next model then scratches will cost you money.

  • cb2000a

    Ah yes…the terminator model…would you really want this in your pocket?

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    This is really stupid why would you need a phone that can change shape as if the whole thing would really be able to anyway………..O yea maybe we could shape shift it into something alittle more round and wide so it hurts more when I stick it up the person behind this stupidity ass!

  • Bionic

    Que up the Terminator theme music

  • sith77

    great another phone Verizon wont get ………….

    • abrego47

      this could be the dna+

      • Noel

        I see a liquid metal DNA+/DNA2/NEXUS 5 in HTC’s future.

  • Spicy_Dorothy

    Why would I want a metal case that blocks my wi-fi, cell, blue-tooth, GPS, and NFC signals. Duh.

  • oh my…..

  • dannyWHITE

    The HTC T1000

    • Michael Kane

      Aw i wasnt the first, but at least i know what it means! Acutlaly would be awesome.

  • Tony Byatt

    Built by Tony Stark?

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  • Tim242

    The aluminum of the One is not a selling point. HTC has made several aluminum phones, Thunderbolt and Inspire to name a few. Most people cover phones in cases anyway. Blogs are praising the metal, and it makes no sense.

    • Tim

      The Thunderbolt is not aluminum, and I’m pretty sure the Inspire isn’t either.

      • Tim242

        Yes, they most certainly are. Anybody that has owned them knows this. You might want to consult Google.

        • Tim

          Well, considering I’m holding a Thunderbolt right now, you might want to reconsider your assumptions.

          • Tim242

            So, you are totally clueless about the device you own. It is an aluminum unibody, with a plastic battery cover. Are you going to consult Google, or should I provide you links?

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Genuine ignorance. If you have ever held a Thunderbolt, you would not be saying this. I have taken the Thunerbolt apart before, there is no “prying” like you claim. I think you have your phones mixed up…. here’s a photo attached just in case you’re confused. Yep it’s plastic…..

          • Tim242

            The battery cover is plastic.. The rest of the phone is an aluminum unibody. I bought the Thunderbolt on release day (March 17 and had it until the Gnex release date 7 months later.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            You can’t call it a aluminum unibody. It has a detachable rear plastic cover, how is that a unibody?

          • Tim242

            As you can see above, it is an aluminum unibody. Look at the sides of the phone…no seams. It is solid from side to side, by way of the bottom of the phone.

          • Justin Winker

            For everyone’s reference:

            u·ni·bod·y – A single molded unit forming both the bodywork and chassis.

          • Tim242

            The Thunderbolt has no seams on the sides, and they are joined by way of the bottom. It is a single piece of aluminum with a hole cut out for the battery door. If HTC says it’s unibody, who are you to argue with them?

          • Justin Winker

            Show me where HTC says it’s Unibody. Also, when searching Google for HTC Thunderbolt, none of the listings on the first page mention anything about it being a unibody design. The one page you found saying it’s a unibody is clearly wrong (thanks for including a link to it, btw.)

          • Tim242

            I am not arguing about this today. I provided screenshots of reviews that pointed out its aluminum unibody design. I followed the Thunderbolt from the time it was leaked on BGR in September 2010, until its delayed release on March 17, 2011. I bought the phone on launch day, had it for 7 months until the Gnex release. My bf had one longer than that. It was talked about on podcasts and reviewed non stop. The unibody design is pointed out numerous times. Believe it, or don’t.

          • Tim242

            Google “HTC Thunderbolt aluminum unibody”. You’ll find all the proof you need.

          • brkshr

            It’s true…

          • Justin Winker

            I found all the proof I need.

            “HTC has been using a lot of aluminum in their designs as of late, but the body of the HTC Thunderbolt is made completely of plastic. The only aluminum we could find was beveled accents around the camera and flash and the kickstand which allows you to prop the thunderbolt up in portrait and landscape.”


          • Tim242

            Here ya go

          • Tim
          • Tim242

            It is aluminum. When I got my first Thunderbolt, the rep had a hard time removing the battery cover. He used a box cutter and bent the metal on the top of the phone. He had to replace it. It was sharp. I am not going to argue about it. It is aluminum, and there is plenty of proof.

          • fish1552

            You’re both wrong. It’s made of teenaged drama queen tears and unicorn semen!

          • Franklin Ramsey

            SSSSHHHHH Apple has those patented.

          • fish1552

            Damn. I forgot they’re quick when it involves making money.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    For those of you who are saying that Apple holds a license agreement with Liquidmetal, would you please read the article and source again. HTC is rumored to be “adopting amorphous metal alloys” or “Liquidmetal” in conjunction with Jabon International. Apple licensing the technology has nothing to do in this case as the Rumor is that HTC is trying to develop their own “Liquidmetal”.

  • Maybe they will make the camera on that phone 2 megapixel.

    • Tim242

      Haha and blogs would praise it.

      • Justin Winker

        The cam on the One is the best smartphone camera I’ve ever seen. That’s comparing it to my past Moto devices (a N4 thrown in there as well), and friends’ Samsung devices. Everyone has preferences, but I’m perfectly fine with a 4mp camera. I think the 13mp cam is just overkill, though.

        • Tim242

          If it works for you, that’s cool. The S4 camera takes excellent pictures. It has surpassed the iPhone 5 quality. That is important to me, because my pics are not taken for social networking. Check this out. Taken with my S4 yesterday.http://db.tt/au4zzRo2

          As for the aluminum Thunderbolt, you conveniently skipped the gazillion reviews and forums that point it out as aluminum. It is aluminum.

          • pappy53

            I have yet to see any phone, with the exception of the Nokia Windows 8 phone, that can compare with the iPhone 5 camera. IMHO, of course.

          • LionStone

            The i5 don’t got nothin on my DNA…Mama spider with egg sac underneath 🙂

          • dmagicp

            I think I’m going to faint.

          • LionStone

            Hehe 🙂 My wife took her by the leg and placed her there, out of the planter. Oddly, she’s afraid of spiders too! Guess when she saw it was mama too, they had a little bonding moment 🙂

          • Justin Winker

            I picked the first one that mentioned aluminum and HTC Thunderbolt in the same sentence. Thanks for the pic, but I’ll stick with the One and it’s better rendering. I don’t need pictures that can be blown up to the size of a small house (and btw, I don’t use my phone for social networking – I despise FB and don’t post much to G+).

          • 6stringslinger

            Great photo, Tim!

  • harryballs

    No no no. It’s transparent aluminum from star trek. Jezz…

  • Gohanburner

    Mercury is toxic, bro.

    • Liquid Metal is not mercury, it is a brand name for an alloy being produced by some company in China. It is currently what the sim tray on the iPhone is made of. Most people, myself included do not even know what the significance of liquid metal is other than it sounds cool.

      • AshtonTS

        This isn’t true. Its not made by some company in China. Its a fairly well known technology designed by LiquidMetal, Inc. Its not used in the sim tray on an iPhone. It WAS uses in the sim ejector pin in the iPhone 3G. And it foes have a use other than sounding cool. Its elastic so it doesn’t break, it reforms itself on impact

        • I appreciate your response but I think you are using fairly well known liberally. I don’t think most people have a clue and obviously the clue that I have is not very well formed. Also, I was not saying it didn’t have other uses, I was saying that most people who think it sounds cool to have a phone made of liquid metal literally know nothing and just think it sounds cool. Anyway, I appreciate the interjection and shared knowledge. At least I was close on the SIM thing.

        • Spicy_Dorothy

          > Its elastic so it doesn’t break, it reforms itself on impact

          You can DEFINITELY dent LiquidMetal… it doesn’t “reform itself back into shape”.

          You’re hilarious. You’ve been watching The Terminator too many times.

      • LionStone

        “A small company named Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT). The company has developed a series of amorphous metal alloys that are sold under the commercial name Liquidmetal. These alloys were originally developed at California Institute of Technology (CALTECH).

        Liquidmetal alloys are made of a mix of titanium, nickel, copper and zirconium, among other metals. These materials feel as smooth as liquid or glass when touched; hence the name Liquidmetal.” Forbes link that Festus440 posted.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Keep in mind the rumor has HTC developing it’s own form of Liquid Metal. using amorphous metal alloys. Not teaming up with LiquidMetal, the company.

          • LionStone

            I understand that, I was addressing a different issue, thanks tho…

  • kkloster


  • BK

    Next nexus? Yes please.

  • First off, you misinterpreted the original rumor, as people have already pointed out.

    Secondly, even if you didn’t, it’s from BGR, who should not be a trusted source of any information.

    • Jon

      This rumor is from BGR? Oh God. Worthless info then for sure. They are the worst of the Tech Blogs.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Well the original source is Digitimes, BGR is reporting on what they reported on.

  • niuguy

    This doesn’t make any goddamn sense.

    • sirmipsalot

      It’s a reading comprehension issue, albeit an understandable one. HTC is rumored to make something with suppliers partnering with “Liquidmetal Intellectual”. It’s not actual liquid metal.


      • Josh Shaw

        Yes it is actual Liquidmetal®, It’s just a name, the metal isn’t literally liquid at room temp.

      • Josh Shaw

        Like when HTC partnered up with Windows Phone® they didn’t actually make a Window, that is also a phone.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Actually, read the source. HTC is trying to develop their own liquid metal, and partnering with a company other than Liquidmetal to do so.

  • dmagicp

    HTC could literally take over the smartphone landscape by producing just 2 phones. The HTC One, and the HTC One Mini. Make the Mini as powerful as the One, Offer developer versions of both, and promise and KEEP your promise of timely updates. Offer the developer editions with vanilla Android. It just isn’t rocket science. If HTC could just concentrate on the details, and pour all of their resources into making the one as close to perfection as possible, they could, and would be fine financially in the long run. Sales of the One have already proven that the masses love this phone. But unfortunately, I fear that they will continue to make dumb mistakes like the First until they are forced into bankruptcy and soon after being sold out of business. It always amazes me how these huge companies with boards of directors and market research departments make huge, financial mistakes that the rest of us can see from a mile away.

    • EC8CH

      and on screen buttons please.

      • This all boils down to personal preference.

        • tomn1ce

          You can always draw some buttons right below the display if that makes you happy…lol

          • Or the market and vendors can decide whats best and I can buy phones with the buttons as long as they exist…lol

        • zUFC

          No it doesn’t. ALL phones should have “on screen”!!!!!
          Enough with defending old crap (because you don’t have on screens)

          • It doesn’t? REALLY? I’m not defending old crap. I legitimately prefer dedicated buttons. I guess it is nice to know that people can’t have different opinions. Btw, I’ve used both.

          • dmagicp

            This isn’t about defending “old crap”. I have presented not only a compelling argument as to why I don’t like them, but a realistic solution for an improvement. (see my post above). Most people who are against a feature that they don’t like, have real reasons why they feel that way. And I actually chose to buy the device I bought because I like the way Samsung took the approach to button placement. I think that most of the people on this site can pretty much afford to buy whatever they want, and aren’t stuck with something and just mad. That sounds like the dumb Apple fanboi crap when they say we complain about iphones because we are somehow stuck with Androids, or can’t afford Apple products.

      • dmagicp

        I don’t really get the on screen buttons thing unless Google changes the way they work. On my tablet, there is a black bar where the buttons are that takes away from my viewing area, even when the buttons disappear during video. If Google would get rid of the bar and just have the buttons “float” on the screen, then make them disappear with video, we would have something. That’s why I like Samsung’s approach to not having them on the screen at all. That way, I get to use and enjoy all 5.5 inches of it in it’s entirety. And queue the jokes in 3…2…. Lmao!

    • Jon

      No. They need to make a 5.3″ + screen size phone with a ginormous all day battery inside. Short of the all day battery, they need to start making phones with swap-able batteries.

      • I think you’re both wrong. Making all 3 would give them good coverage over the entire smart phone market.

        • dmagicp

          Although I do prefer swapping batteries, I don’t think that will deter the mass market from buying the One. However I do think they should offer expandable memory. If you design a phone with great battery life, people won’t worry so much about changing batteries.

          • Well I was mostly referring to screen size segments. That being said, I have realized as of late that I don’t want expandable storage, I just want more storage. With the way Android was changed and dropped support for SD, it just isn’t as useful. For me it comes in handy for music (but I am streaming more) and it is great for app backups, roms, and nandroids, but without the move to sd that we used to have, it is not as useful. While I would like a One, I am going to insist that it is 32 gb (and it will probably be futile since I am with Verizon.)

          • dmagicp

            I agree with you. Manufacturers just need to start adding more system memory and expanding the storage to 32 gigs minimum. But I have this suspicion that the carriers are pushing for people to use the cloud more and as a result, more data. Memory is so cheap now that I just can’t see these manufacturers choosing to stick to 16 GB because of cost concerns. I mean look at Apple. They offer the iPhone in up to 64GB, and that is because they don’t allow carriers to dictate how they are going to build their phones.

          • Justin Winker

            And if you offer it only with a large amount of storage (say, 64Gb), the masses won’t worry about removable storage.

            I haven’t had an SD card since I used my Bionic (last fall). Since then, I’ve had the N4, which I had no storage issues with, and the 32Gb HTC One. It’s not hard to live on that little storage – just don’t hoard stuff you don’t use (i.e. massive apps you download to try once, then never play again, or movies you never watch, etc.). I kept my entire library on my N4 (it’s currently around 200 songs – I’m sheltered, I know), and I stream the rest (via Pandora on my N4, and now with All Access on my One).

        • Kevin McDole

          I was thinking this myself earlier.

    • Galaxylife

      Except I want samsung….. HTC means nothing in the end

    • Mvrcel Lgt

      I often wish HTC would read comments like yours. They are in trouble and could easily get out without a lot of afford. 1x Flagship, midsized, solid quality, deinstallable UI, 1x Mini, small-size, mid specs, own UI, 1x The Big Guy, HIgh specs, own Ui….and no, I dont think it’s just my personal opinion, this is how you sell stuff, not by changing a flagship from desire to sensation, to one x to one…and make the desire-series a crapphone, not releasing the “big guy” (DNA) to europe, telling people that they would want small battery capacity for thinner cases…etc.
      If they’d stop all that crap, it would work fine. But hey, if my local supermarket can’t react on their customers wishes (everyone is asking for 1 product), then how can HTC.

      • dmagicp

        Yep. It’s amazing to me how us regular people can see these things so clearly, yet the company with everything to lose just never seems to “get it” I really hope that HTC gets it right because the last thing we need is 5 million pissed off One owners who don’t have manufacturer support of their phones anymore because HTC went out of business due to making that final mistake that they cannot recover from.

    • Not to mention making their Devices available on all carrier’s and demanding that Verizon not try to make their own version.

  • Cue the T-1000 comments.

  • sirmipsalot


  • Festus440

    Unless something changed, Apple is supposed to be currently holding the license to “Liquidmetal” until at least mid 2014. They have yet to really use it yet except for a sim card tool. AFAIK


    • LionStone

      They have an exclusive with a company, not a patent… so another company can use this liquid technology, just not with the same company as the one apple bought rights with. That’s my understanding anyway…

      • Franklin Ramsey

        technically they can also develop their own type of liquidmetal. They aren’t teaming with the company, liquidmetal, the rumor states they are trying to develop their own.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    So when I drop my phone it will liquify on contact then reform itself completely unharmed?

    • Confirmed eggscloosive!

      • radiohead14

        pretty sure BGR has been dropping that liquid metal rumor for the Apple forums for years now… i mean.. it is BGR. look up MacBook Pro liquid metal…

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      If it doesnt do this, then I will not buy it, HTC.

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d. Gimmie this, plus a Google edition on Verizon and I’m in love <3

      • Tyler James Edward Hills

        I’d continually slap myself. Because it would have to be a dream lol

    • Just keep it away from Liquid Nitrogen. :]

      • Tyler James Edward Hills

        and AHNULD lol

  • zix

    Couldn’t this just mean that they would use a caste mold instead of billet?

    • EC8CH

      I think the main advantage is that it can be thermformed from a sheet similar to plastics instead of being cast or machined from billet.

      Sounds like a big cost savings in manufacturing but I fail to see what the huge benefit to the end customer would be.

      • LionStone

        Strength and durability, resistant to wear and tear.

  • jeradc

    Might want to read that again. The companies name is “LiquidMetal” and they make phone chassis. Good Grief.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Read the sources again. HTC is trying to develop their own LiquidMetal, not teaming up with the company “Liquidmetal”

      • jeradc

        Sorry dude. Droid-Life has been editing the story after they posted it, what you read, and what I read are two different things.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I was going by the source stories, not just what Droid-Life was reporting. But understandable.

  • JDub

    Liquid metals? Isn’t that like mercury and all the toxic metals in the periodic table?

  • EC8CH


    I doubt the slight increase in scratch resistance will be anything mind blowing.

  • Guest

    Model T-1000.

  • jamie stevens

    Would love to see an unfinished aluminum one!

  • diversion

    Didn’t the iPh*ne 5 do this as well?

    • EC8CH

      nope, but apple has long been rumored to have signed an exclusive agreement for the use of Liquidmetal for phones, but have yet to actually use it.

      • j boner

        uh oh PATENT WAR !!!!!!

        • Justin Winker

          HTC/Apple have an agreement to share patents (though I’m not sure if this covers materials or just software), so I don’t think it would result in that.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        They aren’t using the Liquidmetal developed by the company Liquidmetal. They are trying to develop their own, according to the rumor.

      • Sure they have used it, but only on the sim card ejector tool…haha.

    • Brian P.

      Apple used the technology in a SIM Key or something similar if I’m not mistaken but not in the manufacturing of a device.

  • eli

    So then it’s waterproof?