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New Google Play Shipping Options Coming May 28

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If you have ever ordered anything from Google Play, you have likely had the same reaction to the shipping cost that we seem to have every time of “Oh come on now, one flat fee to rule them all?” There are no shipping choices other than “Ships in 1-2 business days,” which ranges from $5.99 for a $19.99 Bumper to $13.99 for devices like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. While faster shipping options are always welcomed, there are times when we wouldn’t mind going with something a little more budget-friendly. According to sources of ours, new shipping options are scheduled to arrive this week, possibly tomorrow. 

The new shipping options will include the current 2-day processing, plus 2 business days for delivery via UPS, but customers will also have the choice of Ground (2-day processing plus 3-5 days for delivery), and Saver (2-day processing plus 5-10 days for delivery). These new shipping options are U.S. only.

Here is what we have been told:

What:  We [Google Play] will offer new shipping options for the Nexus 4 family of products:

  1. UPS two-day shipping (2 business days processing + 2 business days for delivery)
  2. Ground (2 business days processing + 3-5 business days for delivery)
  3. Saver (2 business days processing + 5 -10 business days for delivery)
  1. Note: Saver shipping is not available for some orders. Availability of Saver shipping is based on the weight of the order.
  2. Note: Total shipping cost is calculated based on the shipping level selected at checkout and the weight of the item or items in their cart, as determined by our shipping provider.

The information we received mentions that these new shipping options will be available for the “Nexus 4 family” of products, so that may mean Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 orders will still be stuck with only the 2-day shipping option for now. And when they are referring to “Nexus 4 family,” we’re assuming they mean accessories too, not the mysterious white Nexus 4 that is sure to arrive any day.

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    No international availability.. Not interested!!

    • Valter Nascimento

      100% agreed!!

  • uncle paul

    Buying hardware from the Google play store is worse than
    buying from a shady electronics store in the city.

  • r0lct

    This is one of the reasons I bought my Chromebook from Amazon instead of Play.

  • SterlingPhoenix

    Is there an option to ship the Nexus 4 with double the storage space?

    • hkklife

      Yeah there is….it’s called doubling the 8Gb model to the 16Gb model. But I agree, they should have really released a 32Gb N4 along with a 64Gb N10.

      On that note, I am stunned we haven’t seen a price drop yet on the N10. They still have nearly zero retail presence and obviously has been a flop. It’s almost lile Google is determined to let the N10 die a quiet death.

      I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the entire Nexus concept fades away or becomes limited to a single phone (in favor of Nexus Experience versions of mainstream handsets such as the GS4 & One)

      • SterlingPhoenix

        Heh, good point about the 8GB model.. but yeah, I want at least 32GB.

        For what it’s worth, I love my Nexus 10.

  • Scotch

    As an aside, Kellex and co, you all do a great job. Thanks for the work you all put in.

  • shooter50

    2 business days processing? WTF this is the 21st century. Same day shipping is the standard set by Amazon and others. Google, on shipping you suck!!! I want a next day air option with same day shipping and I’m willing to pay for it so try to keep up with the competition will you?? AGAIN, 2 days procession is unacceptable in 2013. Is Google employing ex postal workers in their shipping department?This is pitiful service, just pitiful.

    Read Jeff Besos book Sergei and Larry, you may learn something about customer service.

  • mk17

    Hopefully they’ll add new “on time” options.

  • Gary Graf

    Would like to see more options than just UPS

  • mechapathy

    This is sweet, because I really don’t feel like paying effectively $75 for the N4 charging orb.

  • RichK

    Will the Nexus4 ever see a build that would be compatible with Verizon?

    • mechapathy


    • Nope. Only GMS. Google won’t bother with CDMA anymore.

      • Dylan Patel

        Sucks for Sprint because they are very open, sorta like T-Mobile, but they are on CDMA.

        • MKader17

          Which kinda of means that they aren’t very open…

          • Dylan Patel

            No, they let any phone on their network that can come on, they let you unlock any time you want. They have truly unlimited plans for sale unlike T-Mobile who still will throttle. They are just as open a T-Mobile if not more open. CDMA was the better choice at the time, but everone else went GSM. Any phone that had supported bands can get on sprint, but the same cannot be said about VZW.

  • Valter Nascimento

    How about Play Store available in more countries? 🙂 until now, I can’t buy me a Nexus 4!!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Not that everything is digital or 3d printed these days.

  • Would really love to see brick-and-mortar Google Play shops in cities where you can buy products in the flesh so people wouldn’t have to rummage through Google’s awful online inventory system.

    • mechapathy

      I wouldn’t mind the full range of official accessories in a store that makes sense, like a T-Mobile store.

      • I dunno, Google’s line-up is pretty strong now. Put together all the Chromebooks, the Chromebox, the Nexus family of devices, all the accessories, plus maybe the Galaxy Nexus from last year – that’s good enough for a small brick and mortar presence.

        • mechapathy

          Yeah, but that takes time. It’s been a while since those rumors came and went. It would be nice if, as an interim, T-Mobile at least sold the official N4 accessories. That’d be so much more convenient.

          • I live in the UK, so US carriers make no difference to me. Google’s product line has pretty much no presence here and the only people tuned-in enough to actually find the online Play Store and buy devices are those who are inclined to do so anyway, regardless of marketing. It’s biggest asset in pushing a brick/mortar business side would be in raising awareness of Android and in providing an alternative retail experience to the Apple store who still go unrivalled.

          • Scotch

            No one cares about your market. This is a us focused site.

          • Scotch again

            Sorry, I meant to say “the uk makes no difference to 99.9% of the people who read droid life”

          • ApplesNAndroids

            Douche bag

        • Dylan Patel

          They could even rope in TV’s with Google Tv and Moto phones and the GE edition S4 + other GE editions that are rumored.

    • Mark Mann

      they want to be careful doing that…apple may sue…for all we know apple has the patent on brick and mortar stores

    • michael arazan

      A brick and motar store for what? 6 devices? Maybe when they have more of a line up than 2 phones, 2 tablets and 2 chrome books, unless they plan on selling other manufacturers phones.

      Hopefully the Dish Google carrier is still on track for the end of 2013 like they first announced/ estimated, but its been a while since we heard anything.

      • For whatever reason, Google has limited their online play store to very little. In any case, it’s quite easy to pad out. It’d be easy to fill a small location with the Nexus 4, 7, 10, Galaxy, Chromebook Pixel, Acer, Samsung and Lenovo variants as well as the Chromebox, Google TV and all the accessories for each product.

        If we exclude screen size differences, Apple has only been selling about 5 products for a long time: tablet, phone, mp3 player, laptop and desktop. This is not about flooding the room with stock. It’s about getting Google’s brand identity off of the internet and into people’s high-streets (and thus living rooms). The reason Apple products have been a success is because people actually get to USE them before they buy them.

        I know you’re more than happy for Android to remain an exclusive enclave for neckbeards and dude-bros, but come on. Think of the potential for Google to branch out into the retail space. It’s better for consumers, better for Google, better for the industry and better for developers. Everybody wins with more competition in that space.

  • Awesome. I wait for it

  • fahadayaz

    It seems to be much better here in the UK. On two occasions, I ordered from Google Play at about 11am and I received the goods by the the following morning. A whole two days for processing? Come on!

    • zurginator

      It’s the same quoted time in the UK… they just give themselves room in case something crazy happens. Amazon does the same thing.

  • Pays for 2 day shipping gets to house in 2 weeks.

    • mechapathy

      That sucks. I pre-ordered the N7 when it was announced, and it came very quickly after it shipped. My N4 came the day after it shipped, which was effectively a two-day affair.

      • Matt

        During the original Nexus 4 release, even the people who ordered in the first five minutes who received it in the first rollout had to wait about 4-7 days (I got mine the next Tuesday after the Tuesday release) and those who ordered later in the day had to wait 3-4 weeks. Hopefully Google learned from its mistakes and the white Nexus 4/future Nexus releases go smoother.

        • Kagnon

          Well they did waived off the shipping for those who had to wait 3-4 weeks.
          Or at least mine did.

    • Bob G

      Bad luck. I got mine in the said 2 days.

    • Chris Hannan

      Just imagine 10 day shipping…

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  • Ryuuie

    If anybody mentions the LTE Nexus 4, I’m going to scream. 😐


    Damnit. >:/

    • But doesn’t the white one have LTE and 32GB of storage?!?! 😛

      • Rabid Rotty


      • ManBearPig618

        Let’s not forget Android 4.3!!!