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Video: HTC Shows Us Their History Through the Smartphone Evolution

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HTC has been in the smartphone game since its inception, so sometimes you just have to give credit where it’s due. They created the first Android phone that was built for consumers and even made some of the first devices to even feature keyboards and touchscreens. Let’s face it, they’re OGs in the game. 

We should also point out they were one of the first to create a skin to lay on top of stock Android. Whether you like where Sense has come since 2009 or not, it’s still one of the things that HTC is proud of for creating.

In the video below, HTC takes us a on brief tour through time of when the company got their starts in smartphones. Check it out and then down below, let’s hear some sincere thoughts on HTC. Time to get a little sentimental.

  • HTC, because we know how eager you are to customize your clock widget!

  • Nicholassss

    HTC One with a vanilla android experience would be nice.

    • Chris


      • Nicholassss

        What I meant to say was “Man, the hardware looks nice, maybe i’ll get one of these and root it.”

        But I think I’m holding off until Moto drops something in the 5in range.

  • suprano

    The 2001 phone says “xda” on it. Cool.

  • Chris

    This isn’t anything new. They had this video for a couple of years now. They just added a few new ones for their recent products.

    I had my first HTC phone back in 2010. (EVO 4G). Went to the EVO 3D, then the rezound and then to the EVO LTE.

    Samsung is good, but theres so much more to anroid then a samsung phone…..

  • John

    My hatred of HTC gets worse by the day and it was my previous phone for 2 years. All the dates in this video are exaggerated. And who in hell wants a metal phone? It’s just going to make it heavier and thats the last thing I want. My old HTC is about half the size of my new phone and when I hold it now it’s like holding a brick.

    • Chris

      Have you even picked up the HTC one?

    • chris420o

      just bc you have a vagina and cant handle a oh so heavy metal phone doesnt mean the world doest want a quality product in hand and not a plastic light cheap feeling piece of tech…go buy a kia

  • flosserelli

    “Video Eulogy: HTC Shows Us Their History Through the Smartphone Evolution”

    Fixed it for you.

  • jb

    Without an announcement to pair this with, it just sounds like a cry for help.

  • Nagini

    “enabling people to finally feel the MOOSIC the way the artist intended”


  • reggie1225

    Not sure if montage of success…or company eulogy.

  • Nathan D

    Didn’t they make the first 720p smartphone.. and the first 1080p one?

    …. or am I mistaken?

    • Mike

      Believe so…Rezound was the highest res phone at 720p..and the DNA was first to 1080p. If memory serves me correctly, Dinc was the first to offer 720p video capture too.

      • Jason James

        thunderbolt was first with 4GLTE

        • Chris

          right, but thats not what we are talking about.

    • Chris

      I had the rezound and it had 720p video and a 2mp front facing camera. It was pretty good and often over looked.

  • Geekout

    where was the Nexus One?

  • FAL_Fan

    Time for the funeral.

  • Nexus or Bust

  • DanSan

    nobody cares HTC…

    • Chris

      You seem to care. You took the time to open this story and make a comment on it.

  • Correct

    HTC set the trend for having almost 0 stock android phones available? Another reason I dislike them added to the list. (#1 Being that they never listen to their customers in the past, which is why they went from dominating the market to struggling to survive. You think their ‘comeback’ with the HTC One is going to be any different? Some people are stuck in an abusive relationship).

    • Chris

      I’m fine with HTC. Do they need to work on some things? OF COURSE. but I dont give a damn about stock. If I wanted stock I’d just root or buy a nexus. most normal every day people dont know what stock is and are fine with what ever their phone came with.

  • Stephen Freeman

    You know what they are also the first to do? They were the first to recently release the sexiest Android phone. Bring it to VERIZON!

    • feztheforeigner

      As a “Nexus Experience”! Get rid of sense and you have the best phone I could imagine!!!!

      • michael arazan

        I’ll trade off the crappy 4 MP for boom sound, and just record HD videos and tap the picture while recording for a snapshot. Stock Android for me too.

        • It would be nice if you could have a mix of the Stock Google S4 and the HTC One! Take the boomsound and metal uni-body design from the one and pair it with the mSD card, accessory support and “air” features from the S4.

      • Chris

        root or buy a nexus

    • Tim242

      Huge bezels….nahhhh

  • cjohn4043

    They make such great products hardware wise, hopefully they’re consumer base will grow.

    • Grammar Nazi


      • cjohn4043

        thank you Grammar Nazi, how foolish of me…

        • imneveral0ne


  • Eric

    Had a OG Droid, DInc and a GNex and can say without a doubt that my DInc was the best phone I have owned not one complaint. Hope HTC stays in the game and brings something to Verizon soon cuz I personally like them over everyone else.

    • Tim242

      The Dinc had horrible battery size/life. Other than that, I loved it. I had 7 HTC phones. On my 3rd Samsung now.


    Can’t believe they left the Thunderbolt out of that montage :/ lol

    • They probably should have included it with rest of those crappy phones. I swear, the only phones anyone will recognize were the G1, EVO, One X, and One.

      They should have included the DNA, Incredible, First, Nexus One, or Hero. All of those were actually decent phones. And probably the ones they’ll be remembered for.

      • Tim242

        You didn’t recognize the Palm Treo?

        • DoctorJB

          You mean the Compaq iPaq?

      • imneveral0ne

        Some people had smart phone’s before Android. I recognized 80 percent of those phones.

      • I’m kinda surprised they didn’t mention the DNA seeing as it was pretty much the first smartphone in the US that had a 1080p display.

      • Kyle

        All the phones in the video were unbranded. The DNA and Incredible (as well as the Thunderbolt) are covered in Verizon branding. That may be why they didn’t make an appearance.

    • Warwick

      and the First!

      • CJ Wolven


    • Pedro

      They did mention the world’s first 4G smartphone.

      • That would have been the HTC Evo they are referring to, not the first 4G LTE smartphone.

        • Chris

          THe thunderbolt came out in early 2011. The EVO came out in mid 2010