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HTC Reportedly in “Disarray,” Key Staff Members Take Pot Shots on Way Out the Door

htc ultrapixel

Life at HTC is apparently worse than any of us initially suspected. After over a year of disappointing quarters, followed by manufacturing woes of their latest flagship, the One, the company is reportedly in “disarray.” A report out of The Verge last night paints a picture of a company who has lost key members of their leadership team, is starting to point fingers at the snap decisions of CEO Peter Chou for all mistakes, and whose Seattle U.S. headquarters are looked at as being in “utter freefall.” 

In the last few months, HTC has lost their Chief Product Officer, VP of global communications, retail marketing manager, director of digital marketing, and product strategy manager. Eric Lin, the product strategy manager, even took to Twitter this week to tell all of his “friends” who are still at HTC to “just quit” because they will “be so much happier.”

After the disastrous launch of the HTC First – the Facebook phone – followed by Chou’s forcing of the launch of the One, morale may be drained. Chou was reportedly warned of manufacturing issues of the One, but pushed the company to release it anyway. As you all know now, the One was plagued by delays at launch and with inventory issues because of those same manufacturing issues. Sources have said that sales of the device started off slow, but have since picked up as HTC has been able to produce it.

As far as their Seattle headquarters are concerned, sources told The Verge that people are avoiding the company just like they did of T-Mobile when the carrier was hemorrhaging customers a few years back. Sources have also said that new CMO Ben Ho could look to move some of the Seattle operations back to their Taipei headquarters.

Peter Chou has said that he will step down should the One fail, though this report tells a story of a company that may need a fresh start no matter how the One succeeds.

Via:  The Verge

  • chris125

    Carrier exclusives will do this too ya, that and their reputation for making phones that were plagued with a ton of issues, that even with how good the One is, it will be hard to turn it around for them especially anytime soon

  • j973

    ROFL the s3 has the best signal WOW thats the funniest thing i have ever heard after going through a total of 16 S3’s 8 on my line 8 on my wifes line i dont think so it got so bad Verizon said I was in a Marginal Coverage area and decided to let me out of my contract because i dropped so many phone calls on average of 25 a day . I was set on it not being my coverage area and fought for another brand phone and ended with motorola hd maxx. heck my wifes s3’s wouldnt even work at UNLV in the classrooms, library anymore never had a problem with our htc’s or Her old iphone 3gs It was done when my last set of s3’s mine my wifi antenna went out and my bluetooth stopped working and my wifes camera, home button, and and power button stopped working. so you want to talk about quality. And holding LTE signal LOL yea okay my phone was 70% of the time in 3g Mind i Live in Las Vegas and work on the Strip We have very strong LTE here with out a question but for some reason my phone was in 3g , Where as when i Had my HTC Rezound full bars LTE 68DBM and my S3 100dbm yea dont knock HTC’s radios they have the best right along with MOTOROLA. My razr hd MAXX Stock blows the s3 away battery life Cell Signal has sd card , now when flashing roms rooting I admit Motorola is a pain in the butt. I will Never own another Samsung phone ever again they were crap back in the day and im not sold on them . I would rather use a Iphone over a Samsung and im a diehard android but cant go back to Samsung to many problems for me . just like back in the day when i had The Samsung T809 on tmobile went through 14 of them . buttons would stop working screens going out phone just dieing and not turning back on dropping phone calls it was on tmobile though but still not the phone brand for me. Everyone Makes front of sense its better than touchwiz , you ever try to use the print function thats built into touchwiz well you cant print unless you have a Samsung printer really get the F out of here . Me personally I will take my chances with a built phone not a plastic hyped phone.

  • Blue Sun

    The Thunderbolt, One, & any HTC phone would be way better if they left Sense off their devices. Make great hardware & leave the software to Google & you will see an influx of sales.

  • Derek Jones

    Sounds like the story of RIM/Blackberry all over again, except HTC doesn’t have the strong position that RIM had before their well publicized implosion

  • florious80

    I’ve said this in the past, and HTC has not deviated from their flawed strategy. Phones do well not because of how beautiful they are built (tablet as well), but rather the features and its performance. S3 excels in both. SD card, removable battery, battery saving feature, strong radio (best LTE signal i’ve seen). A well designed device may have an advantage, but S3 is doing well not because it’s beautiful. I bought one because it fits what I need to get done. Great signal at my work (the only phone that grabs and hold on LTE without a problem), last almost all day. Beats? First? You can’t sell what people don’t want.

  • renGek

    HTC makes good phones. They just need to get over themselves and stop going head to head with their best phones to samsung’s best phone at the same time. htc will lose because their PR budget is nowhere near samsung. HTC is not going to have a run up like samsung anytime soon and they will need deal with that. Maybe in 7-10 years they can have that kind of success with phones but not now. So they should just launch their premiere phones when samsung and apple are not launching anything taking the PR away from HTC. I wouldn’t want HTC to go away because I don’t like the idea of apple vs samsung only. That would suck.

  • renGek

    If they are anything like the taiwanese parliament, there should be some good youtube videos soon.

  • TSY87

    the one was a huge step forward in the RIGHT direction. Keep at it, let the haters hate.

  • Tech Pro

    Really don’t know what’s the big deal. A non-performing corporation hired an outsider to knock around non-performing high management. And the non-performing executives quit and trash talk the company he served. Looks like a lunch time soap opera in every non-performing company.

  • DanSan

    heres my surprised face…


  • schmaltzy

    I’d like to think of it as bad karma because of the Thunderbolt!

  • jamie stevens

    I understand google and moto because of patents and radios but they should partner up w/ HTC. come on nexus 6???

  • Steve Benson

    Does this really shock anyone here? HTC has been a complete $#!t show for a while now.

    • bananatroll

      they attempt to copy samsung whom attempts to steal from everyone else by renaming/altering new features as their own – this is why they will fail hard.

      • htowngtr

        I know your name literally says “Troll” but really what did they copy? The One phone looks nothing like the S4.

        • In fact, if they had copied Samsung’s marketing strategy on the S3 last year, Samsung would not become a monster like it is now.

        • bananatroll

          samsungs physical home button for starters…

        • bananatroll

          the point is you can’t “cheat the cheat” as he is already stolen the market via mass produced kids phones with tonka truck designs, mickey mouse UI’s, clown sized screens, and no appreciation for the original OS’s utility.

  • Bionic

    The end is near

  • gregba

    I think they need to make a Droid Eris 2 to get things back on the right path.

  • jak_341

    I don’t see HTC surviving. Like OS’s, there simply may not be room for more than a few phone manufacturers. With Samsung dominating the Android market and showing no signs of letting up, how long can HTC, Moto, and even LG go? My prediction is HTC flounders this year and will focus on Windows Phone. They may keep a mid tier Android phone that is low cost to design and build. Motorola will follow a similar path with the XPhine, being too little and too late. Google will spin them off to another buyer and that will be the end of Moto. LG will quietly keep going, content with what is left of the market.

    • Rodeojones000

      I hope you’re wrong here.

      • jak_341

        Just an opinion based on things I’ve read here and on investing sites.

    • Ian

      When does Samsung lose their foot hold though? Business is cyclical. Samsung’s reign at the top will not be sustained.

      • jak_341

        I think Samsung numbers will go down…eventually. The question is who pick up the business? Along those lines of thought, will it be Android picking up the business? I think Samsung will go down when Android numbers begin to fall. This will occur someday, just a matter of when and how.

  • Rodeojones000

    Serious question. Why haven’t they released the One (or a version of it) on Verizon? They can’t be that stupid, right? Verizon is the biggest provider, so smart business practice would dictate to get the phone on their network. So why hasn’t it happened? Was it a decision by HTC, or did Verizon block it? I ask because I truly don’t know. I’m not a fan of the phone, so I don’t really follow much of the news about it. If they want to succeed they need to make their flagship devices accessible to as many consumers as possible. Bypassing the biggest provider in the country doesn’t make sense to me (and neither does getting into bed with Facebook for a device that was mocked and destined for failure well before launch, but thats an entirely different issue).

    • Qwerty

      I think I vaguely recall reading somewhere, might have been here on DL, that HTC hoped to have the One available on Verizon upon initial launch, but Verizon ultimately passed on it. I think Verizon figured they already had a good enough HTC device in the Droid DNA to go with the One. Big mistake if you ask me.

      • That’s not a good enough answer. Look at how Verizon treats the S4 launch and it’s no secret that it probably doesn’t feel too exciting on it either. But Samsung seems to insist on releasing a S4 for Verizon — make no mistake, Samsung probably sacrifices something to make it happen, but this is the right thing to do when you want to promote your brand image.

      • Higher_Ground

        If I had to guess I would say it did have something to do with the DNA – but then again they’ve had competing phones from the same manufacturer before with no issues. I’d say the “Droid” brand is starting to be cursed.

  • TheRobotCow

    The thing i like abou HTC is that they make their premium smartphones actually feel premium, not like a cheap kids meal toy like samsung’s s4. Such a shame really.

  • JeffColorado

    Crappy updates on my HTC rezound, a move away from removable batteries and and SD expansion. Still pushing their Sense pollution. HTC, I am so disappoint. I don’t miss you. You need to take notes from Samsung.

  • shooter50

    2 months ago I would have said “who cares”. But then I went to buy a S4 and a funny thing happened. I looked at the HTC one and fell in love with the screen. If you havent compared them side by side, they are both good looking, but the HTC one screen at full brightness makes the S4 screen look dim. Again, I’m a huge Samsung fan and have really turned on HTC since the Thunderbolt disaster, but the One makes HTC relevent again. The phone works great and did I mention that screen!!!!!!
    Sorry Samsung, but you need to step up the build quality and screen quality.

    • htowngtr

      I agree. I owned the original Bolt and it was a total POS. I swore I’d never go back but then I saw the One phone… very nice.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      So you’ve never seen them outdoors, where the brightness does nothing with it’s reflective screen… leaving the less reflective S4 easier to read in sunlight.

      • shooter50

        I live in Miami, I doubt you’ll find a brighter outdoor place in the US. I’m a photographer and work mainly oudoors. When outside I use the phone for one thing. Phone calls, so its a non issue for me. And I’m not debating whether Samsung makes a great phone because they do. But if you want the highest quality screen with natural colors, I would choose the HTC One. Though I never liked to show my work to clients on a cell phone, I can confidently do so on the One

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          Adobe RGB on the S4 provides the exact same colors, if that’s your biggest concern. But the point being made is, reflections kill the device outdoors, and the S4’s screen is less reflective… it’s not matte by any stretch of the imagination, and still causes reflection woes — but becomes more readable outdoors. Indoors is obviously your studio (or wherever else you happen to be) for showing off your work on your phone, for which I will give credit where due — the phone is brighter when you’re able to eliminate the glare/reflections.

        • michael arazan

          Actually up in the mountains like the rockies it is more brighter because the air is thinner. Florida has less light because the humidity is so high in many places and humidity actually blocks out the sun’s rays.

  • Detonation

    The HTC One is a nice phone and I know a lot of people who have stuck with HTC devices over the years, but this isn’t much of a surprise. The beats acquisition was a flop, the previous One line wasn’t as big of a hit as they hoped, the First was a joke, and their lack of flagship phones on Verizon have all led to this.

  • So how long before Microsoft buys HTC?

    • Higher_Ground

      was actually wondering how that relationship might workout since they seemed to be doing okay on the windows phone front. I wonder who manufactures their xbox 360s and the new xbox?

  • John

    It all started back when they let VZW kick them around.
    The two companies that got kick around by VZW (droid) are Moto and HTC, Moto got sold off and here we are reading about HTC.

  • We all knew this would happen. Doesn’t come to Verizon and HTC First was the worst idea ever. We seriously can’t be surprised. At all

  • Machine

    The stupidest move by HTC was making HTC First..

  • sc4fpse


  • Machine

    i hope they succeed. i waiting for my contract to expire to get the HTC one. Love everything about that phone.

    • Machine


    • Jérôme Besnard

      It just needs more pixel camera (for better resolution on TV).

  • r0lct

    Google, cut a check. Take the best of Moto and HTC and build something.

    • Butters619

      What I’m about to write is taking your comment too seriously. Just a fair warning.

      As awesome as that might be hardware wise, from a personnel standpoint that would cost them a whole metric crap ton of money. They had to lay off a good chunk of Moto people because Motorola had far too many people working on worthless project. And, Google actually paid amazing severance. By acquiring HTC they would pick up another company that already is way overstaffed and would again have to lay off a ton more people. Plus, I highly doubt Taiwan and China would allow the acquisition to pass because it would be eliminating a ‘major’ contender.

      /taken to seriously.

      • r0lct

        Yeah, it’s probably not a practical idea. Just was fun to think about.

    • michael arazan

      Google is not going to buy HTC. In this late of the Game Apple would benefit more to Buy HTC and own their own company to manufacture their own phone instead of outsourcing the whole dam thing and then outsourcing to assemble it, it would either generate more profit, or bring down the price of an apple phone, which ever way they want to go.

  • Shouldn’t have made the First and marketed it with Facebook Home. Nuff said.

    • misterE33

      yeah that thing quickly fizzled. They should have just marketed it as a “nexus experience” phone with optional FB home compatibility

  • Fazor

    HTC should stick with mid and high-end phones only. I am still using my original Droid Incredible, as it was an amazing phone when it initially launched. The HTC One seems to be doing very well, overall. I would be disappointed if HTC were to go under or be bought out. This may be the decision maker as to whether I purchase a GS4 or One

  • KellyBeans

    And to think people wanted HTC to make the current and next Nexus…

    • DiegoKokomo

      They make a nice device, and if it were a Nexus then all software updates would fall on Google. Sounds like a perfect situation to me.

    • htowngtr

      They make great hardware. If the HTC One was the Nexus hardware people would flip over how nice it is.

  • MichaelFranz

    HTC really needs to re-evaluate (again). They have the potential to make great devices. And some have been. The original Droid incredible was a huge hit. The One X wasn’t bad and the HTC One is a great phone and many tech savy people prefer it over the GS4. So they have a building block. But they do need to take a step back and Chou does need to go.

    Maybe google should just buy then too 🙂

    • sc4fpse

      I think regulators might have a little more to say if Google tried to buy a second manufacturer. While the idea of a futuristic Nexus with HTC styling and Moto hardware is getting me all hot and bothered, I can’t see such a purchase ever being approved.

      “Tell ’em Peter.”
      “Uh, apparently everybody gets one.”

    • jhouk

      Actually I think Google made quite the statement at I/O by championing Samsung while remaining silent on HTC. I’m not saying that in the future Google or another company might swoop in and make a play for HTC, but I also don’t think anyone necessarily wants to step on to a sinking ship at this point. Wait and see if HTC can right the ship on their own or dive in for buried treasure once they sink.

      • htowngtr

        There are rumors that HTC will have a “sense-less” Google version by end of summer.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      Google does need to just be like OK you had your chance but we will take it from here!

  • Sirx

    So that’s why my old Droid Incredible burst into flames today! It’s been in a drawer for years now–I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    The Thunderbolt make much more sense now.

  • coolsilver

    Well I guess saying I’ll never again buy HTC holds more water if they go under. Sad but it is what it is.

    • epps720

      This honestly makes me a little nervous to get the One. HTC has been bad enough with putting out updates before all this nonsense going on (at least we weren’t aware of it).

  • moelsen8

    is anyone else getting notifications for disqus for replies to posts from months or years ago? been going on for a while now but it’s really starting to annoy the sh*t out of me.

    ..poor htc.

    • Warwick

      Yes, i get them a few times a week

    • mustbepbs

      Yeah it’s really annoying. Or the notifications that don’t go away.

    • LionStone

      Yes…and mine is stuck on 30 unread notifications, even though they’ve all been read :/
      Quite annoying….

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    If HTC goes down I flames, then I don’t want to buy one of their phones. I’d be left at the mercy of no one for updates. Too bad, Android and the consumer needs competition

    • DiegoKokomo

      Yeah, that’s part of my thought process when deciding between the One and GS4. I’m sure they’ll be around to support it for a year or two, but it sounds like it’s possible they’ll have a smaller, unhappy workforce doing the updates.

    • asdadasdasdas

      well, you should buy samsung phones. they update them endlessly. for real. at least on the first week after purchase. if you are lucky.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Well no offense, but the idea of a facebook phone with crap specs was about as stupid as they come.

    • Michael Tate

      ABSO – F-ing – LUTELY!! I saw that horror show from the minute I learned of it.

    • sc4fpse

      You could have just stopped at “facebook phone.” The damn thing could have solved world hunger, cured AIDS, and ended the Israeli/Palestinian fued, and it still would have sucked ass.

    • Dylan Patel

      The Facebook phone was actually decent once you removed the facebook part. It was S3/One X power for 99 cents on contract with STOCK android.

  • Meanwhile, at Samsung …

    LOL whaddya know guys, “expensive” feel and all that nonsense doesn’t sell phones.

    • Nope. Features do.

    • htowngtr

      Samsung homers have morphed into what Apple homers used to be. All you can tout are sales numbers and global adoption while ignoring that people will just purchase the next gen device regardless of what else is out there.

      It took a while for Samsung to gain this foothold, but as we’ve seen all of that can change in a year.

      • misterE33

        is “homers” a thing we’re saying now? i’ve been away from the internet for a few days, so maybe i missed something

        • poopfeast420

          Being a homer has been a phrase since forever, I guess you don’t watch a lot of sports?

          • mustbepbs

            That’s football, right?

            Scoring homers at the Super Series?

        • htowngtr

          Have you lived under a rock for the last two decades?

        • Mark Wilk

          This is what I was thinking when I read that:

      • Not a Samsung fan here. Like that they’re being somewhat innovative on features but all in all not a fan. However, there is much more to success in the mobile industry than just selling a great device. and the One is a great device. But that’s only something like a third of the battle. Production, marketing, etc are just as important. Samsung figured this out. They didn’t magically gain that foothold. They just realized the best way to make it to the top. Can’t fault them for that

        • htowngtr

          Of course — they were much better and more established on the back end vs HTC. They had other businesses to support them when the phones were trying to take off. HTC did not have that luxury.

      • C-Law

        This is wrong. If you owned an s3 or knew someone who did, you’d get it. I got a gnex the day it came out but when I cracked the display and didn’t have insurance, I bought a used 32gb vzw s3. i could not be happier. The screen is awesome, I actually do swap batteries, it’s very light weight, great battery life, sd card slot if I need it, great camera, and I’m running paranoid android rom which makes it even better, not that touch wiz is bad. There was simply no other Android phone that could compete with it back in December other than the note 2. You can’t swap batteries in a moto razr hd or droid dna, the dna has a small battery and will be ignored now that the one is out, the moto razr hd has a bad camera and less ram. The s3 suffers from no issues and is available on every carrier. For this reason, I’ve had four friends switch to android for the s3. They wouldn’t have done that for any other android phone. Motorola looks like they might finally get it right too by releasing one phone under one name on all carriers. Throw in some touching commercials and you have a winner. Those droid commercials are awful

        • htowngtr

          I owned the S3 and bought the One to replace it. The S4 looked like absolutely nothing big compared to the S3 and in fact they are porting a lot of those features over to the S3 anyway.

          I never swapped batteries (only had to do so when the phone needed a hard reboot) and it ate my micro SDcard twice. I have 64GB internal on this phone for the same cost as someone who wants 16gb internal w/ the SDcard option on a S4.

          And triple LOL @ “no issues”. Are you joking? My battery life was freaking awful and the camera was not very good.

          • S2556

            so you were a Samsung homer too eh? can’t really insult someone for buying something when it was your PREVIOUS PURCHASE. dummy.
            You talk like there was no issues with the One X, Razr HD, nexus 4, iphone 5 etc… They all have some issues or downfalls. Not sure how you F’d your SD card but you shouldn’t remove it when it is still mounted. Sounds like User error to me. I get 12 hours battery which is plenty for me but I use custom software so I may be above the average. The camera was great for a 2012 device IMO.

          • htowngtr

            There are issues with every phone and I’m the least form of a homer you’ll find. I’ve owned a Moto RAZR HD, OG Droid, GS3, HTC T-Bolt, Galaxy Nexus, and on and on. I don’t care what it is as long as it’s worthwhile.

            I loved my S3 over the GNex when I first got it because the battery was marginally better than the Gnex while it had a nicer screen (the GNex was always a nice phone for running stock android but not much else). I disliked that the camera still wasn’t great, the battery life ended up being very poor (I had to charge it halfway through the day) as well, and it was still made of crap materials.

            My new HTC One has been nothing short of awesome. I wouldn’t touch a single HTC product after that Thunderbolt, but this has really changed my mind. The S4 is a great phone, but it is literally a rehashing of the S3 almost entirely. I remember people mocking the iPhones for being nothing more than an internal update of the same device.

          • S2556

            My bad for jumping to conclusions of the SD card. I was more responding to the fact you called samsung users homers when very often it is the best device available but people assume it is just hype and commercials selling the phones (which does play a big part for the general consumer)
            I am not disagreeing with your opinion of the S3 vs S4 though.

          • htowngtr
        • shooter50

          Well said and so true.

      • shooter50

        people buy the recent Samsung phones because in my opinion they were the best android phones available the past few years. Now I know your going to try to make me believe the Nexus 4 is something special, but I’m willing to pay for the things I want like LTE, removable battery, SD slot, etc. You could make the argument that the Nexus 4 is the best budget phone available.
        Now I think the HTC One has surpassed the S4 so I moved on.
        I think your term “homer” is best reserved for those that will buy any piece of crap phone as long as its a Nexus or runs vanilla android.

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          I love that. I totally agree. Or those that are quick to bash Touchwiz and Sense, having never used them.

        • Jack

          I guess I’m a homer for still having my Galaxy Nexus. Truthfully, being stuck with VZW due to a family plan, it was the best phone available for a long time. Still can say I wouldn’t have gotten an S3 at full price to replace it, the phone really isn’t THAT bad.

      • chris125

        So they put the latest specs into a smaller package than previous and that is just hoping people will buy? I love how everyone praises the one yet if samsung made the design different, all the tech sites would be clamoring over it because it would have pretty much everything without any compromises, but since it looks similar to the s3 it is nothing special and just meh. Funny how that is……

  • edwoordd

    damnit they should hire me!!! I’ll let them know what we all want 😀

  • yummy

    They thought they could
    make a living doing *some*
    things right. Their competitors
    are proving them wrong by
    doing almost everything right.

    If it wasn’t peoples jobs, it
    would be laughable.

    • Manny

      I read this like a poem.

  • etg9

    HTC is so close to being a great company. Fix your battery life issues and make 1 phone for every platform, don’t lock it down and done.

    • htowngtr

      HTC One actually has better battery performance than the S4.

      • etg9

        Everything I’ve read says they are very close to each other in terms of real world use which is a good step forward but why aren’t they beating people. Even if they just used the same size battery as the S4 they should get a little better juice but why not put a really huge battery in there? 2850 would have been a better choice.

        The S4 battery gets crappy in 18 months, $10 to get a new ebay battery; HTC One, not so much.

  • ProZomby

    This really is a shame; I really would like to see HTC succeed.

    • gokusimpson

      That could be the name of their next phone.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Smfh this whole thing is so sad. Chou needs to go!… Now!

    • Warwick

      Sanjay 2.0

      • Sanjay Jha was actually a genius: he got Google to pay $12.5B for a bunch of worthless patents and a dying hardware business.

        • Tough, but fair.

        • And to have people make ridiculous rumors.

        • pappy53

          All of the Motorola patents worthless? What are you smoking? LOL!

    • chris125

      Reason why I am hesitant about buying an htc device. Not looking good

  • Ronaldo

    over/under on Tim242’s snarky comment? I say 1 hour, and I’m taking the under.

    • Andrew

      I’ll take that action

      • htowngtr

        Tyler just did

    • James_75

      If not Tim it’s bound to be Tyler…

    • It’s called an opinion. Good thing we live in the U.S right? We have freedom to do what we want.

      • mustbepbs

        No we don’t.

        • I’m speaking free speech. Of course we can’t do anything. I’d love to murder a few people. Too bad that’s frowned upon.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            Free speech has limits as well.

      • htowngtr

        You must not live here.

  • 1324356565

    Thought this was a drug related post after reading the title

  • In other news, the sky is blue.

    • Warwick

      And also, the grass is green.

      • Ian

        Unless you haven’t watered it in a while 🙂

    • ToddAwesome

      Water is wet, the sky is blue, women have secrets

      • Reading your comment and seeing your avatar, all I can say to you, sir, is…

        AM I WRONG?!?!

        • ToddAwesome


          • Is that, or is that not, John Goodman’s “Walter” character from The Big Lebowski in your avatar?

          • ToddAwesome

            Ignore me, I read your comment wrong, is it Friday yet? You are correct.

          • haha OK you had me worried there for a second.

          • ToddAwesome

            A world of pain!!!

          • And let me tell you something, pendejo. You pull any of your crazy sh*t with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I’ll take it away from you and stick it up your @$$ and pull the trigger until it goes click.

          • ToddAwesome

            Eight-year-olds, Dude.

          • MARK IT ZERO!!!!