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Verizon Galaxy S4 Pre-orders Now Arriving at Homes of Lucky Customers

verizon galaxy s4

If Verizon ever opens up a pre-order for a new flagship device that you are strongly considering or have already made your mind up on, jump on the pre-order. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen pre-orders arrive early time and time again from Big Red. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no exception, as pre-orders shipped at the end of last week and are now arriving as early as today to many. Readers of ours (as you can see by the image above) are now the “envy of everyone” they work with.

The device doesn’t officially launch until May 23.

Have you received yours? If so, we’d love to hear your initial thoughts on it!

Cheers Chris!

  • ManiakRevenge

    Got mine yesterday. What a POS. Locks up all the time and keeps giving me warning messages about verizon navigation stopped working. None of tht motion cueswork on it. Its going back to Verizon.

  • gohan2021

    Hey Folks I need help! I just got my VZW S4 yesterday and after spending over an hour on the phone with VZW and Samsung I was told that the VZW model of the S4 does NOT have the WiFi icon in the notification panel unlike the S4 for ATT and Sprint. Is this true or is my unit defective? I can get onto wifi just fine. I just can’t see the quick toggle icon. We tried everything I can think of over the phone with both reps.


    Messed with it for about and hour and put my sim card back in my glaxy nexus I guess my wife got a new phone!

  • David

    Anyone else notice the lack of Air Gestures and Wifi toggles? Can’t seem to get the quick clock/notification gesture to work. Also, where is the S Card/scanner app?

    • David

      I’m an idiot. Found the air gesture settings, but the toggles are still missing….

  • Jared Krinsky

    I can’t believe this! My Verizon Store has my phone, but wont give it to me until tomorrow. I checked with FedEx online with its tracking number and it says delivered. Is there any way I can convince them to give it to me today since they already have it?

  • Low Key

    Just got mine, anyone else surprised at how shiny and annoying the back of the black model is? I didn’t plan on buying a case but I will DEFINITELY be doing it now, it looks like I have a mirror on the back! Also, it looks far more blue than black. Pretty pissed about that, but otherwise great device!

  • Charles Shepherd

    Just received mine yesterday. What a huge step up I took from an HTC Thunderbolt. Couldn’t be happier. There are features that I may never use but I’m sure gonna try. The only thing I don’t like us the inability to transfer apps to my sd card.

  • Randy

    Sound quality is horrible on gs4 but everything else is amazing! I got mine two days ago and i am loving it and also have the htc one and it is the best phone htc has ever manufactured.

  • dmagicp

    I just ordered a white Galaxy Note 2 from Amazon on sale for only 79 bucks. I know the S4 is nice but I just couldn’t resist that price.