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New Galaxy S4 Ad Touts Smart Pause, Air Gestures, and Conversations With Complete Strangers


The newest commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 dropped over the weekend, a clip that highlights Smart Pause for video watching and the phone’s ability to answer calls while waving a hand. It’s clever, that’s for sure. You have features being tossed around, a setting that is familiar to all sorts of segments of the population, awkwardness, and comedy. Samsung has done a pretty brilliant job when it comes to promoting their products over the last couple of years, with 2013 and the GS4 campaign being no different.

Samsung will reportedly eclipse the 10 million sales mark for the Galaxy S4 in less than a month’s time, a number that is pretty remarkable even with what must be an almost unlimited marketing budget.

  • Tracy

    Hey, it’s Eric Green! Nice to see you out of Jericho!

  • hpbb

    Does the air gesture only work for certain things and not everything? Cux I tried to use it on google chrome but it didnt work but it worked for the normal internet app. Pls explain to me.

  • Ali Rhodes

    Who is the guy that has the phone can’t figure out who he is?

    • Tracy

      The actor’s name is Kenneth Mitchell. Probably best known for his role as Eric Green on the show Jericho.

  • theterrorwrist

    Reggie Watts!!!!

  • They market them well but I just dont get it.

    I dont see how anyone could see Touchwiz and think, “that is brilliant!” My co worker just got his and touchwiz is a jumbled mess and looks cartoonish and cheap.

    The features are also sketch at best. The looking away thing seems to work but the scrolling is absolutely useless and the gestures thing is unreliable as hell.

    • Quit hatin

    • Kagnon

      It is a hit a miss thingy.
      Like putting the phone to your face to make calls when in SMS, the large amount of features in camera.
      There might be some less advertised features that is pretty nifty;

      • Im sure it works in some instances but in his its more likely just a hindrance It scrolls on him for no reason, doesnt call, and the gestures are definitely hit and miss. The feature loses its cool when you are trying to show someone how it works and it takes 6-7 times to make it work.

  • asdfads

    It’s Eric Green!

  • RockNRollAres

    Well, considering they spent $401 million marketing the brand last year and it paid off, doing it in 2013 probably won’t hurt. Imagine when they start making the ads that are geared towards rooted users with the nexus version of the S4. Those should be much funnier.

    • nvitone23

      That will never happen. They won’t advertise for the nexus version S4.

      • Tirionfive


        You saw/heard the reaction at I/O for the price tag. Utter silence. I doubt anyone will go for that, unless they are a developer, or just a phone junkie. $649 is a bit ridiculous for a phone, when it probably only cost them $250 to make.

        • mcdonsco

          $650 for a phone is absurd, but when you have to buy off contract to keep unlimited idea, well, it is what it is…besides…I look at it as $250 (usually selling a 6 month old phone fore around $400 when I buy a new one).

          • You do realize no matter what, you are paying the full $650?

          • mcdonsco

            No, I’m an idiot…I really think I’m only paying $250 /s

          • That’s what it sounds like you’re saying.

          • Tirionfive

            Depends if you have a vzw gnex :/ won’t be worth anything 2nd hand.

    • Ian

      Why would they need to market to consumers like us who are already well ingrained in the mobile environment? Also we are such a small drop in that bucket that marketing would be crazy to cater to such a specific demographic.

      • Daistaar

        Not to mention no one really wants the Nexus version. The only real interest is pulling the RUU off of it and slapping it on they carrier branded ones everyone already has.

        • Which is probably why Google wanted them to make one. Although it might benefit Samsung in the fact that people will be able to start developing for the S4 earlier, before they eventually update the touchwiz version.

          I would love to see others get on the bandwagon with the “Google Edition.” Sure most consumers wouldnt care to pay for an unlocked phone but the idea of an HTC One Google Edition is tempting (although would have preferred they embrace the soft buttons).

  • FAL_Fan

    Brilliant! I have to admit they sure do know marketing, well played Samsung.

  • Stil isn’t as creepy as HTC’s ad

  • Wes

    Samsung is sure marketing the hell outta these gimmicky features…but…who’s really surprised? On that note..I’ll be getting one tomorrow

    • Tirionfive

      “On that note”

      Silly Wes, that isn’t a galaxy note 😉

    • Calling it a gimmick then buying it, sure looks like it’s working.

      • Justin Kos

        Its still a great device and a worthy upgrade

        • michael arazan

          My friend still hasn’t figured out the Note 2 feature update he got with his GS3, and now he’s going to get GS4 features with his GS3. Love that Samsung is really taking care of upgrades to their older devices, that alone might make me get a GS3 or GS4 if Motorola doesn’t release a phone soon on vzw, and their is no word of another lte nexus. Samsung is really getting it right more and more with updates, that’s a good thing to set standards too

      • You really didnt understand that he purposely worded it like that for humor?

  • Tirionfive

    This was kinda funny, in a strange way. A little too technical. I would hate to have normal consumers spouting off these buzzwords like “5 inch” and “HD”. They just make us nerds/geeks look normal.

    • Ian

      If the average consumer does not understand inches and “HD” then we are all in big big trouble.

      • Tirionfive

        It just seems like Samsung is tooting their own horn by throwing out those words. Most consumers don’t care about resolution, or even screen specs. Just as long as it looks crystal clear, and big enough for their hands.

        • Ian

          Isn’t the whole idea of marketing to “toot your own horn”? Also while I agree most consumers are looking for a crystal clear display, a consumers understanding of HD generally equates to crystal clear.

          • Tirionfive

            Maybe I just really hate marketing then haha

          • David Ogilvy

            Actually the whole idea of marketing is figure out the rite product in the rite place at the rite time for the rite person with an effective call to action. Developing these components is much more complicated then you would think, it requires mountains of research, data, and art. Advertising is a late stage component of marketing and people should stop using the words interchangeably.

          • Ian

            Touche. I will stop using marketing and advertising interchangeably if you stop interchanging ‘rite’ for ‘right’. Deal?

        • Tirionfive, thank you for being the voice of ‘most consumers’. How could we know what everyone else likes without you telling us! :/

        • Daistaar

          I think if Charmin made HD Toilet paper, I’d be buying HD Toilet paper. People equate HD with “good” whether they know why or not.

          • Ian

            “…now with 1080P layers of softness”

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I thought it was pretty funny. The look on the guy’s face is priceless