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HTC One U.S. Unlocked and Developer Editions Receive Update to Build 1.29.1540.16

htc one update

The U.S. unlocked variants (including the Developer Edition) of the HTC One are receiving a new update today to build 1.29.1540.16. The update is a smallish 17MB in size, so there likely aren’t any major additions included. In fact, we haven’t noticed any changes after updating other than the build number, especially not a jump to 4.2.2 or anything along those lines. Probably just a bug fixer, move along.

Oh, I’m also still using the One unlocked U.S. version as my daily driver. I spent some extra time at I/O with a Galaxy S4, but have since gone back to the One. It is still my favorite device of the moment. Updates like this, by the way, are another reason to consider picking one up. Keep in mind that HTC can push these out as soon as they are done since there are no carrier barriers to break through.

  • Karan Patel

    Hello Everyone,…I have my HTC ONE Unlocked Version 32GB for Sale…Only $499.99. It has No damage, No dent, No Scratch, It has All the Accessory, and HTC stickers. Please reply me back over here.

  • happy

    In the area i live in, they are refarming and i actually get LTE by our airport, only place i get it, but none the less, LTE. and it is fast, usually i get “E” which is 2G or HSPA+. if T mobile is working on things in your area then just be patient, you have picked the right phone.

  • Noel

    The problem with the US HTC One developer edition phone is that it is basically an Att exclusive device again, except for areas with Tmo refarmed 1900 MHz band…which is essentially piggy backing on an Att band. If HTC will just stop kissing one particular carriers rear with silly exclusives and just make their devices readily available for use on multi-carriers..they will do themselves some good sales wise. Why couldn’t they just make the unlocked developer edition with both true Att and Tmo bands to maximize that sale demographic. Also why wouldn’t they jump on the idea of making a GE HTC ONE to also satisfy that sale demographic instead of leaving it for Sammy alone to roam. It will be dumb and sales malpractice not to do it, unless they know something we all are clueless about…like being the OEM for the Nexus 5. With all these awesome devices floating around, some of which i would love to procure..but #1 on my list for a future device is HTC as OEM for the KLP N5 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon running the show and a monster battery with storage capacity options of 32/64GB.

  • WinDroidGuy

    the issue with the home/back button has been fixed, also update applied just find on my s-off/unlocked bootloader 🙂

  • gregmr

    Isnt’ this the second update now? Proof most of HTC’s history of “upgrade failures” falls on the carriers

  • Justin Winker

    Can this be applied on an unlocked/rooted HTC One? Haven’t foudn an answer yet 🙁

    • Michael

      I am having challenges installing it on my rooted / unlocked One. it keeps failing. Looking for instructions on a manual install

      • Justin Winker

        I checked on another forum, and apparently you have to have a zip made specifically to install through TWRP or CWM 🙁

        I haven’t found one yet, but if you have, let me know 🙂

        • Adam

          It’s in your download folder after using the built-in updater.

          Go to Software Updates, get the update, then choose Install Now. Phone will boot into TWRP or CWM. Then, navigate to the Downloads folder and find the update there. Install it with TWRP/CWM.

          • Justin Winker

            Tried, but it hangs on bug_fix1 tool. I’m at work now, but I’ll be checking XDA for other methods… From what I’ve read, you have to convert it to a file specifically for TWRP/CWM to update, but what that entails, I have no clue. I’m guessing there are some checks that only HTC’s recovery can actually read? Oh well.

    • mbamber01

      It can be done on a rooted device but not if you installed a custom recovery, you have to have stock recovery and go root you usually need a custom recovery.

  • I’m still surprised it doesn’t have 4.2.x, let alone launch with it.

  • Does it irritate anyone else when the change log for updates is ‘Bug Fixes’ or ‘System Enhancements’?

  • Does this increase the megapixel count (Yes, MPs aren’t everything but there is a big difference between 4 and 8 MPs), let the battery be removed and gets rid of Senseless? 😛

    /gets downvoted

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Idiotic comment

    • LaceyJ

      No, but it does get rid of the worst, most offensive aspect which is calling it the Galaxy S4. Being made by HTC and calling it the One already makes it better. But thanks for playing, Mr. Small Penis.

      • No joke zone, apparently. I don’t have a problem with the One, I was poking fun at people who do. Chill out 🙂

  • So when the SGS4GE comes out, do you think you’ll stick with your One? or switch?

  • Jeff.

    Mark. You are correct. I do not get HSPA+ on my HTC One Developer Edition.

  • Will Frame

    Do we have any idea what the changelog is on this? Is this the camera improvement update?

  • Mark

    the developer version on T-mobile does not get HSPA+42? correct?

    • CrappyAlloy

      If you live in a refarmed area then it does get HSPA+ (not sure about the 21 vs 42 though?). I live in SoCal and I’d say 85% of the areas I’ve been between LA and San Bernardino have been refarmed. I regularly get 8-10mbps down and 3.5-5 up

      • Mark

        good to hear might have to pick one up and try, I live in ventura county

  • chris125

    Wish they would offer a developer version for Verizon!

    • r0lct

      I don’t. Then we would have to hear everyone complain about why it’s not $300 or less.

      • chris125

        The only ones who whine are those on gsm carriers. Those on Verizon would be happy just having the option. I mean a better phone that’s not subsidized by google costs more? You don’t say /s