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New Media Streaming Device Made by Google Hits FCC, Please be a New Nexus Q

new nexus q1

A new device made by Google recently made its way through the hands of the FCC with model number H2G2-42, product name of “H840 DEVICE,” and a description that says it “functions as a media player.” Yes, a media player. This new device is powered by an external source (AC adapter), so it’s likely not a smartphone or tablet, can connect via WiFi over 802.11 b/g/n, and has the ability to be hooked up to a display. So what is it? The FCC filing only gives us what I just listed, so it’s tough to tell. One thing we do know is that Google made a media streaming device last year with all of these characteristics, which you may be familiar with as the Nexus Q

As you know, the Nexus Q did not arrive again at Google I/O after failing to launch after last year’s unveiling, nor did many things that most of us were expecting (new Gmail, new Nexus 7, etc.), but sources of ours told us a week ago that there is another Nexus Q-like device potentially in the works from Google. It’s currently codenamed “Wolfie,” has an RGB LED light, and when (or if) it is released, will have an “emphasis on gaming.” We still aren’t sure if this is it or if we’re even going to see it reach customers hands. With that said, FCC filings are almost always a good sign of things to come.

Plus, we would love to see Google make up for the current Nexus Q situation. The current model has suffered from streaming errors for months now. And with the newest release of Google Music, the current Q is no longer even supported (at least for the time being).

new nexus q2

new nexus q4

new nexus q3

Via:  FCC | Tablet Guide

Cheers Frits!

  • ddevito

    I’m hoping its a new Q with Google TV.

  • Ryan Besch

    I lay awake at night hoping that it is some kind of Nexus Google TV/Q all in one device. I also dream of world peace. Neither of those will happen.

    • Chris

      I lay awake thinking of woman….

  • It’s probably a google tv/wi-fi server for your home.
    Like you upload your junk to it from all of your devices and then access it from all of your devices.
    Like LAN based Cloud.

  • Kevin M

    Kevin McGivern
    I have to say I love my (Google) Sony NSZ-GS7 internet player. The reviews are always luke warm but it’s android and as such is very flexible/hackable. What you can’t get at Google Play can usually be side loaded with Google Chrome. It’s great having a decent browser on the TV as well as all the media content available online.
    I’ll likely jump at anything considered better than the NSZ-GS7.

    • Browser is the make or break feature for my next TV

  • No 802.11ac? SGS4 and HTC One I thought be the start of all new Google devices having that feature. Oh well.

  • I saw someone on reddit mention that they thought the stars were aligning for a Google “Consumer Conference” and honestly didn’t pay it much mind. We didn’t get a hundred new devices at I/O, no big deal.

    But seeing this, knowing there’s an new Nexus 7 refresh, and (depending on whether or not you believe) the white Nexus 4, I’m starting to rethink my original position.

  • Leif Sikorski

    If they release a second one they hopefully put dual channel WiFi inside and support Miracast.

  • Thought I’d chime in that it was interesting that in the Test Report under Section 2.7 that it seems like a 24″ monitor was used during testing. No biggie…but the super interesting part to me is the device being tested was connected to the monitor’s USB port.

    That could potentially mean the device could be plugged into any monitor with a USB port and make it functional as a media player. Very cool indeed if that is what it can do.

    • hkklife

      Or, more likely, it’s simply drawing power from the USB port ala Dell’s Project Ophelia or the myroad of no-name Android HDMI sticks out there nowadays.

  • Excellent. Now, if this one justifies its price tag, I might consider buying it. The Nexus Q was ridiculously overpowered for what it did. This leads me to believe that Google had to have bigger plans for it. What if this new thing is a Nexus TV? Keep in mind that, unlike Android on phones and tablets, there is no “reference device” from Google that shows off Google TV in stock, untouched form. With the announcement this week that Google TV is getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean soon, maybe this will serve as a reference device for the newest incarnation of Google TV. I guess we’ll see!

    • MKader17

      Liiiiiiiiiiiiiike, so much.

  • DanWazz

    Just don’t be over priced, and have access to any apps.


    No 5GHz radios?

  • now, wouldn’t this be a good idea to start an all-access portion google play movies. maybe another $7.99/mo gets you access to all google play movie and tv shows. i would gladly get rid of my netflix for that.

    • hkklife


    • BCoils

      While this would be great, i don’t see this happening for the latest content.

    • EC8CH

      Awesome… but no way that’s gonna happen at that price.

  • sonicemerald

    wolfie…. I’m sold.

  • 4n1m4L

    That’s why all the documents keep saying not currently instead of no longer. The icons for streaming to the Q are still in the new music, just not being used.

    And the old FCC id is A4R-W1

  • Andrew Remmers

    I have a feeling the next keynote is going to be absolutely insane.

  • This will work for mt torrented blu rays that I can’t play on my PS3. Damn cinavia

    • wordmoss

      So will a Roku, or cheap Blu Ray player.

      • Mike

        I love my Roku, but the lack of divx compatibility kinda sucks for older movies.

        What’s more, the x264 compatibility isn’t great.

  • Greg Buxton

    Are they serious with that model number? H2G2-42?

    H2G2 is the common abbreviation for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which makes the 42 at the end doubly suspicious.

    • Jason Galkin

      Suspicious? Google having nerdy references in things they do is par for the course. It’s not surprising at all, it’s probably intentional and done for a bit of fun.


      • Greg Buxton

        But when they use nerdy references they use them *correctly*.

        I don’t see how a media box ties into the Guide.

        But you know what would fit more so (maybe?) Some Home Automation stuff. At least a hub for such a system would be more likely to be queried for information (imo.)

        But hey, if it’s a new Nexus Q I won’t complain. =P

        • isn’t marvin’s head the shape of the Q? could that be why?

        • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

          42 is the answer to life the universe and the everything. They are probably trying to say this will be an all encompassing type device. It makes 100% sense. You get the reference to the hitchhikers guide but fail to see the major importance of the number 42?

          • Greg Buxton

            Actually, no, 42 isn’t the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

            It’s the answer to the /ultimate question/ of life, the universe, and everything.

            There’s a fine distinction between the two, but an important one.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            Ok so substitute to with of and we still arrive at what I believe Google is getting at with this model number.

          • Greg Buxton

            Well, the ultimate question isn’t anything like the meaning of life or anything.

            In fact it’s inferred in the radio show that the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is “What do you get when you multiple six by seven?”


          • michael arazan

            I hope it is a device that allows me to use android on my TV similar to the Archos TV connect, but better. Still no release date for the TV connect either.

      • Ian Smith

        that’s exactly what Greg Buxton meant.

    • EC8CH

      This is Pi Million Google we’re talking about here. They know what they’re doing 🙂

  • I think as far as being unique it was an amazing device, it didn’t do as much as I would have liked but it sounds like Google has the cloud services that this device needed so badly nailed now, where as before it hadn’t properly stitched its cloud properties together. I wonder if its still going to be TI powered? I know TI dropped doing smartphone chips but they are still doing embedded devices.

    • 4n1m4L

      If glass is any indicator, then yes.

      • Ah yes I had forgot about that. I wish TI still made OMAP chips for phones, Tegra has not been as interesting as I had first hoped.

  • I love it. Just please don’t be $300.

    • Shane Redman

      or if it is $300, let it be WORTH $300