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Samsung Launches TecTiles 2, the “Next Generation” of NFC Technology


This morning, Samsung officially launched TecTiles 2, compatible with their newest flagship device, the Galaxy S4 and all other NFC-enabled devices from Samsung. These NFC tags allow users to simply touch their phone up to the sticker to accomplish simple tasks, such as turn on WiFi, enable GPS, etc. 

You can grab a new sleeve of TecTiles from the Samsung website and also pick up the updated app through Google Play. Keep in mind, if you have a stash of the original TecTiles and then purchase the Galaxy S4, you’ll need to upgrade as they are non compatible.

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Via: Samsung

  • tenaxitsolutions

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  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I’m wanting to get them just to make it easier to choose CDMA only when I get to the office. Currently if I’m on LTE/CDMA it bounces between the two all day and ruins any streaming.

    Only reason to have NFC for me.

  • I like NFC but other than file transfer (which isn’t always easy) I haven’t found a reason to use it.

    • SuperBeam has made file transfer a breeze for me.
      Just depends on the people around you. Most my friends have upgraded to an NFC capable phone we often send youtube videos, play store links, and websites quite often.

      • Sbeam is nice and easy. My problem comes from nfc transfers to non-samsung folks. It works but but is harder to set up with the available this party apps

        • Opps, sorry should have been more clear. SuperBeam is an app. It creates wifi direct transfer to other phones or just works if you happen to be on the same wifi network already. It can transfer to other phone without NFC by using a generated QR code that the other party scans.

  • Anyone else having trouble buying them from their website?

    • Its working now. It was definitely not working earlier.

  • Jack Hoffman

    What would be really nice is if NFC tags worked as a toggle. For instance, put one on my car dock, and it turns on Gmaps or Car Mode along with turning on BT. Take my phone out of the dock, it returns to normal.

    Put in my dock at work: turn off 4g/bluetooth. Upon removal, reactivate those options.

    OGD did it with magnets and firmware, and I’m still waiting for a generic option without POGO pins and proprietary docks.

    • DanSan

      i see what you’re trying to get at but that would require a lot of constant polling.

      you can set it to toggle the action but u would just have to tap the tag again when u pull it out of the dock

    • NorCalGuy

      The tags combined with tasker do that now, hopefully the new ones will make it a little easier. Right now I have one in my car dock to put it in car mode and just added Google music as my new radio.

    • SMD

      CarHome Ultra app does that. I put my S3 in the car dock and the app pops up giving me a “Car Mode” screen, turns off wifi, turns on BT and when I pull it out of the dock all goes back to normal. No tags necessary.

      • Do you have a special car dock that signals the phone? I have Carhome ultra and the S3 but it doesn’t automatically kick on when I put it in my dock, I wonder what I am missing

      • Jack Hoffman

        Yes, but that’s triggered by the dock itself. You have to buy that dock to make that work. NFC would work with any phone and dock. So I could get a universal dock that would work with both my wife’s phone and mine and put an NFC tag on it to have it trigger the same options on both.

    • NFC tags can be set up as toggles in the Samsung TecTile app, actually. All you have to do is touch the phone to the tag each time you want to flip the toggle state.

    • r0lct

      That’s exactly what I do with them.

  • MichaelFranz

    yea nothing NFC launcher can’t do….you can buy normal tags and it will work just not with the tec tiles app…no need,

    • The TecTile app has better FB and Foursquare integration, actually.

  • teevirus

    I have them and I use them but the idea of a “non compatible” NFC tag seems to fly in the face of the intent behind them.


    I still haven’t used my gen-1 tiles….seems like alot of work

    • WAldenIV

      It takes less than five minutes to configure them and they are 100-percent reliable, unlike Motorola’s Smart Actions.


        I have yet to come across a situation where 1 would be useful. I dunno…..There’s nothing I have to set when falling asleep. There’s nothing i have to set when driving. It’s not like the NFC sticker can plug in my 3.5mm jack into the phone, while i’m driving…..

        • WAldenIV

          I use them as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and volume adjustment toggles essentially. I switch between home, car, work, car, and home settings without the time or effort to manually change each setting.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    It’s worth noting that this incompatibility is almost a good thing. The old tags used a proprietary method. These new tags use what is becoming the industry standard for NFC. Whereas only certain NFC devices could read the old tags, any NFC device should be able to read the new tags.

    • g2gsr

      So will these new tags work with the nexus 7?

      • Go Hawkeyes

        Yes they should. The new tags use the industry standard protocol if I remember reading correctly. I saw an article about this about a month ago. Can’t remember what Android site it was on though.

        • I’d like a confirmation on this.

          • Go Hawkeyes

            I’m just going by an article I read about these a month or so ago on another Android site, can’t remember which one. I recall it saying that the new tags used the industry standard protocol instead of the MIFARE proprietary protocol. Hopefully this will be elaborated on in the future by someone who actually knows for sure though.

  • I’ve been doing this since the Nexus S. Nothing new here. *yawn*

    • Oh yeah? You’ve been using TecTiles 2 since the Nexus S? Amazing.

      • No, I mean tag tiles in general. Samsung seems to be touting this like the entire technology is somehow new. This technology has been available for quite a while. This really is nothing new in the end.

        • While you may have been using them for a while they’re absolutely not something that’s mainstream. Without companies like Samsung touting stuff like this it’ll never catch on with the “average user”.

          • very true. NFC tags are great and useful, but without full adoption by everyone out there…its kinda gimik (yes i use them every day)

            I hate to say this, but we really need Apple to adopt the technology. hopefully they dont go proprietary and use only their technology or something.

            just think, go to the store, tap your phone to the machine, go to the gas station/ATM tap the phone (no more worrying about card scanners) I am excited for all this, but its not going to happen without apple.

        • Blue Sun

          You mean you don’t want to buy overpriced NFC tags from Samsung? Why not?