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Samsung CEO: Sales of Galaxy S4 to Exceed 10 Million In Less Than a Month


According to Samsung’s CEO, J.K. Shin, the Galaxy S4 is putting in some serious work. In numbers, the Galaxy S3 passed ten million in sales after 50 days on the market last year. The Galaxy S4, their newest flagship device which isn’t even on America’s largest carrier yet, is said to pass ten million in less than a month next week. 

We are confident that we will pass more than 10 million sales of the S4 next week. It is selling much faster than the previous model S3. Samsung spent 50 days to pass the 10 million sales mark for the S3. The S4 will be Samsung’s first ’10 million seller’ device less than a month after its official debut.

It’s clear they have found the winning formula for themselves. Have you pre-ordered your S4 on Verizon yet?

Via: Android Beat

  • tenaxitsolutions

    Samsung CEO: Sales of Galaxy S4 to Exceed 10 Million In Less Than a Month nice information …. tenax it

  • Jim

    in order to catch up to apple they need to find a way that S3 owners desire to rush out and replace their s3 with an s4. With me trying to retain the unlimited data plan i dont see it happening any time soon.

  • Whaddya know? Plastic bodies, “cheap feel,” “build quality” and all that nonsense S3/S4 reviewers usually gash the Galaxy line for DON’T MATTER. Hopefully this drives the point home and we stop reading stupid comments about them in reviews.

    My Dad just picked up an AT&T GS4 too, BTW.

  • yungqb7

    Yeah, I can’t wait for the verizon gs4. I pre-ordered it at best buy mobile just about a month ago. I’m going to be there bright and early

  • Michael Baker

    I actually just got confirmation that my S4 Shipped today from Verizon and will be here Monday….

  • LionStone

    That’s great…but no thanks, I’ve already been enjoying a 5″, 1080p, quad core for 6 months now 🙂

    • KleenDroid

      Hope you are not talking about a DNA.

      • Yep he’s talking about another plastic phone. Too bad we get a better phone and better camera. While he’s stuck with his outdated phone.

        • LionStone

          Hehe, in other words Sammy is just catching up 🙂

          • No because the DNA is a pos. But hey. You may like shyit.

          • LionStone

            Aww, that’s all you got? Its ok Sammy’s a little late, really…it’s ok 🙂

  • Jon

    So the big question about the new S4 with the “Nexus experience”: Will it be easy to make a ROM out of that and put it on all of the other S4 phones so they also get the Nexus Experience? I know Verizon is screwed cause they are CDMA, but the T-Mobile and AT&T versions you would think would be all set to work…no?

    I have the Galaxy Note II for AT&T and it’s possible to load any ROM from AT&T, T-Mobile or International Note II on this thing and they work.

    • r0lct

      Only difference is Note 2 US and International are same hardware. The S4 will be different SoC for US than Intl. So depends on which SoC the NExus version uses.

      Not saying that will prevent it from happening, but I would imagine is a big factor.

      • chris125

        it uses the snapdragon that is in the US version so shouldnt be too hard

  • Paradisimo

    Apparently that plastic body thing is working out alright for ’em.

    • Dave

      It’s 2013….plastic works just fine.

      • Paradisimo

        Oh I agree, I just think it funny how many people knock them for design and yet it is the best selling Android phone by far. They seem to have a pretty good idea of what they are doing

        • Dave

          True, when your company accounts for 70% of all new android activations, you must have a good idea how to run a business.

  • Michael Baker

    Hmmm maybe that’s why I got an email from Verizon stating Great News you S4 will be shipping by 5/23 🙂

    • Got that same message yesterday too, early is good.

  • New_Guy

    Domination??? I think so.

    • Dave

      7 out of every 10 new android activations I think would be considered dominance.

  • Bob G

    I wonder if HTC has even sold One million.

    • Dave

      There’s no doubt they’ve sold 1 million phones….in 6 years.

    • If all their devices were as bad as the *6* HTC Thunderbolts / Rezounds I went through then I would be surprised if they sold more than a million!

  • richard melcher

    Gonna be a lot more once I get my hands on my Verizon GS4

    • most are already accounted for, this is Sammy’s sales and they have already sold them to VZW. VZW probably already has them in warehouses

  • ddevito

    Congrats Samsung – next step is to remove TouchPiss

    • flosserelli

      Samsung has already announced a stock android version of the S4, which will drive sales even further.

    • Tim242

      Without TW features, it would not stand out. Average customers love it

      • exactly, but I wouldn’t mind a stock version myself.. My gnex is getting tired. Problem is that I’m no Verizon :/

        • Tim242

          It’s so easy to unlock and install stock. These days, it is almost effortless. : )

        • r0lct

          Did you miss I/O? S4 Nexus edition.

          • I saw it, but what are the chances of that being on Verizon?

          • None..

          • exactly… I think those guys missed my original point

          • Goose egg, tmo and att only! Verizon blows quite heavily for being the most preferred carrier in the country.

          • exactly… that’s what I was trying to say originally. I’m on Verizon, but I want stock… boom! out of luck

        • chris125

          hopefully the s4 stock version will be easily ported to the verizon version. That is what I am hoping for. Otherwise, touchwiz isnt that bad IMO(yes it could be alot better though)

      • KleenDroid

        A stock S4 is exactly what makes it stand out. But yes I’m sure that the average customer would like it the way it is.

        • Tim242

          To some of us. But, to average consumers, not so much. I work in a corporate store. The entire year I had the Gnex, I tried to sell it and its benefits. Most opted for the S3. We had several returns, because people didn’t like the UI on the Gnex. I now own a Note 2. I’m running a custom ROM, but it is a TW based ROM. MultiWindow and camera software is what makes it for me.

          • KleenDroid

            Well I am about to purchase 2 S4’s at full retail so I hope I like this thing. Getting one for my son in the Coast Guard who will also use a good deal of data. If we like them I’ll get a couple more for my wife and daughter.

      • Intellectua1

        @tim242:disqus I agree, I love the Touchwiz features, just not the Touchwiz launcher.. I don’t think I’ll ever install a custom Rom on this thing..

        • Tim242

          Yeah, Nova takes care of that launcher : ). If I install a ROM, it will be Beans TW based ROM, so I don’t lose the features.

        • Honestly the press pictures of the Nexus S4 looked bleh. The color scheme and launcher just look boring and even though they tried to use bright colors that stand out, it just wasn’t working.

  • brkshr

    That’s great for Android!

  • I want an S4 because I don’t think Verizon will be releasing any other good phones for a while but I don’t want to lose my unlimited and I don’t want to pay full price :'(

    • pubasnacks77

      Have you thought about using the payment plan? I believe you still keep your unlimited data plan if you wanted to go that route

      • Yes I know thats an option but its just crazy to pay that much for a phone and still pay the subsidize charges. Like if you buy the nexus 4 for 300 then you pay less on your monthly service payments (going prepay). If you buy the S4 on verizon, you pay what 650 for the phone and then you still pay more on your monthly service costs because they factor in the subsidize price that most people pay from using an upgrade. You always lose when you buy a phone off contract on verizon.

        • David Goldstein

          Buy it through Costco….they can get around the Verizon bs and allow you to keep your unlimited.

          • You can keep your unlimited? Are you sure about that because that would be perfect haha.

          • Employees know how to. You just need one of them to be your friend. lol

          • David Goldstein

            Erlack88……POSITIVE. Without going into the details – just ask.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            OK, I need to know how to do this. 2 of my lines are up in the air now, and I want to keep unlimited. Please tell me how kind sir!

          • In order for this to work, you need to have at least one BASIC line in your account that is eligible for an upgrade. It is called an alternate upgrade. Using the basic line to select for a two-year agreement in order to get the S4. The data will be inputted into the basic line then removed. After the upgrade is completed, the associates will activate the S4 to the unlimited data line and put back the basic phone back to the upgraded line. No harm done.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            Rats! All 4 of my lines are with smartphones. I have no basic lines anymore. Thanks for the know-how tho

          • I’m currently TDY in Japan and should be home sometime soon. My S3 was stolen while I was here but Verizon doesnt work here anyways so i dont miss it as much. But I know soons i’m back home i’ll want a phone asap. Do you think i can call Call Costco and have this done or go online or is this something that would need to be done in person? I already have a basic line on my account and another line that was my S3’s line.

    • David Goldstein

      Go to Costco….buy it for less and not taxed on retail cost of the phone. Get goodies as well. Also keep your unlimited.

    • chris125

      You could always wait a few months and save a couple hundred off full price

      • michael arazan

        erizon keeps the same full price till EOL, they never drop full retail prices.

        • chris125

          I meant buying one used….

    • Jeff

      Then buy on Swappa.com