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Twitter Announces Official Google Glass Support – Share Photos, Tweet, and More From Glass

glass twitter

Twitter announced official support for Google Glass this morning. The social network will allow users to take and share photos directly through Glass with the text “Just shared a photo #throughglass” included. You can also keep up notifications for mentions, DMs, and Tweets from users you have given that power to. Last, you can reply, favorite, and retweet. 

In order to access Twitter on your Google Glass, head over to http://google.com/myglass and turn on Twitter.

twitter glass2

Via:  Twitter

Cheers E!

  • tenaxitsolutions

    Better designed than their official programs. better to change tenax it

  • pilot25

    ok, off topic but I’m distraught. Is the DroidLife app no longer supported?

  • Hey Sara, i’ll get Sushi + extra with you tonight.

  • cranch

    Isn’t that the Touchwiz status bar in the screenshots?

    • Mordecaidrake

      I think this is being viewed on the MyGlass companion app?

  • ßen Murphy

    I need the Glasses first….

  • thecharrr

    Better designed than their official programs

    • Luckily, or not depending on your view, the Glass SDK is significantly more restrictive for layouts/UI elements than the Android SDK. Personally, I’m glad they are keeping a tight rein on the UI aesthetic and interaction in Glass. That is one thing that iOS and WP8 definitely got right from the get-go.