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Sprint’s HTC One Receiving First Update With Improvements to BlinkFeed and Button Sensitivity


The HTC One on Sprint (our review) is set to receive its first OTA update over the coming days. In the update, labeled as build 1.29.651.10, users should find improvements to BlinkFeed, a new Sprint Zone client, and fixes the sensitivity on the Home and Back buttons. If anyone has spent any amount of time with any version of the HTC One, you’ll know that one of the most frustrating issues has to do with the Home and Back buttons not properly reacting. Let’s hope this does the trick. 

sprint htc one update

The update will be released in stages. To check for it, head into Settings>System updates>HTC software update>Check now.

Via:  Sprint

  • lilmoe2002

    I agree about the battery, but I guess 2300mah is fine. But I was turned off by how hard it is to service the device. Where I’m from, everyone buys a phone off-contract, and getting a phone that is virtually irreparable is a huge risk, especially when you’re making a $700+ investment and spare parts aren’t easy to get buy (ie: a screen replacement if broken)… That’s why I went with the SGS4. God I was so looking forward to getting an HTC One, I’ve heard the speakers and they’re just AMAZING…. Oh well…

  • Tony Clifton

    I just did OTA the update. BlinkFeed seems to respond much faster (not that I saw an issue pre-update).

  • SprintOneBlack

    Hey guys, mine is currently updating as i type this, I will post about it as soon as I play with it a little. I did NOT say camera improvements, just the stuff listed above.

  • My Tmo HTC One battery can go for a day and a half or 2 days sometimes. Maybe I’m not using it enough???

    • Bionic

      Maybe, LOL. I never said the battery life was bad, im just saying if you cant replace it, it should be 3000mah or GTFO

      • himeshkaul

        lol so true

  • Geoff Johnson

    I say a larger battery like the MAXX HD would make this a killer phone

    • Bionic


  • jnt

    1.29 on the Int’l and dev device supposedly fixes the button, so this should do the trick, along with some camera improvements hopefully.

    • Chris Crooks

      hopefully this 1.29 includes the camera improvement as well

  • BlinkFeed seems a lot like a rip off of Windows’ mobile OS…

    I might be wrong though. I haven’t exactly played with one yet, but seeing it in videos/commercials that’s the impression I get.

    • Bionic

      once you play with it you’ll see that its wayyyy better.

    • JoshGroff

      I use it on my DNA quite often, and yeah, it feels like live tiles. Can’t really say that’s a bad thing.

    • It’s more like a combination of Flip board and WP8..All I know is… I can’t live without it now, it’s great and I think as more options and customizations become available, it’s gonna be killer…

  • Butters619

    A good friend of mine bought an AT&T One and said that the buttons are maddening. He loves it besides that but doesn’t know if he want to keep it.

    • Bionic

      Yeah, why HTC and Samsung dont like on screen buttons is beyond me.

      • Butters619

        I can see the argument both ways. Currently phones with on screen buttons don’t have smaller bezels so you have the space for buttons anyway. And, with the buttons being on screen you actually lose screen space. On the other hand, on screen buttons look so much better. Plus they can be customized or context aware. And the on screen digitizier seems like it would be more accurate than the current One buttons.

      • T4rd

        At least with the Samsung phones you can wake the phone with the home button. Aside from that, I prefer the soft-keys I think. Soft-keys would have been much more logical on the Note 2 too with the S-Pen, I was dumbfounded to see that the S-Pen doesn’t work with the capacitive buttons.

        • Bionic

          Yeah, i could certainly get used to the home button, im just saying i would prefer it not be there.

  • Oh, good, it was not just me.

    Bionic, I’m curious, have you used one? If I put it in PowerSaver mode at night, I easily get 30 hours with it per charge.

    • Bionic

      I played with my buddies. Im not saying the battery life is bad by any means. It just that in my opinion if you are going to seal the battery compartment, it should have a 3000mah battery inside minimum.

      The S4 has 2600mah but its also remoavable which is great.

      • Chris Crooks

        I’ve had my phone for a week now and have zero issues with the battery. i even left it locked up somewhere that it’d be searching for signal constantly the entire time that i was at work and still ended up with >60% by the time that i headed home. also, the 2300mAh is bigger than the N4’s battery…

      • Tony Clifton

        Why are you sweating the battery? My HTC One will go a full 14 hours or more with heavy use without a charge. I had an old HTC EVO 4G, used it with the same battery for three years … no problem.

        • michael arazan

          What do you call heavy use? Is it using the screen on for at least 2 hours, Or streaming Music for at least 2 hrs all in a day, plus running multiple apps or maybe G Maps for a good half hour or longer too? Not being facetious here, just curious of what is considered heavy use for you. I do all this with my Gnex, and get 4- 6 hrs of heavy use. !! hrs if i turn it to 3g and use it 60% less.

          I like the new one, outside the fact I don’t like Sense, and I am hoping verizon gets something remotely close to it. I just want to hear about user’s experiences.