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Pebble Releases 2-way Communication SDK Giving WatchApps Real Power


Pebble, the Kickstarter smartwatch darling, released a new version of their SDK today which allows for 2-way communication between apps and the watch itself. In other words, you can use the watch to control external devices, to play multi-player games, check-in through social apps, integrate with sports apps better, and more. 

This major addition to the Pebble SDK is called AppMessage, which is a service that “enables watchapps to send and receive data from a connected smartphone app.”

There are the types of apps they are hoping to see:

  • Watchfaces augmented with data from the internet
  • Remote controls for internet connected devices
  • Multi-player Pebble games
  • 4sq/Facebook/Yelp Check-in Apps
  • Sports/Weather/News/Traffic tickers
  • Emergency beacon activator
  • Deeper sports integration (skiing, hiking, surfing, tennis, soccer score keeping)!
  • Bitcoin price trackers (most important watchapp?)

On a related note, orange Pebbles are in production this week and will begin shipping to backers next week.

Go grab your update, then sit back and wait for developers to work some 2-way magic.

Via:  Kickstarter



  • Ingress watch! Save my screen usage for that extra play time!

  • Excellent. Time for more cool watch apps. Lovin’ my Pebble already, this will just up the love 🙂

  • Kevin Hill

    Whoa, is that watch bigger than an iPhone?

  • Please be sure to let us know when any cool apps come out!