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Latest Andy Vs. Apple Shirt Makes the Fight Personal


Today, the newest shirt from the Andy vs. Apple guys is available, and boy does it take this ongoing fanboy battle to the next level. The designs of their shirts usually feature our favorite little Android doing anything stomping out the Steve Jobs army Godzilla-style to smashing Apples with a mean swing. But if those shirts were all a little too soft for you, today’s shirt might be more your style. 

This newest release boldly expresses “Android kicks Apple’s ass,” so you can let all your friends that have iPhones know just how much you love them. If you are looking to start a fight like in those new Windows Phone commercials, this shirt will only set you back $17.


Buy. ($17)

  • OK cancel that order and make this shirt. Droid stepping on apple logos. “Android, when life hands you apples, make apple sauce.” Or anything other than that shirt

  • Bah, welcome to suck town. It hits the elusive 13 year old monster truck fans demographic.

  • frankandsimple

    Stay classy apple..

  • frankandsimple

    Change the “K” to an “L” and it’ll make perfect sense.

  • flosserelli

    This will be a hit with the android fanboys in junior high school.

    • even junior high android user have brain. i guess some one (neither Love Google or Apple nor Hate Google or Apple) created this in attempt to milking some some quick bucks.

  • Bionic_Pags

    Even this guy wearing the shirt in the above post hates himself for it.

  • Butters619

    Shouldn’t it be “Android kicks iOS’s Ass” or “Google kicks Apple’s Ass”?

    I know I’m going to get tore up for this comment.

  • Inquizitor
  • Sam’s Son

    let’s keep the peace!

  • paul_cus

    Wouldn’t wear that if you gave me $17.

  • The shirt isn’t so bad. I personally would love to have this shirt. However I’m not willing to pay $17 for it. Android does kick Apple’s ass 🙂

  • Sirx

    Dude, what the…wai…WHERE THE HELL IS I/O?!!!

    That’s not a dig at you, Droid-Life team–That one was for Google.

  • Gr8Ray

    So lame. Who comes up with this crap?

  • Tim242

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in this shirt, or any shirt with stupid phrases.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I concur with this shirt.

    • Tim242

      You would

      • EvanTheGamer

        Oh absolutely. Even though I agree with the designs saying, I wouldn’t actually wear the shirt out in public. I also wouldn’t spend money on this shirt either.

        Thanks for chiming in, friend.

  • mustbepbs

    This is the dumbest shirt I have ever seen. People would make fun of you so badly for wearing this in public.

  • jamie stevens

    Should just have a pic of andy w/ gloves on standing over an apple on its side w/ gloves extended from body

  • sc4fpse

    Well that escalated quickly.

  • Lame

    Wow that’s an awesome shirt said no one ever

  • Yeah, and my Treo will brick his ass when I throw it as his head for wearing such a lame shirt.

  • Destroythanet

    Haha, Android and Apple fanboys are all pathetic. This shirt is just as embarrassing as one an Android-bashing iPhone hipster could come up with.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yup. Fanboys are the worst thing for everyone else. They would argue pink elephants if it had an Apple/Android logo on it.

  • Terrible typeface, I can barely read that!

  • I thought I was going to see a well designed and witty shirt. That shirt is just lame. Probably the most unimaginative shirt I have ever seen.

    Did they pay you to promote it on here or something? I mean, I don’t know why you would even do a piece on this…

  • Ug0tdagoodpussay

    I hope this is an Advertisement and not a real post. this shirt is the most unclassy thing ever.

    • Daniel Clifford

      Please read your user name before mentioning anything about class. But agreed, shirt is ugly.

    • Guest

      Please read your user name before talking about class. I do however agree, shirt is ugly.

  • Detonation

    So creative

  • that is the one of the most lame shirts ever 😛

  • Andy Christiansen

    this is just dumb

  • Larry Page’s left vocal chord

    It saddens me that no one likes this shirt. I mean i’m sad that everyone will not want to wear it.

  • Why don’t they just use teespring and keep the price down. Way too much at $17.

    • to be fair, it would be way too much at $2

    • brkshr

      I have a feeling they make a ton of money off of those shirts. I work at a screen printing shop. For 50 of those, we would be around $7 each for a Hanes Tagless shirt (not crappy a shirt). Depending on how many they are printing, I could only guess that they are paying a lot less than that.

  • radiohead14

    pretty lame.. then again.. i don’t get why people get so emotionally attached to such things as a phone and its brand. a minor reason i was turned off from the iphone is because of the cult like following.. don’t know why android has to follow in that footstep.

    • EvanTheGamer

      You aren’t a dedicated Android fan then. In the good fight, you must choose a side. Or you can be neutral and don’t give a rats ass either way.

      • safdsaf


      • radiohead14

        i guess not.. i’m not worthy of this shirt

      • I don’t care for iphones, but I want apple to do well. I want them to innovate and make something worthwhile. I want competition, because that is what’s going to make the market better as a whole. The last thing we want is JUST apple, or JUST android, because that’s when innovation stops and products get stale.

      • jnt

        It’s all about customization… for you. A lot of people couldn’t care less about customizing their phone. For example, most users hardly edit the home screen on the S3 / S4 once they get it. Apple might hate freedom, but if you and those closest to you are in their ecosystem, it’s also the best and most seamless experience.

        • EvanTheGamer

          A lot of people couldn’t care less about customizing their phone.

          lol…that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Okay Mr. I Love iPhone.

          Do you know where you’re even at? The majority of Droid-Life.com users LOVE customizing their Android phone. Give me a break. I’m the only one here who loves customizing my phone. Right…..

          Now move along Mr. iPhone Lover, no one likes you.

          What a douche. lol

          • dangolds

            I think jnt’s point was valid when you think beyond the population of this site. Most people who have smart phones do not spend their days obsessing over how to customize them. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong for wanting to do so, but the irony of your last post is that you’re the one who comes across as a douche.

            I agree with a lot of the other posters on this topic – the shirt is lame. I wouldn’t wear something like that no matter how much I loved one brand over the other unless I was going out of my way to never get laid again.

          • jnt

            I shouldn’t dignify that with a response, and it will probably get us nowhere, but oh well…

            Last I checked you didn’t qualify your statement to exclude people outside of droid-life readers, therefore neither did I – I was referring to the general public, of which we DL readers make up a very small percentage. Of course DL readers are going to be more into customizing and all of the stuff you can do on Android. I also never said “you were the only one here”…

            I’ve owned or tried out over 40 Android devices over the past 5 years on multiple carriers. I love Android – it’s my #1 hobby outside of my day-job and family. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort over the years into furthering the community, offline and online. Yet I, as an adult, can also appreciate what Apple does with their user experience and don’t make blanket “hate-statements” about something in which I’ve never truly invested the time to appreciate.

            So please don’t make assumptions about me when you know absolutely nothing about me and have probably contributed less than a quarter of what I, and most readers here, have to the community over the years. At this point you look as bad, or worse, than the “isheep” everybody is always complaining about, and after hearing his speech yesterday, I’d be willing to be Larry Page would be ashamed of an attitude like yours.

          • dangolds

            Yeah….what he said!

          • 40 Phones on 5 years Really !!!!!

          • rikomenzies

            Those of us who obsess over tinkering and customization for our phones make up a very small percentage of the population, as it should be. More often than not, a competent, thinking person will be handed a phone that works and runs and be fully satisfied because their needs are met.

            Should a person want to change something, they certainly have the freedom to do so. At NO point, however, should they be made to feel stupid or insignificant because they’re not part of a certain subculture.

            Remember choice? Freedom? You’re contradicting that very statement with your mindset. You’re not a user. You’re a bandwagon fan, regurgitating everything the textbook fanboy regurgitates directly into your mouth because you think that makes you a competent person.

            It’s middle school nonsense to assume that everyone who doesn’t ride Android’s bone is an iPhone user, and it’s even more nonsensical to assume that every iPhone user is a technologically illiterate douche.

            Then again, you’re probably the type to look at everyone in a turban and call them a terrorist, so the point is lost on you entirely, anyway.

          • mx

            This. The fanboy mentality is so obnoxious. On both the apple and android sides.

      • Inquizitor
    • Tim242

      Everybody wants to be part of a team. Some just take it too far.

      • michael arazan

        Being apart of a team and taking sides, all starts back in grade school Gym class when picking sides for a team. We are all brought up to be on One team’s side and be dedicated to that team, especially for those of us that have played sports competitively. No one’s fault, just the way a majority of people are raised into believing. Some people out grow it seeing the big picture, others don’t

    • i don’t get why people get so emotionally attached to such things as Religion , non-believe in religion, Politics, Any Sports Team , Celebrities (singers mainly) Either. regarding the shirt , its extreme idiotic.

  • Shaunwin

    I absolutely refuse to wear anything with and Crapple name or logo!

    • dangolds

      Really? *That’s* the only reason why you don’t want to wear the shirt?

  • Geoff Johnson

    I would have preferred something clever, not so cut throat.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Why not? Apple has earned it.

      • randy

        By earning 2/3rds of smartphone profits?

      • Aaron


  • Kevin Lauscher

    This post makes sense on a slow news day (well not really it’s pretty dumb), but during google i/o c’mon.

  • ddevito

    Larry Page wouldn’t think this T-Shirt is nice