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Hugo Barra Picks the Motorola DROID as His All Time Sentimental Device


Hugo Barra and Hiroshi Lockheimer sat down this afternoon with Reto Meier to talk a bit about the Android-related happenings around Google I/O this week. They didn’t reveal anything new, like the release date for Android 4.3, but when they were asked what their all-time sentimental pick for favorite device was, we couldn’t help but smile at Hugo’s answer. 

Hiroshi went with the G1, but Hugo picked a phone straight out of our past – the “OG” Motorola DROID. He even dropped a little “DROOOOOID” after mentioning it.

His pick was the DROID because of that was the time we got turn-by-turn navigation, voice search, and “all those cool things,” that helped push the platform in a big way.

We couldn’t agree more, Hugo.

  • Guest

    What’s up OG, triple, Triple OG!?

  • I think that guy is a lady.

  • dawn m. armfield

    I still have my OG. It’s my bedroom alarm clock. I hate to part with it even though I now have a GNex.

  • Simon Belmont

    OG Droid is a good choice, and one I know a few of my Verizon buddies would make. I would pick my Sprint HTC Hero, which was Sprint’s Android flagship until the OG EVO 4G came out.

    I still use my HTC Hero for an alarm clock and music streaming device (running on CM7.2). Works like a champ almost four years later.

  • droidrazredge

    What OG droid did in 2009 for the android scene is was what the Galaxy S3 did in 2012 for the current android scene. This is when Motorola was on top! hoping they regain their crown back.

  • droidrazredge

    I’m hoping, that is putting all my eggs in the same basket, that this mysterious mystical clouded secret awe inspiring device that is XFON’s big brother will captivate us with the same sentimental value as the OG Droid did when it was debuted.

  • Steven Webb

    I was one of the few who chose the DROID Eris over the OG. Wish I hadn’t. That phone was awesome for a while but turned almost useless as I used it more. The first phone that I fell in love with was the DROID X. Because of my hate for Moto Blur I was forced to slap a custom ROM on it. Once I did, I was in love. Since then I’ve had a Galaxy Nexus and am currently using a Note II.

  • On2Vegas

    Anyone remember this video. Jump to 0:23 to watch the OG’s impact on Android.


    • socalrailroader

      It looks like missile launches, roger copy, this is NOT an exercise, I repeat confidence IS high!

  • DanSan

    i miss my OG Droid… loved everything about it except after awhile the keyboard would go from being perfectly flat to starting to bubble up and peel off. got a replacement from verizon right before i sold it to buy my thunderbolt… what a bad decision.

  • Daniel

    As someone still loving his Droid 4, I really hope someone makes a true Droid 5 or proper successor!

  • verbal_judo2

    Sigh… And yet it is sacrilegious to suggest a proper followup with beast specs and a slide out keyboard…. 🙁

  • John Jenness

    I still have my original two, they are the main reason why I can’t part from Motorola. Now if they would just unveil something new and cool!

  • socalrailroader

    Kitteh can has Droid?

  • Psyko

    OG Droid is still my daily beast.They have yet to release a phone that I feel is worth the upgrade and since I’ve been rooted forever there are plenty of ways to keep it going. You can pry my physical keyboard out of my cold, dead fingers.

    • Raven

      I am the same way about my physical keyboard, but the Droid 4 is a pretty nice upgrade and you can pick them up pretty cheap on swappa.

  • Derek Edwards

    G1, OG Droid, HTC One X, and Nexus 4, but agreed that the OG Droid was the game changer.

  • tomn1ce

    The OG Drooooooid was my 1st smartphone. Vzw and Motorola caught my attention with their Droid Does campaign and my LG Voyager was on its last leg. After doing some reading about it and visiting the vzw store a couple of times and watching some videos I was sold on the OG Droid. The only thing I was not too happy with the Droid was that the battery cover kept on falling off. Other then that it was a good device until the end…

    • Iron_Catastrofe

      This is like the same thing I went through (except my battery door never came off of OG Droid easily). I also had an LG Voyager literally in perfect condition until my last month came before my upgrade. All of a sudden it broke and the touchscreen stopped working so I moved onto the OG Droid. Best android phone ever. I learned all about rooting, ROMs (Project Elite was the BEST OG Droid ROM), kernels, and Droid-Life with the OG.

  • jahsoul

    For me, it has to be my White G1. I still got it even though I haven’t turned it on in forever..lol


    • Royal Assassin

      I got the white G1 too, straight from Tmobile! I had an Iphone before that….but not for too much longer after 😉

  • thedonxr

    I told my non to tech savvy best friend to get one when it came out. He’s still rocking his now as his daily device!

  • Who?

  • Waiting on Moto???

    OG has been the best!!!

  • dylan84

    Definitely is the OG Droid for me. That phone was just the best. And as it was for a lot of us here…it was the introduction to this addiction we call Android.

  • Michael Gillenwalters

    I still use my OG Droid on a daily basis. I use it as the controller for my Sonos Play5 in my kitchen. My kids are too young to have a phone of their own, so this is the next best thing. It’s unlocked, rooted, and rocking CM 7. It’s simple and easy to use. The battery (with cellular radio off) lasts at least ten days, too bad my GNex Toro doesn’t last even a day.

  • It’s for the same reason mine is the HTC Desire/Nexus One. Still hoping for an HTC comeback. Still waiting for them to release something in the Desire mold.

  • I, like many others here, have such fond memories of the OG. It was my first smartphone and what brought me to this site. I had so much fun showing it off to my iPhone friends with all the amazing things it could do that there phones couldn’t. I miss the feeling of it in my hand and the heft of it. Always felt safe walking down dark streets because I knew I could use it as a weapon. lol. I remember the first (and only) contest I won on DL was for a set of stickers for my Droid. Man, how contests have grown on here.

  • Trevor

    Google is about to stop pussyfootin around and let the cat out of the bag.

  • Chrome everywhere!

  • originalme8

    Still holding onto my OG DROID and using it as a radio/alarm clock/Podcast player. It has to live in a dock permanently, as the battery died a year ago, but it’s still going! Love that phone!

    • Johnny Volare

      Same here. I have a Droid 2 in the basement parked in a dock and I always forget I have it, but when I’m doing something down there I hit the screen unlock button and have my streaming radio ready to go with one button click. It always works 🙂

  • Raven

    I love my Droids and they are all that I have ever really known for smart phones. OG Droid -> Droid 2 -> Droid 4. Stock rooted JellyBean works great on my Droid 4. Sure, it would be nice to have the lock screen widgets, but that is about all I really miss, but I love my hardware keyboard too much to give it up yet, and nothing that I really want that much more to pay full price for so that I don’t have to loose my unlimited data.

    • Johnny Volare

      And the Motorola quality cradles, docks and mounts 🙂

    • Not to mention the build quality is top notch and the majority of their devices are built like tanks (ready to take a beating)!

      • Raven

        Yeah, all of them have dinged corners as I have always gone caseless, each having survived at least 2 drops on concrete. We have a lot of parties on our back patio and twice now someone has knocked my phone (which was providing the music via a bluetooth speaker) off of the table onto the concrete. But, they all still work great with no glass or slider damage.

        My wife even dropped her Droid 2 into a glass of water while talking to me (bloop). The phone continued to work for 3 weeks even though it had visible water between the glass and screen until finally the touch digitizer went out and she got to upgrade to a Droid 4 which she is still using.

        We are a Droid family!

  • KleenDroid

    Oddly it seemed like the beginning and in some ways the end at the same time for Motorola.

  • Phil

    For me it was the Droid X. I bought a droid just before the X was released and while I was happy finally have a modern smartphone on Verizon, it was not for me. I didn’t used the keyboard, it was a little bulky and the screen was small.

    Just before my 30 days were up I traded it in, and pre-ordered the Droid X which was to be launched a couple weeks later. I loved that phone, so thin, sturdy construction, big screen.

    I sold it to buy a Thunderbolt when the upgrade now to keep your unlimited data plan panic was happening. worst thing that ever happened to me phone wise. had to keep that POS till i could by a “Nexus” new on craigslist for $300, which im still happy with. miss my droid X though.

    • Blue Sun

      Wow, your experience almost mirrors mine exactly. My only issues with those Android devices were Moto Blur & Sense issues.

    • jherndon12

      I still ave my X. It’s been running 24/7 pretty much for 3 years. Haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a replacement yet. I’ll make up my mind someday.

    • Simon Belmont

      My sister is still using her Droid X even now. Though she is finally on the lookout for a replacement as it’s showing its age, big time.

      She said she’d actually like to stick with a similar screen size and form factor. She doesn’t want a huge screen, but she also isn’t interested in the iPhone (at all).

  • Warwick

    The only reason why I upgraded my phone from the OG is cause the 2 pieces (lcd and keyboard) finally broke apart. Stairs are evil. If that thing never broke id still be hauling it around.

  • benjamin forehand

    Still have my OG turn it on just for teh lulz

    • Edward Smith

      Still have both mine and my wife’s former OG Droids (D1 -> D4).
      While on long haul driving they supply much needed audio diversion from coast to coast Country & Western and right wing hate radio.
      Tethered to by Wifi to 4G they make nice little music servers with or without a 32Gb microSD inside.

  • Chrome kitteh!

  • tacgnol

    Long cat is looooooooooong.

    Welcome to the internet. You must be new 🙂

    • Lucky Armpit

      Lol, not new to the Internet but I’ve never heard of long cat. A quick Google search has remedied that. I don’t get out much, so thanks. 🙂

      • Trevor

        Haha, I think that should be more like “I don’t stay in much” if there’s an internet fad you don’t know about.


      Reddit sucks……Karma sucks…..

  • OGDroid4Life

    I loved my OG Droid! What a great little device it was at the time!

  • EC8CH

    Photobomb Level: ChromeCat