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Facebook App Now Available For Google Glass, Allows For Posting Pictures Straight to Timeline


Well, now I can see myself paying $1500 for the developer version of Google Glass. Following the announcement of a Twitter application, Facebook has arrived! Announced today, Facebook can now be found for Google Glass users, allowing them to post photos directly to their timelines. In addition, you can simply speak the photo’s description to have it added to the post. 

Facebook says this is only “step one” for their development process for Glass. Hmm, I wonder what else we can expect to see from Zuckerburg’s crew.

You are now completely sold on Glass, right?


  • anzensepp1987

    Does this FB-App for GLASS also still use this incredibly fancy legacy-menu-button?

  • Bob Edsel

    Google Glasses is to wearable tech as the Segway is to transportation. A revolution!!!!

  • abqnm

    Please do not make an Instagram app. The hipsters will ruin Glass. They will all want it because it is not “cool” yet and then when they all have it, nobody with a brain will want it, which inevitably means it will be a hit with the pop crowd after the hipsters have had their way with it and it becomes too cool for them.


  • Marco

    Off topic butttt….does anybody know where I can get a sweater like that in the picture??

  • Is it still poorly supported and annoying as sh!t? otherwise I don’t want it

  • Stewie

    A fool and his $1500 …

    Wait for retail, if ever…

  • rodney11ride

    you guys all know you wont look like the person in the photo right?

  • “Finally!”
    – No one ever

  • dannyWHITE

    You had me at “hello”..

  • Feed Jake

    Great. Just what the world needs. Now girls can do hands free selfies in every bathroom mirror they come across. That sounds way dirtier than what it is meant to.

  • mustbepbs

    Glass looks like the ultimate douche bag accessory. It exudes the same aura that the bluetooth headset does, that you think you’re hot **** in a champagne glass and you want the world to know it.

    • Adam Emshwiller

      its the future of tech, wearable devices that co-exist with the human body….. way different then “bluetooth” headset. – downvoted.

      • ToddAwesome

        Time may change opinions, but for now I view Glass in about the same way I view people who take pics/video with their tablets. Douchey Doucheville.

        • Adam Emshwiller

          … it’s still primitive in concept. but so was the first cell phone, and look at how we use them now.

          • ToddAwesome

            Wow, I had no idea. Thank you for clarifying.

        • flosserelli

          Jealousy is unflattering…

          • Leroy Einstein

            So is stupidity.

        • abqnm

          That is pretty much how film camera users viewed digital cam users and then digital cam users viewed cell phone cam users.

          • Bruno

            Someone who reads your comment may get the ideia that the step from digital cam to cell phone was a step forward. Clearly that is no the case. Cell phone camera is light years behind from digital cam. The bottom-line in photography are the lenses… Until now, no technology has changed that…

      • mustbepbs

        I’m hurt by your downvote.

    • abqnm

      I think that it comes down to when/how they are worn.

      Using a BT headset while driving to dinner? Not douchey. Continuing to wear said BT headset while AT dinner? Very douchey.

      Same thing applies to Glass.

  • Prove it

  • Sirx

    Not until they release Facebook home for Glass. I want “inspirational” quotes, outrageous “facts”, and “candid” shots from my ex-girlfriend-from-high-school’s sister’s cousin’s friend clogging my eyeballs at all times. AT ALL TIMES!

  • Royal Assassin

    Haha, really Tim? You could see yourself throwing down $1500 big ones for Glass because of Facebook?!

    Oh. Sarcasm. You cheeky fellow!

  • John Jenness

    Nice sweater ؟

  • Nope. I won’t be sold on Glass for a long, long time. To me, it’s nothing more than a geek toy. Something cool to play with but something that has very little practical use to the average consumer right now. Let’s see where they go with it. It’s a real possibility that Google Glass, when it finally makes retail, may be nothing like these development units. There is still a lot of work to be done. It’s encouraging to see big names getting on board though.

    • alex drum

      Right! Just like the tablet 😀