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Wednesday Poll: Favorite Announcement From Google I/O Day 1?

google io 2013

Google I/O day 1 has essentially come to a close now that the 3-hour long keynote has been completed. Developers are off in small sessions learning ways to make better apps, and the media is trying to wrap their brains around everything that went down. But we aren’t the important ones – we want to know what you thought of this morning’s festivities.

Was there something in particular that stood out? Were you disappointed that no new hardware was announced (Nexus 7) and Android 4.3 was missing? Or were the new Music apps and services, Google Now update, and Galaxy S4 “Nexus experience” edition enough to please you?

Favorite Announcement From Google I/O Day 1?

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  • Google Music hands down. It’s great, new UI is beautiful too! Thanks for share this source, do follow link could get us a good rank and pagerank,thank you.

  • Detonation

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the new Music app UI? I have a ton of music on my phone so the whole card UI means it takes forever to scroll through the list of albums or artists, as opposed to just a straight flat list. Not to mention the app is laggy and frequently force closes on my GS3

  • Raiden_1

    There should be an option for nothing.

  • Jjonez1011

    Should have been an option for none. Pretty bummed about no update on the Nexus 7 2. Was going to get the first one but waited 3 months when rumers of a second one was in the makes.

  • Simon Belmont

    My favorite NON-announcement was Android 4.3. I was really looking forward to seeing that unveiled.

    I know that Google I/O is more about developers, but they’ve historically launched a new version of Android at each one (and sometimes hardware). Oh well, all in due time, I suppose.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I love Hangouts.

    Question: if carriers will someday in the near future be going VoLTE, wouldn’t text be sent thru data?

    If the plan isn’t to phase out cdma and 2g cell towers, then i do not get the point of having VoLTE as an option. I know not every device has LTE, but cmon, look at the smartphone adoption rate. Soon that’ll be the LTE adoption rate. GV is web based and it supports sms, so i don’t see a reason why it wasn’t included in HO.
    Do you see where im going? it shouldn’t matter (soon) if Hangouts supports sms. If you have an internet connection, make a G+ (which is exactly what google wants). I understand that not everyone will have the operating system that supports it and i don’t how that would be solved unless they add sms. I just know Google thinks for the future, and IMO sms seems like a step backwards for tomorrow. I think they want everyone connected to their services.

    maybe my point isn’t not including sms was the right thing to do. What i’m trying to say is, Google is raising the bar. They want everyone and everyTHING connected to the web somehow. They see a world where the internet is the bare minimum, and i support it.

  • John Huie

    I was super impressed w/ the chrome racer experiment, g.com/racer. HOWEVER, i can’t get it to work on my galaxy s3 or my nexus 7! but it seems to work on the ipad… grr… anyone else?

  • Brandon Golway

    Google + and music, I use Google + everyday so i definately love the new layout.

  • Noel

    HTC look at this poll and realiize that a huge segment out there will welcome the HTC ONE GE as well. Stop leaving money on the table from the millions who will jump on the idea of a HTC ONE GE, or ceding a huge advantage to your main competition the Samsung GS4. Make no mistake the GS4 GE is a huge sales play by Sammy.

  • Israeli Guy

    Play Music won’t be available in my country maybe until 2040…

  • Android Studio . Happy day for dev’s

  • kevin

    I really dont understand why We could not of seen sms or mms intergrated into hangouts. The majority of people still text while the minority use gtalk and google + and this is a fact. I really thought it would of been common sense for google to of done something amazing in adding sms into this but oh well =/ better luck next time

    • I agree with you but understand that it’s a business for google. they would get nothing out of having people use SMS/MMS as an IM service. They want to push people to google plus! the sad part is no one is actually on G+ and Iphone users who sad to say control all the cool trends in smartphones aren’t going to ditch iMessage. I honestly think What’sApp is the only IM that has it right, they use your phone number as a username/handle therefore as long as you have someones number in your contacts you can communicate with them. Google should of done this and perhaps push people to g+ by not letting them send pics or video chat unless they sign up…….just my 2 cents 🙂

  • NoBullet

    I’m guessing Play Games has a low vote since it was leaked, but im loving it. Im playing games again I wouldnt have bothered with before. I love improving my time in Riptide now. And Stickman Golf 2 multiplayer is really fun.

  • Y8

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  • Josh

    I have an upgrade and I don’t know what to do with it! Any suggestions?


    Such a disappointing keynote…Google are really falling behind Apple in terms of innovation.

    • TylerChappell

      Obvious troll is obvious. But I am just saving you from the angry horde for forgetting your /s tag.

  • What? I can’t believe Music is #1…

  • feztheforeigner

    In itself it may not seem like a big deal but I think the S4 launching in the Play Store running stock Android with updates controlled by Google is a huge deal and could signify large changes to come.

    I don’t think it will, but it could even mark a move from launching unique hardware for Nexus devices to relaunching old hardware under their control. The fact that Samsung allowed them to do this is also huge.

    Nobody seems to be making a fuss over it here but I really the think the S4 deserves a little more attention.

    • Trevor

      There were all those rumors before about “multiple Nexus devices.” I’m starting to think that will come to fruition in the form of manufacturers releasing one of their own skinned phones minus the skin just like this S4. This gives the companies a chance to capitalize further from a phone without changing the hardware one bit. And obviously us phone nerds win big time in that situation. Just sucks that these phones might not have a shot at coming to Verizon because of their damn antiquated CDMA network (or Verizon just being a bunch of turds).

    • ApplesNAndroids

      i agree. However, after using the Note II with TouchWiz and all of Samsungs “add ons” using stock android on my device made me feel like I lost a lot of features. Don’t get me wrong, I love stock Android but what Samsung has been doing isn’t too terrible.

    • I may be one of the few who don’t see this as that much of great thing…..hear me out. The S4 from a hardware point is an awesome device but I personally think that the hardware is too much for stock android. a prime example would be the IR sensor, great feature but there is no way to use it as google does not provide an app with stock android to take advantage of this. Another example would be the stock camera, samsung’s stock camera app is amazing yet with stock android we are left with very little options. all the extra sensors put in place to allow the hovering with your finger stuff among other things are not used either. Again, great phone from a hardware point but not being used to it’s full potential running stock Jelly Bean.

      • feztheforeigner

        Choice is always a good thing. It may not be as great as it could potentially be, but it is most certainly a good thing.

  • David Marzluf

    I need a new Verizon phone
    Motoogle please new phone
    (Fingers crossed)

    • Bionic

      not looking good……

  • droidrazredge

    I was excited about the Google Maps makeover for mobile. I’m jumping on the signup so I can use the new desktop mode. Those were some pretty cool features combining Google Earth like features with Google Now searches. I also liked how you could zoom out into space and see real time cloud with night/day settings.

  • TimXer

    S4 announcement, dead silence, laughter… By far the best moment

  • PK

    They all suck! I don’t like streaming music – prefer to download and own it forever and on whatever device / player I want. Hangouts is a joke – they integrated what with what exactly?… and stripped out important functionality of g-talk in the process without even integrating sms/mms, I don’t have 7 bills to drop on a phone I can’t use on the biggest LTE network, maps update hasn’t dropped yet, I don’t use Google +, or have any use for cloud gaming functions and the search/now update is just another minor ongoing improvement. PLUS, NO 4.3 ANNOUNCEMENT, even though there are multiple known issues with 4.2.2. WORST I/O EVER!!!!!

    • reggie1225

      Pipe the **** down. It’s only day 1. Jeez, some people take this too seriously.

    • Dain Laguna

      you do realize that your first statement is something you CAN do with google music…right?

      • PK

        Of course, but I could do it before the new version as well… which is my point – this “update” does nothing for me.

  • George264

    Like WWDC 2011.
    Very disappointing. I feel like I’d get more excited over the One getting a Google Experience than the GS4. The One is an amazing piece of hardware, both build and power, and if stock is there, it’d be the best phone on the market. HTC One Nexus is the dream. The GS4 may be powerful, but the overall design and quality of the product is disappointing, so I’d much rather get a One with CM later.
    This year’s IO is very disappoint, I was so excited with this and feel so let down.
    The best thing is Music, and even that is underwhelming.

  • James Baranowski

    I kind of liked the auto picture enhancement on uploads, but can see how that will create some fragmentation as my local pix won’t be enhanced and therefore i’ll have more pictures…

  • Bionic

    The google s4 is certainly a game changer.

    • droidrazredge

      That’s why Google refers to it as the Nex’us’ Experience :).

  • chris125

    The s4 definitely. Should make porting stock to the other carrier versions that much easier.

  • Rabid Rotty

    Nothing, hangouts lack important features, haven’t noticed any ui changes in +, no fully functioning music in Canada, not a gamer, maps who cares if I can see inside of a mall more clearly, and a non nexus device, a Samsung at that, really who cares. Where the hell is 4.3? Don’t tell me it got lost in someone’s luggage at the airport

  • Can someone please explain to me…
    Why wasn’t Android 4.3 / 5.0 announced? Will they announce tomorrow? :/ I don’t get it.

    • Steve Benson

      Simple. It’s not ready. Even when it’s ready, 4.3 is not going to be a game changer, only a small incremental bug fixer.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      They told us this was happening. We will see longer periods of time without big updates. And the version increments will get smaller.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Exactly. Music is the only thing I can and will use/subscribe. Messaging let me down because most people still use text, and that’s not included. Seems half baked, like other things from El Goog

    • Chris Hannan

      Will be included soon, but Music was definitely the most exciting feature IMO. The radio seems to play better music than Pandora for me, has no ads, unlimited skips, I can ff/rw and skip forward and back to any song I want, and I can save any song I hear directly to my library. Plus it’s combined in the same app as the rest of my music.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Google Music was in desperate need of a update The update helped it a lot

  • Shamu

    Music and Maps updates were amazing!!!

  • Trevor

    For me it’s a near tie between the Nexus S4 and Hangouts. I’m hopeful an AOSP S4 will make it much easier for stable, stock ROMs to be created for the VZW S4. I’m happy about Hangouts because GTalk kind of sucked. It’ll be nice if it really works the way Google says it should.

  • Yoderz

    Hopefully day 2 will have something worth getting excited about.

    • Yeah. Very disappointing. Unless you’re a developer. And not many people are.

      • Dain Laguna

        not many people are? like in general? or the comments section of this website?

        i/o has ALWAYS been a developer conference…last year sort of bucked that trend, but i’d rather google take the reigns on design and functionality of its services before new hardware and android versions.

        besides…there is always the fall 🙂

      • Diane

        That’s harsh. That’s quite a number of changes here. I think the new Google Hangouts as well as Google Maps update for mobile is pretty neat!

        All access to Google Music is great too if you’re a fan of music although if you’re already a subscriber to Spotify, Deezer or other music streaming services, don’t know if it would be worth making the switch.


    • Tim242

      Hahaha. Bionic is crying right now.

      • droidrazredge

        lolololol I’m sure he is but they have two more days so we’ll see, he could still be right =p.

  • Kevintw

    I agree it was very underwhelming. This must be how iOS users felt when the 4S was announced.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      No, it’s how I felt when the iPhone 5 was released. Then I went back to Android 😉

  • prestone1

    Less battery usage with location services

  • p0k3y

    What about the “None” option? So far Day 1 has been pretty disappointing…

  • trwb

    none of the above

  • Dang, I thought there would be more love for the app cloud synching. That was my biggest announcement. The only problem now is developers need to get on board with it.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i’m looking forward to it, too. but i’m worried that it’s just going to be used as a personal data grab by developers like Facebook apps are. if that starts to happen, i probably won’t use it 🙁 i really hope Google prevents this somehow, or at least allows cloud saves without forfeiting personal data.

  • Inquizitor

    Hangouts and the gaming things will be the only ones I ever use. I signed up for the trial of google music and immediately regretted wasting the demo time now. It will expire the day after my finals end. T_T

  • Rodeojones000

    The update to Google Music. The streaming option is fantastic. I’m actually using it now.

  • Leif Sikorski

    It was a fantastic Event. Yes, most was more for developer, but don’t forget – it is a developer conference. In the long run the new developer tools, APIs and play store features are the most important because they will provide us with even better apps in the long run. As user I really like the chat (sms is dead here anyway), maps update, g+ update and that they push the g+ sign-in even more with the new archivement stuff.

    • Eric

      Definitely agree with you on that. The lack of a new nexus is disappointing but the keynote was still interesting and a lot of good things came out.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Thank you. Sms is dying or already dead. We saw it happen with iMessage. Now watch Hangouts take over.

      Where is the ^5 button?

  • Google Music All Access stream $7.99 is amazing… I gotta get it before that price expires!

  • Ian

    exactly what i was thinking too

  • NYAvsFan

    Well I was interested in a new actual Nexus phone(the GSIV pseudo one doesn’t count), an updated N7, new version of Android or an update/integrated messenger for SMS/GVoice etc(not Hangouts). None of those things happened so personally could care less about the new announcements.

    • Tim242

      Why doesn’t the GS4 GE not count? It checks all the boxes. I think you meant couldn’t care less. If you could care less, then that means you care more.

      • Because it still carries a slippery, plastic, ugly body along with a physical home button and a menu button. And its nearly double the price of a real Nexus. At Nexus 4 pricing, this would be incredible. even at $400-$450 it’d be incredible. And even $450-$550 it’s great. But at $650 before taxes? A little steep

        • Christopher Grame

          I agree. Never really liked the galaxy line (material/home button) I recently purchased the RAZR M cause my GNEX was dying and I have to say…It’s like night and day. My next phone will be moto…w/e they have in store.

        • Tim242

          The entire front half of the phone is Gorilla Glass 3. Only the battery cover is slippery plastic. The body looks very similar to the Galaxy Nexus, which was plastic. The Nexus S was also plastic. The glass back on the Nexus 4 was a terrible idea. Nexus devices have had buttons. You can install on screen buttons and still.have a smaller bezel than Nexus phones. Personally, I hate on screen buttons. They take up browsing space. The price may be steep, but it is not a Google phone. Nexus phones always make sacrifices for that price point.

          • I agree with the last part. This version doesn’t sacrifice removable battery or storage. But that alone isn’t enough to make me pay double the price. The Nexus 4 just felt so much better in hand. Much more premium feeling. The glass back looked much better and I never put a crack in mine. And the glass sloping over the edges made swiping feel better than any device ive ever used. I personally prefer LCD’s to Amoleds. I hate menu buttons since Android has moved away from them, and customizable screen buttons are much better in my eyes. But the biggest point is that, as you said, the GS4 GE is not a Google phone. So when you asked NYAvsFan why the GS4 GE doesn’t count as the Nexus they were hoping to see, you basically answered your own question. It may have Google software. But the hardware and design language are not Google. And most tech savvy consumers would prefer Google’s approach to Samsungs in that department

          • Tim242

            You mentioned that you prefer LCD to Amoled. I used to feel the same. However, changing the display to natural, or movie presents very natural colors, and you get the real blacks and whiter whites. When I tried the Nexus 4 for a few days, the gray blacks drove me crazy.

          • Now that is one thing I’m interested in. I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet so I do want to see if the color profile makes them look like an LCD

          • Dain Laguna

            to be fair, the nexus4 isnt exactly a great example of a great lcd. the onex, which preceded the nexus4, by quite a bit has a much better screen. but given that you’re comparing TO a nexus4, i’d probably take the fhd amoled on the s4 too.

      • NYAvsFan

        For me it doesn’t count because I’m interested in a new actual Nexus phone, not yet another GS4 variant. Not really a fan of the build. Regardless, the grammar lesson is appreciated.

    • umataro42

      Even though it doesn’t do much for me because I’m on Verizon, I like what the unlocked stock GS4 represents, which is getting a pure Android version of an OEM’s flagship phone, and not being tied to a specific carrier. No bloatware, potential to take it to a prepaid plan, and no contract since it’s not subsidized. If they start doing this for other flagship phones that’s even better. And maybe they’ll eventually make their way to CDMA, even though they can’t send out updates directly.

      PS. Nice powerslave Eddie avatar.

      • NYAvsFan

        That is a good thing yes. I just personally wanted a new true Nexus device announced as opposed to yet another variant of the GS4. Though if it does end up meaning more great OEM flagship phones sold directly through Google I’m all for it.

  • Dr0me

    they said it isnt coming to VZW. only att and t mo

  • GPDX

    What happened about the rumors of an upgraded Nexus 7 HD or Nexus 4 LTE? There was a lot of good improvements though and the S4 Google Edition just became a real possibility.

  • Another thing I’m excited about, though I’m not sure its been mentioned is the ability to upload/view your own PDFs and EPUBs on Google Play Books.

    • Dain Laguna

      this was so strong. i wish that was an option to vote on.

  • Royal Assassin

    Hangouts would be super awesome if people actually started using it. I can say that personally my circle of friends DOES use it and so it was a very welcome addition to my Gnex. I’m sorry you don’t like it more 🙁

  • Brad Manfull

    Definitely Google Music. That update was the push to get me on board with it.

    The GS4 is nice and all , but lets be serious, how many people are going to buy that thing un-subsidized at $650? Won’t make a blip on Samsung’s sales radar.

    • Royal Assassin

      Eh, I would if I didn’t have Verizon. Looks like a very nice device!

      • Brad Manfull

        But….it’s not. So I stand my previous statement.
        Don’t get me wrong, if that thing WAS on Verizon and was available to purchase on contract it would probably be the device of the year.

        • Royal Assassin

          So….are we arguing or…? You said it was nice but people aren’t going to buy it un-subsidized at that price. I didn’t comment on that part but did mention that it was nice and that I’d cop if it was on Verizon…..then you co-signed my statement! I think we’re in agreement, right? Woulda been nice on Verizon but it’s still a nice looking device.

      • Pedro

        But, if you’re NOT on VZW, then it’s not nice enough to skip the N4 and save $300. Shoot, that’s likely the ETF anyone will ever pay. About $100 more than I did.

        And, if you have a choice between an unlocked GS4 or the unlocked N4 and $300???

        Money will win.

        • Royal Assassin

          Eh, if I had the money to spend I’d spend it on the unlocked Google S4 ;).

        • Sankyou

          I’m getting it as soon as my VZW contract expires. I did the math and my total investment will be $10 less over two years on TMobile but I’ll get unlimited everything instead of 4gb/700mins shared/1000texts.

  • Royal Assassin

    Without a doubt, the Music service. I really like the Android Studio stuff too, I can’t wait to start using that. For me this first day was a definite win, very excited! Google continues to impress. Also, Larry getting deep was the most unexpected but welcome part of the first day. Thanks Droid Life!

  • Thomas


  • sdny8

    While I wouldn’t personally buy the device I think it is an important step for stock android.

  • What about being able to send monies through Gmail?

    • Tim242

      Not on mobile. Desktop only.

  • Tyler Casilio

    I feel like we got/will get a lot of updates that a lot of us use. They may have been little things but sometimes it’s the little things that we don’t notice so we overlook it. I wouldn’t consider it a “win” like we got Android 5.0 or 4.3 but I think we essentially did get that “upgrade” through these updates in apps because it’s new Google stuff.

    • Tyler Casilio

      What do you think Kellex?

  • I’d say Google Music or the Google Now updates were the best announcements, but even those are fairly underwhelming.

  • Warwick

    The new Music


    Well, they said T-Mobile and AT&T, which means GSM, which means not CDMA, which means…

    You should probably start researching a different carrier.

    • Ryan Ball

      Technically with LTE now, neither of those matter. Now we just need voice over LTE and we’re good

      • Mapekz

        VoLTE but also LTE coverage near-equalling 3G coverage, which is unfortunately still not the case despite what Verizon says.

        Also the phones have to support VoLTE at the hardware level. This is going to be a few years out unfortunately.

        • Tim242

          Verizon is releasing phones this year that are VoLTE capable. There have been a few already for their testing…the LG’s.

  • Damian

    I’m bummed there wasn’t a new version of android. I would have been happy even if they would have bumped it up to 4.2.3 Love me some fresh baked android.

  • NorCalGuy

    Wish the S4 nexus edition was coming to Vz

  • sc4fpse

    Hey Big-K, can we get a “None, these all were underwhelming” option please? Thanks.

  • i would have said hangouts if it had SMS support.

    • duke69111

      and MMS, more importantly.

      • Tim242

        I don’t get the crazy obsession with MMS. We all have smart phones and email. MMS compresses and shrinks the pic.

        • duke69111

          Smartphones are fine and dandy, but I have a family full of feature phone users and not being able to receive a photo or small video they send to my google voice number is a pain in the ass. I don’t ever foresee them getting a smartphone, so they will continue to have to text it to my email address.

          • Then that’s there perogative and a shame.

          • kevin

            Not just that it is the case for the majority of people. The majority of people use sms and mms and disregard the use of emailing attachments to people. If google simply of included sms into hangouts this would of been an amazing feature that PLENTY of people would of adopted.

          • Tim242

            My flip phone, from 2006 had the ability to attach a picture to email. Feature phones of today definitely do.

          • duke69111

            I think you missed my point. Its a pain to have to tell people to text to my email, not that it can’t be done. Then they have to remember that I need it texted via email rather than sent to my g-voice number like a typical sms message. If they could just add that it would be so much simpler.

            Or I could just subscribe to a texting plan /s

  • Greg Buxton

    Least favorite would be the new Google+ UI. Really not liking it so far, but I’ll keep giving it a chance to grow on me.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Well it appears the CDMA LTE Nexus 4 rumor was a lie. Sad really..

    • They still have yet to drop the news about 4.3 or n7 or any of that fun stuff. It’s not over yet.

      • Zachary Grotenstein

        When do they do this?

        • Mapekz

          They might be pushing this stuff to Fall to directly compete with Apple. Also all the OEMs are constantly making devices throughout the year so there’s no reason to need to release one at I/O. Heck, the only Android phone they unveiled is the Nexusified version of a flagship phone that literally just came out.

          • AxemRed

            That’s my thought too. New iPhones have come out anywhere between June and October. I think Google will probably announce 4.3 and other things (new N7, Motos new phone, etc) right after Apple gives the release date for their iPhone 6 to try to steal their thunder.

          • Yeah probably.

            Motorolas phone is somewhere down the road by Motorola. Not Google.

      • abc

        If you look at the Google I/O schedule posted on the official site. The Keynote was scheduled for today only in the morning. The remaining two days are sessions. I doubt any other devices will be announced

    • Adam Kortan

      2013 has been a fairly sad year for us Verizon customers. I’m sitting on an upgrade, just hoping I have some choices before I will give in to the skinned GS4.

      • chris125

        I am in the same boat. Luckily my upgrade isnt until the end of june so hopefully by then we will know if verizon is getting the one or not

      • btod

        I’m personally waiting for the htc one or a variant of it on VZW. With no concrete rumors of a Verizon flagship motorola phone, there’s no way VZW is banking on the gs4 to be their only 2013 flagship phone going into the summer.

        • everyone on verizon is waiting for the one.

    • LewisSD

      I’m having trouble seeing how you view a rumor as a lie. Its called a RUMOR for a reason.

      • sc4fpse

        I think what he’s getting at is that somebody lied about it. Yes, Droid-Life and other sites posted it as a rumor. But the original person who created the rumor lied about it.

  • Kernschatten

    Nothing really wowed me.

  • calum wilper

    this all feels as disappointing as CES this year

    • I feel the opposite. Today is like Christmas in May. A better chat platform (which I will use the crap out of), new streaming music service (already cancelled my rdio subscription), new amazing development environment, tons of cool new api’s…So stoked

    • Brad Manfull

      I feel you. A lot of the exciting new features announced today could have been released by themselves as app updates. I was really hoping for a better hardware announcement. A surprise piece of Motorola hardware or a new Nexus 7. The GS4 was cool, but it will be limited by price and no availability on Verizon.
      I bet there’s a lot of pissed off guys that paid big money to go there thinking they were coming home with new tablet or phone for free.

      • If that’s why someone goes to I/O then they don’t deserve to be there.

      • Brian Ward

        They did get a Chromebook Pixel. While not a dream machine, it also isn’t cheap.

        • Brad Manfull

          Ah, I didn’t catch that.

      • They spend $900 to get nothing near that price. Except $300 off a overpriced web machine.

    • Mapekz

      It is disappointing if you’re not a developer, though as a consumer you should still be looking at the potential for better and more fulfilling apps thanks to the new technologies unveiled today. The main point of this developer-oriented conference is to show off to devs the cool things they can do and/or things they can do more easily than ever before.

      I’m still orgasming because of Android Studio; IntelliJ is a strictly superior IDE to Eclipse and Android development is going to be so much easier and more fun as a result. Xcode has nothing on Android Studio.

      • calum wilper

        I’m glad you’re excited as a developer, but I would also point out that in the past Google has made a habit of giving us inferior creatures something more exciting, it’s not unreasonable as a consumer to expect that after years of being provided with goodness. The most exciting for us normal people is the new music app, which i’ve already started to make use of. hangouts is almost cool but i’d have to convince all my friends to actually use it, if it synced with my standard sms that would be amazing, but it doesn’t. I look forward to new maps but it’s not really something i was looking for in the first place. So yeah as a developer, have a blast… but as far as every announcement they made about a consumer product today? totally underwhelmed.

        • Dain Laguna

          made a habit of it? last years i/o was the only one that really felt more consumer focused. hardly a ‘habit’.

          • calum wilper

            2010- Froyo, microsoft exchange, android intents, tethering and hotspot, faster browser, better speech recognition, flash player, in fact go through the keynote it’s ridiculous how much is consumer based, auto-updates, update all button, etc…
            2011- In app Purchases, Ice Cream Sandwich, Chromebooks, google music, android 3.1 for xoom and google t.v.

            and i don’t think i even need to mention how much candy there was at I/O 2012

  • Hangouts would be neat if people used it. And of course, like everyone’s saying, SMS functionality.