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Hangouts for Android and Chrome is Live!

google hangouts

Google Hangouts, the new unified and cross-platform messaging service announced by Google at I/O, is now live on all platforms. For most of us, we care about Chrome and Android, but if you are an iOS user, you can find it in the App Store as well. Go grab it!

To install to your phone, you’ll need to install through the web Play store for the time being. This replaces Google Talk. Screenshots after the break! 


Via:  Hangouts [Play Link] [Chrome Link]

  • e_droid

    Do I need to uninstall Talk for changes to take effect?

  • Ravi Rao

    I’m loving this new interface for hangout chat and google+. SMS is less of a concern for me when most of my friends use google talk.

    I used to use gmail to access gtalk. Am I supposed to now use G+ to access my chat, or will gmail have this hangout interface?

  • That Chrome extension is terrible. Is that officially from google? It doesn’t clear a notification on my phone like hangouts in Google+ desktop does.

  • Ross

    I know probably no one cares but me but does anyone know about the AIM/Google Talk integration and if it will continue?

  • saint_stephen

    Anyone able to provide a link to the update APK? The installation via web Play Store approach from the Play Store does not seem to work on my Nexus 4. It now shows up as “installed” under My Apps but I still only have Talk on my device. Checking via the Play Store app I see the same and when I click “open” for Hangouts it merely opens up Talk.

    • JetBlue

      Uninstall talk and install Hangouts

      • Q

        Cant uninstall talk. It’s a system application. It’s never been updated, so there’s no option to uninstall updates either.. (Note 2)

    • reboot. reinstall via web app, click on the “installed” button anyways.

      • saint_stephen

        I have done this multiple times to no avail. 🙁

        • Sorry man. Worked for me this way without issue. 🙁 Are you getting an error after it downloads?

          • saint_stephen

            It actually just never downloaded on my phone. Now when I click ‘installed’ on the web interface I cannot even select my device to have it installed remotely… Argh.

          • Q

            Same here.. assume they’ll fix it sooner or later..

  • Some of you people are acting like little babies, really. Wah wah wah.

    All of the features are not fully available yet, nor is it actually published in the search results of Google Play. The only reason people have it is by following an unpublished link.

    Be patient. The service hasn’t even begun rolling out yet and everyone is already crapping on it.

    • I found it via searching. lol. however I agree its missing some features sure to come. However, that doesn’t mean we as users can’t be disgruntled that those obvious features shouldn’t be there at launch. The service is currently limited to G+ users and that isn’t what its aimed at being.

      • No, it’s not. It has nothing to do with Google+ other than being available there for you to use. It’s replacing Google Talk, meaning anyone with a gmail address already has it. It’s the reason why I’ve been able to chat with people who don’t have Google+ accounts using the new app.

  • Steve Benson

    Sideloaded this on my Nexus 7 and it works fine. I wonder why you can’t install through the Play Store yet?

  • bakdroid

    This is becoming the norm with Google….garbage in garbage out. If this unified everything it would be worth something. But it doesn’t….so pointless. And its even worse that 99% of the devices it refuses to work correctly, either through incompatibility or stating it is already installed even though it isn’t. The only thing the fruit actually does right is when they say they are releasing something….it is released not this beta crap.

  • Matthew Fura

    I thought this was supposed to replace Messenger too. It removed GTalk when I installed, but Messenger is still working and listed in Apps. So far, Hangouts is, is a re-branded Talk, which, IMO, is a major fail after all the hype.

  • to install- uninstall Talk through Titanium Backup, then download Hangout through the Play store. this worked for me-

  • Scott

    Just as useless as before, but at least it has a nice interface. Officially let-down.

  • Kevin Igoe

    so my sister can get it on her iPad but I cant on my nexus 7, xoom wifi, or nexus 10…..

  • 1) if its not installing… try rebooting phone first and then choose “install” through the web play store (even if it says installed). ti will then work and fully replace Talk.
    2) The app has perms for SMS. Its coming. Be patient.
    3) The app is great with a ton of possibility and will be amazing once its fully integrated across all channels of communication.

    • Adam Emshwiller

      i agree with everything you said up there.. people just need to chill for 4.3 and the new GAPPS to allow communication internally on the phone.

    • There is no Install option, there is only Open. Pressing Open just opens the old Talk app. The play store thinks the new Hangouts is installed, but all I have is the old Talk app on my phone.

    • Tim242

      The SMS permission is for the initial text in the setup process.

  • Derek Ross

    Not compatible with Verizon Galaxy Tab 10.1? Um okay, Gtalk works fine on it.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    i think the new Hangouts will incorporate SMS and google voice once 4.3 and the new GAPPS get released.. they can’t update the SMS app through the playstore so im sure there needs to be a new line of code for the two to talk to each other.

    settle down people.. the roll out is coming.

    • KevinC

      actually, no. SMS does not need to be updated for Hangouts to do SMS. how do you think all of the SMS apps in the Play Store work?

      • Adam Emshwiller

        the permissions are there… but i would assume they would “remove” the SMS apk which they can not do via the play store. shouldn’t need duplicate apps if Hangouts does it all.

  • joseph pastor

    This is quite disappointing…….

  • JustinRadice

    Anyone else having issue with it not updating on device properly. Shows hangout in play store but opens as old Google talk app( same icon). Using rooted S3 on AOKP

    • Jacob Bird

      yes… pisses me off

    • reboot. choose install through web app.

    • Alex Hutchins

      Install it from the Play store on the desktop. That is how I got it to install.

    • Tim242

      Uninstall talk with titanium.

      • JustinRadice

        Did that and now it won’t sign into my Google account

        • Tim242

          All you have to do is click your sign in already listed.

  • Daniel

    Ugh, this is so bad, why is there no contact list of online buddies, or really ANY list of chat contacts besides G+ contacts or ALL of my phone contacts combined? I uninstalled and am very happy I’m rooted and had a Titanium Backup of Talk, since uninstalling Hangouts removes Talk from your phone with no easy way to restore it.

    • Tim242

      It will be auto replaced

  • Anyone having issues getting the confirmation SMS?

  • Nick

    How badly will it eat up bandwith to have Hangouts open at work? Our net usage is monitored and I would love to leave this open in the background while I am at work, but don’t want to get dinged for having my continual pinging and bandwidth use.

    Anyone know of a chrome extension that tracks bandwidth?

  • Normal american idiot.. demanding to get stuff even when it’s free.. please mother Earth terminate him!!!

    • ‘Normal American idiot?’


      Stereotyping is soooooooo ignorant and immature.

      But you know that, don’t you? You should try out positivity in your life, its a lot happier than bigotry.

      • TylerChappell

        Except when you look at the American education system and their scores in math, science, physics, etc. Well….yeah.

    • Mordecaidrake

      Ya I’m clearly an idiot for wanting 1 app to support my messaging, how dare I!

  • helper101

    If you want it to install you must go to a browser and push it to your phone

    • Jacob Bird

      tried that didnt work for me. still see it at already installed… having the same issue with my acer iconia… works great under chrome though

      • Tim242

        Uninstall or disable talk.

        • Jacob Bird

          tried to disable… no go… not avail on my iconia period… haven’t rooted my phone yet so can uninstall talk.

      • reboot. Just click the “installed” button in the web store front and it will let you reinstall.

    • Tim242

      No you don’t. I installed on my phone from the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.talk. choose play store to open link

  • XvierX

    No pop up option? You’re killing me

    • Who the hell wants pop ups?

      They’re annoying and obtrusive.

      And a fad I might add that needs to die in a puddle of AIDS fire.

      • XvierX

        I’ve been using fb chat heads for weeks now and I’ve grown to like it very much. If we can’t get something similar, I’d settle for a pop up window. Btw Gtalk had the option of enabling popups so I don’t see why the option wasn’t at least included for those that use them.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        A puddle of aids fire. That comment is as annoying as the popups you are raging about.

    • Shannon Curtis

      it pops up in chrome on mine..hmm

      • XvierX

        Sorry, I should have specified that I was referring to the mobile version.

      • XvierX

        Sorry, I was referring to the mobile version. Gtalk used to offer this as an option.

  • Jacob Bird

    Confused as to why it won’t install on my RAZR M. Says app is already installed and just opens into Talk… am I missing something

    • Tim242

      Uninstall or disable talk

      • Jacob Bird

        no go

    • reboot. click “installed” in web store to reinstall. it will work.

  • radiohead14

    i reverted back to Talk.. i know it’s silly, but not having an ‘invisible’ status is no good for me. i like having it on at work for less distractions.. only let a certain few know i’m actually online.

    • you can set your status as invisible via chrome extension…..

      • radiohead14

        thanks, but i mostly use gchat via gmail, and it won’t let me be invisible when i had hangouts installed on my phone.

  • Chris King

    Guess I don’t see the difference between this and g+

    • This will move to replace all of the other google chatting services into one formal and more awesome experience including SMS/MMS at some point.

  • Could care less about SMS/MMS integration as I don’t use those anyways – but the part that sucks is that the picture messages only work on mobile devices – not on the desktop/chrome version which is a big let down.

    • Alex S

      I don’t think this is the full version just yet, crossing my fingers

    • Tim242


  • lye

    Nothing changed on my GS3…

  • Phil

    not syncing my messages between chrome and android FAIL!

    • Mine is – within seconds.

    • Mine also isn’t. Not sure why, can’t figure it out.

      Edit: Just closed down the chrome extension and restarted it, and there were all of my missing conversations. Hopefully that gets fixed soon!

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke]

    I like the integrated emoji “keyboard’, but I’m bummed that my favorite character — “pile of poo”

  • I’m finding that you cannot see your side of the conversation sent form your phone if you then go to chrome. And also if you open the chat on chrome, it will not clear the notification from my phone (it’s supposed to do that, right?)

    • Jason Kahn

      I am noticing the same thing on my computer, may it’s not fully rolled out across the google services yet?

      • I assume so, but it does seem to work if you use Hangouts through Google+. So for now I just deleted it from Chrome.

  • Cary Zuber

    My thoughts are Google released this to get as many people to download the new hangouts app as possible, once they feel they have reached as many people as possible they will role out the SMS feature. When you send an invite to an IOS user it prompts them to download the Google+ app, they are probably trying to push that too.

    • Cary Zuber

      If they don’t integrate SMS, this app is about as cool as GTALK.

      • Still has better features than gtalk overall even without SMS… but that is coming.

  • Ricot lominy

    I wanna test sms!! Txt me 203-243-3291

    • Josh Haug

      This will end badly.

    • That’s… probably a bad idea. You may want to delete this. Posting your number online is… yeah.

      Also, SMS doesn’t exist yet.

    • Steve Benson

      You might be the dumbest person on this site.

      • epyon0

        ^ +1

        • Josh Houff


    • Artune

      The only thing you’ll be testing out is penis enlargement ads via sms

  • prestone1

    uninstalled club

  • Royal Assassin

    I’m not sure I understand guys…..did Google Talk have SMS capabilities and they took it away or something? Why wouldn’t Google want to push their service? Don’t you use SMS with I dunno, your SMS app? lol..

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    No Nexus 7…gasp!

  • Pointless without SMS/MMS integration and if people do not actually download it or use Google+ (looking at my group of friends: more than 90% of them are iPhone users).

  • Jason Kahn

    it’s incredibly buggy so far, the chrome version is unusable thus far. I also can’t get the Hangout popup on Chrome to display on my second monitor. No Nexus 7 Support either which is absolutely asinine.

  • Steve Benson

    Well it’s official. Hangouts is definitely cool and a beautiful app, but it’s a complete and utter disappointment without the SMS integration. Here’s hoping they push an update to integrate this very soon.

  • John


    that video tells you all about it. great video from theverge as always.

    NOTE: it does NOT support SMS.

  • But this doesn’t subsume Google+ Messenger? … WHY?

    • Mordecaidrake

      Google Plus update will likely remove the app.

      • Steve Benson

        Yeah, most likely.

  • Kerry Fath

    got it installed on my gnex but it wont sign in to google….ideas??

    • Kerry Fath

      getting error message…. couldn’t sign in b/c couldn’t reach google…try again…i have rebooted…no bueno..

      • Kerry Fath

        uninstalled hangouts and talk magically appeared, its working fine.

      • Chad Dickinson

        I have this also. Have you found a fix?

    • reboot, reinstall via web store. Its a busy day…new service lots of people DL’ing.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I DO NOT THINK THEY WILL ADD SMS. THEY WANT PEOPLE TO USE THEIR SERVICE. the carriers probably have issues, u know how verizon is.

    • The permissions say it can read/write SMS. I think its coming.

    • Tim242

      They already do free SMS through Google Voice.

  • Tim242

    I had to uninstall Talk before it would download. Downloaded from the Play Store app.

    • saint_stephen

      How did you manage to do this? It says “installed” on my Google Play Store interface but when I click “open” it still takes me to Talk. In my app settings I cannot uninstall talk and it does not show up in my Google Play Store interface either.

      • saint_stephen

        I am using a Nexus 4 on stock 4.2.2, by the way.

        • I just rebooted my Nexus 4 (4.2.2, T-Mobile) and installed it from the Web Store after, it worked like a charm!

          • saint_stephen

            I’m also on a Nexus 4.2.2, still unable to do this. I tried rebooting and then clicking install once more from the web store–nothing.

          • Are you rooted by chance? I could send you the APK and you can install it manually.

          • saint_stephen

            Not rooted, but I’ve certainly sideloaded downloaded APKs (Play Store Update most recently, etc.) and installed via that method. Are you referring to sending me the APK for the update or the entire new app once it’s been updated?

          • I have the updated “Hangouts” APK. Here’s a link:


      • Tommy Thompson

        Install it from the web store.

        • saint_stephen

          I did. It says “installed” but nothing has taken effect on my phone.

      • Havoc70

        I had to go back into the play store once i installed it and click enable or it did not show up

      • Tim242

        I uninstalled through Titanium.(rooted). You may try disabling it in settings

        • saint_stephen

          Unfortunately, that’s a no go as well… Guess I’ll have to wait for a link to download the apk directly.

  • tharealoc

    im having issues confirming my number…anyone else in the same boat?

    • I confirmed ok

      • tharealoc

        weird…wonder if its because i disabled the stock text messaging app..

    • Tim242

      You can skip it.

    • DanSan

      same here, wont confirm

      edit. keep trying, it will go through

    • tharealoc

      finally got it to verify, did some tweaking in handcent. all is good now thanks for the replies

  • Fazor

    This app replaces Google Talk but it doesn’t show if people are online/offline or am I missing something? I still want the settings of chatting with people who are only online or this may as well be a text message/e-mail app.

    • ooooOo000o

      everyone is always online

      • Fazor

        I have friends who only use Talk from their work computers or cell phones via the service. Using Hangouts, it won’t show if they are actually at their computers at that moment.

      • Josh

        Offline users are grayed while online are not

        • tharealoc

          I see now, I think a better implementation would be if they desaturated people who are offline, and lightly gray people who are away/busy…
          thanks for the heads up on this though!

    • tharealoc

      agreed…it needs to have an online list…how could they leave this out on an im client..

    • Daniel

      would be WAY nicer if you could arrange by status and only view people who are online, the way Talk always did under the active conversations

    • Shannon Curtis

      when on the chrome version it will tell you they are offline..


    Yo kovdev, waiting for an update to Tersus for the Hangouts icon!

  • Jeremy Martin

    For all those complaining about lack of SMS…It was already stated on Droid Life a while back that when Hangouts did arrive that Google Voice (SMS Support) will not be included at first. The plan from Google was to add it later.

  • ricardo rodriguez

    Won’t sync across the chrome app and the android app. I still have to clear notifications on android when it’s been cleared on chrome.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I was hoping for an iMessage like cross platform service so I can convince my iPhone friends to use it

    • Tommy Thompson

      It is cross platform..

    • Steve Benson

      As were all of us…terrible disappointment indeed.