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Hangouts for Android and Chrome is Live!

google hangouts

Google Hangouts, the new unified and cross-platform messaging service announced by Google at I/O, is now live on all platforms. For most of us, we care about Chrome and Android, but if you are an iOS user, you can find it in the App Store as well. Go grab it!

To install to your phone, you’ll need to install through the web Play store for the time being. This replaces Google Talk. Screenshots after the break! 


Via:  Hangouts [Play Link] [Chrome Link]

  • jnt

    I take it there’s no desktop app besides the one for Chrome – which makes it a bit pointless if I want to pull my wife into this vs. texting… She doesn’t use Chrome at all.

  • umataro42

    That’s weird, it was compatible with mine but not my Nexus 7. Though I wonder what would happen if I side loaded the apk after pulling it from my GNex…

  • Manny

    Looks like they need to update Google + to remove the messenger feature and integrate it to the new Hangouts app. On my Nexus 4, it still shows up and still takes you to Google +

  • arod111

    OK so I’m kind of annoyed it doesn’t have an option to only show people online.

    • tobiasmann

      I think they will change this because otherwise a lot of people are going to be messaging me and not getting anywhere.

  • Bionicman

    does anyone know how to get it working for SMS? I confirmed the phone number but when i received a SMS text it didn’t show up in Hangouts..

    • Tim242

      It doesn’t have SMS.

    • I think SMS is coming. Its in the permissions and the phone number ish… so maybe not a day one feature or simply an issue with launch.

  • vega25

    So help me understand this: should I keep g-mail chat within G-mail on after I have installed the Chrome extension? What about Google Voice integration?

  • jnt

    MightyText is what Hangouts should’ve been – wouldn’t surprise me to see MightyText integrate with Hangouts in some way in the future honestly.

  • man, this NEEDS SMS support. its the only way it will go mainstream. my wife knows i use g-talk, and knows i am on limited messaging (holding tight to that unlimited data plan…lol) but still NEVER uses talk because its just not easy for her.

    google dropped the ball, but hopefully i can finally convince my friends to ditch Groupme (nice app) and pick this up.

  • Kevin Bojarski

    All the app is is a vastly improved Google Talk. No killer app, but a welcome upgrade

  • JetBlue

    Permissions state that Hangouts uses these permissions:


    So SMS will most likely be added in a soon future update or be activated soon

    • PhoenixPath

      It sends SMS invites I believe…

      • MikeCiggy

        This doesn’t require the receiving or reading messages it would only require the send sms permission.

        • Ed Cerqueira

          They need to receive and read messages to confirm your number

      • PeteinPA

        Sent a photo, recip got a message to request access to an album, so it appears the photos goto a G+ album that you can then give access to others to view, etc.

        If you scroll down to a non G+ person, it will send them an invite…

    • MikeCiggy

      By the way it’s functioning, I agree it looks as if SMS is a coming feature.

    • tobiasmann

      All these permissions are necessary to cross reference numbers and send invites

    • Addison Todd

      Although I’m VERY hopeful for that, I highly doubt it will be the case. I think Google considers SMS to be an outdated technology, and will try and force people to use their messaging services.

      • Well, it isn’t that they CONSIDER it outdated, it kind of… IS outdated.

        That being said, I want Voice integration. Now.

        • Addison Todd

          It’s totally not outdated. There are a number of businesses, etc that simply don’t have gmail accounts or Google profiles. SMS is still the quickest communication to someone directly in text format.

          • Instant messaging has been around for a couple of decades now… SMS was outdated when it was released.

            SMS is nothing but an empty packet of information that wireless carriers started capitalizing on. Ever wondered why there’s a 160 character limit? There were 160 bits of empty space on the packet sent back and forth between the phone and the tower every time it checked in back in the day. The carriers realized they could fill it with text and charge a premium for it while costing them precisely $0. That’s why MMS used to cost more as well – that actually made them send a separate packet, after all.

  • Alex S

    Does anyone actually have the interface on chrome? for me its just google talk with a new color :/

    • mine actually installed as a background app on my WinXP work machine. i have a “caht” logo down by the clock and it pops up with a hangouts dialogue box thing….but it keeps saying it is unable to connect to google. i haven’t tried Talk in a while, but i dont remember it being like this at all.

  • r0lct

    Google Voice messages are showing up too in Hangouts!!

    Edit: Hmmm, maybe not so, that was weird.

    • Yeah, just tried that. Didn’t work for me

  • Sakina Solomon

    *Cries tears of joy*

  • ricardo rodriguez

    Not available for tablets?

  • jak_341

    What is the difference between this and Messenger?

    • Steve Benson

      Messenger does SMS, this doesn’t.

      • PeteinPA

        Wrong! I’ve already sent several …

        • Steve Benson

          You’re lying. All it does is offer to send a text to invite them to try Hangouts.

        • PhoenixPath

          …over Google Talk.

        • Tim242

          SMS is text, not pics

          • PeteinPA

            I stand corrected then, will have to test.

  • EvanTheGamer

    For most of us? How about EVERYONE who frequents droid-life.com? iOS users don’t have any business visiting an ANDROID blog, thank you very much.

    Also, neat!


    • JetBlue

      Well that’s kind of rude because Ron has an iPhone and iPad and he’s a writer for Droid-life.com does that mean he has no business visiting an Android blog he writes for?

      • EvanTheGamer

        He’s the exception, because he works for droid-life.com. haha.

        And yes, my comment was a bit of an overreaction. But I still think that iOS talk has no business on an Android blog, however.

  • saint_stephen

    Having difficulty installing this on my Nexus 4. Installed from the Google Play store, did not replace talk on my phone. When I check it out on the google play store on my phone, it says it is installed but when I click “open” it takes me to oldschool Talk… Anyone having similar issues?

    • Tom Sturdy

      Yes. Same issue on my GS3.

    • Tim242

      Uninstall Talk first.

      • saint_stephen

        It will not let me uninstall Talk from my app settings, nor does it show up on my Web or Android Play Store interfaces to uninstall. I do, however, see Hangouts as “installed.” Opening it merely takes me to the older version of Talk.

        • The Jackal

          Same issue on my HTC One

        • Same issue here on my Gnex. Play Store says Hangouts is installed, but clicking “Open” just opens the old Talk app. Talk is still in my app drawer and Hangouts is nowhere to be found.

          • Liquid

            I had to uninstall (and backup) in TiBu, then reboot and re-install hangouts from the play store.

            Which won’t help anyone that isn’t rooted.

        • Caleb Shahamat

          Uninstall using Titanium if you’re root. I had the same problem. This solved it for me.

          • saint_stephen

            Not rooted, unfortunately. :-/

        • DC_Guy

          I had to log in on my computer and install it through the web browser Play store. It downloaded to my phone about 30 seconds later and replaced the Google Talk app/icon.

          • saint_stephen

            That is what I did as well. It never installed on my phone, but on my web interface it says “installed.” I’ve multiple times tried this method and nothing ends up happening, unfortunately. :-/

            Hopefully someone will post the apk.

          • lye

            This did it for me. Thank you I was getting aggrivated. I think it’s weird because it IS talk, but is not at the same time. It still is alphabetically in T for me on my phone too. They could have made this smoother.

        • Same here on my Gnex

        • Tim242

          I am rooted. I used Titanium to uninstall it. If you aren’t rooted, you have to do it from the desktop play store. Just hit the installed button.

    • try a reboot first.
      if that doesn’t work, to go the “talk” app in settings>apps>all
      clear data/cache, force stop and see if that helps.
      mine installed just fine for me right over top “talk”

      • Tried all that, doesn’t work.

        • did you try pushing it from the web play store. it said it was “installed” on my devices already, but i installed it again to my G-nex and all was well. give it a go, others have reported the same.

    • Same here…in for an answer also.

    • Got it! Go to the web google play. Install to your device from there. It will override your current talk.


      • e_droid

        thanks! this worked for me as well.

    • saint_stephen

      Was able to get it to work by downloading the installer apk (https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2pxktrnwmruu1e/Hangouts.apk)

    • monorailmedic

      So running CM10.1 it says it’s installed buy just opens talk. I deleted Talk w/ Titanium and it worked great but Google Framework still sent Talk alerts which I had to swipe away each time. In Play web it just says it’s installed. Posted in the CM10.1 D2VZW thread as I am sure I’m not alone. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2053799&page=171

  • Kerry Fath

    No N7 love???

  • jnt

    The phone number confirmation has absolutely nothing to do with SMS integration, FYI. This is a cool app, but it seems to be a Gtalk and G+ integrator, more than anything else, if I’m understanding it right…

    • dylan84

      Based on the permissions the app requires, I’d say that SMS/MMS integration is coming.

  • Raven

    Got Hangouts for my phone (Droid 4), but does not show up as available on my Nexus 7 yet. Strange not to support that yet.

    • samari711

      The tablet version must not be ready yet, my Transformer Prime isn’t compatible either

      • Hothfox

        It’s not compatible with my Xoom yet either.

  • Niall Fox

    how’d you do get it to support SMS? i have no update available and all it tells me to do when i click on a contact in the app is “____ is not on Hangouts. Would you like to tell ____ via SMS?”

  • Silver Veloz

    Installed and up on my trusty old Droid Bionic (w/ JB). Good luck everyone.

  • Thomas

    Is this the new Babel thing ?

  • PeteinPA

    Interesting though, the notification bar icon is still that of talk … spoke too soon, now it changed …

  • Brandon Golway

    Just installed it on my Gnex running Carbon.

  • it does not

  • So its really just a nice google talk update, with no sms, which people still won’t switch over too anyway. 🙁

  • John

    I hate the fact that you can ONLY chat with people who are using Google+.

    • PeteinPA

      Not true, keep scrolling down the list when starting a new hangout.

  • Daniel

    What protocol is this using? Will I still be able to use Pidgin to connect to gTak over XMPP and chat that way, just without video and such? Also, will there be an updated, stand-alone Windows app like Google Talk, which my mom still uses on her computers?

  • jnt

    some explanation would be nice – not seeing it anywhere… it confirms your phone # but that’s it

    • Better yet, it allows me to confirm my Google Voice number.

  • Worked fine on my VZW Galaxy Nexus. Installed it from my desktop using the web market.

  • bigfire

    Cannot install on Nexus 7 tablet. Also not for Xoom.

    • PhoenixPath

      Same with the Nexus 10…

      WTF, Google??


    • Guest

      I used APK extract from my GNex and installed it on my Nexus 7. Works fine.

      • Griffin Williamson

        Share please? haha

    • TheOgler

      Same with Chrome. Impressive, Googs.

    • What the eff!! Dang, its not working on my up to date jelly bean xperia tablet either! This is crappy.

    • Griffin Williamson

      Yeah, this is odd. Isn’t this the nexus 7 pictured here?

      And if you scroll down…

      A+ to whoever designed these ads… Good job.

  • TJWaterskier

    Would not show up on VZW DNA CM 10.1 .. Thanks for the play link, web installed and running smooth!

    P.S. Not compatible with Stock/Rooted Transformer Prime

  • Artune

    Yes currently the Nexus 7 and 10 are incompatible devices. I’m assuming it hasn’t been optimized for tablets yet but phone like the VZW Gnex definitely work, I’m running it on mine now and other popular phones should work as well.

    • Install from your desktop if you haven’t already tried that….

  • Does everyone with can’t install issues have newest Play Store yet? Just a thought since that has google framework now and this Hangouts replaces Talk.

  • kevin

    It does not support sms. It just ask you if you want to invite a contact to use hangouts

  • There’s a permission to send SMS. Interesting….

    • Tim242

      It sends an invite

  • how are you using it? it confirms my number but just sends an invite out.

    • NexusPhan69

      Everyone phone number I tried apparently had a gmail linked to it and it just sent it to talk. Didn’t realize it until one of them asked why the hell I was “talking to them through gmail”

      • EraserXIV

        I applaud them for the effort in trying to transition and integrate everything, but at one point you just need to cut it off and tell people it’s an entirely new service and the old services are going to be discontinued. All of this converting messages between Talk, Hangouts, Messenger, etc makes it unnecessarily confusing.

        Who’s online, who isn’t? People who don’t have Hangouts installed or signed up for still show up on the list.. what happens when I send a message to them? Can I be sure, they get the message? Does it get converted to a Talk message, or a Messenger message, or a GMail message and then sent to them? Can I expect them to reply? I would them rather not show up at all if they haven’t signed up for Hangouts.

      • michael arazan

        doesn’t work if your friends aren’t logged in

  • Incompatible with my Nexus 7.

  • tobiasmann

    Not compatible with Nexus 10?

  • I just installed it on my VZW GNex. However, it won’t install on my completely stock Nexus 7.

    • p_droid

      Strange. Might be my ROM’s DPI settings. Still showing incompatible from the web Play Store.

  • wont install on Nexus 10

    • Likewise Nexus 7

    • tobiasmann

      Same problem

    • Install from your desktop if you haven’t already tried that…

    • umataro42

      When you first start it, it asks to confirm your phone number so it can send a one-time SMS. So that must be why its not tablet compatible since they won’t have a number assigned or traditional carrier-SMS.

      • Tim242

        That step can be skipped.

        • umataro42

          In that case, I might try pulling the APK from my GNex and see what happens when I side load it onto my Nexus 7.

  • JetBlue

    How? All I get is if I want to send an invite to my friends to tell them about Hangouts through SMS

    • DoctorJB

      God yes, nothing will make a person more popular than inviting people to install new apps. You wouldn’t believe how many people love getting my Farmville invites.

  • Keith0606

    not compatible with the N7, seems odd to me.

    • Gfunk81

      Not compatible with my Nexus 10 either! Why do they always release apps half baked?

  • Not compatible with Nexus 7?

  • Artune

    Really? I just installed it on mine, I did it from the web and sent to phone. Try it!

    • NexusPhan69

      Probably overloaded servers.

    • p_droid

      What the hell!?

    • DanWazz

      Same here.

  • HighBar

    Where did you see that?

    • tobiasmann

      I saw the number thing but I used Google Voice so I added Google Voice number and it doesn’t seem to work. Just tells me that the person I want to text doesn’t have Google Hangouts

      • tobiasmann

        Ok so best I can tell it does not support SMS. I only uses your mobile number to help people find you on Google Hangouts.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Oh God, awesome!

    • Steve Benson

      Whoa whoa whoa, there’s no SMS support.

  • Shane Redman

    GASP! what’s this about an SMS?

    • Joe Staff

      yeah asks for permissions and asks to confirm phone number. I’m excited!

  • wickets

    thanks for the link…..when i went to play store, searching hangouts, or google hangouts returned zero result….using note 2