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Hangouts for Android and Chrome is Live!

google hangouts

Google Hangouts, the new unified and cross-platform messaging service announced by Google at I/O, is now live on all platforms. For most of us, we care about Chrome and Android, but if you are an iOS user, you can find it in the App Store as well. Go grab it!

To install to your phone, you’ll need to install through the web Play store for the time being. This replaces Google Talk. Screenshots after the break! 


Via:  Hangouts [Play Link] [Chrome Link]

  • Kevin Bojarski

    I guess I meant for of an improvement in terms of UI.

  • Kevin Bojarski

    I guess I meant for of an improvement in terms of UI.

  • Jo

    I upgraded it and within 5 minutes uninstalled it. I do not want all the businesses and my 1000+ FB friends on my Hangout lists. I use this with 2 people ONLY! We need to be able to filter those out we don’t want to show up … fix it.

  • Warbadger

    Had to manually download the APK to actually install, as my SIII would just say that it was already installed.

  • Derek Ross

    How do you use Hangouts in Chrome for desktops? It says the extension is downloaded, but I can’t seem to find a way to open it. Gtalk used to be in my system tray and was easy to access.

  • TobinTeacher

    So I went into Google Play and supposedly updated Talk to Hangouts, but Talk has not been replaced on my phone. When I go into my apps drawer it still says Talk is installed, but when I go on to Google Play is says Hangouts is installed. Anyone else have this problem? Any help?

    • CivilDroid

      I have the same thing. Running CM 10.1 on Droid Razr. I tried to disable Talk and then go to the Play store and it only gives an option to enable Hangouts. It may be because Talk is part of the Gapps for my ROM but i dont know for sure. When i open it, it just looks like Talk and nothing like the new Hangouts either…

  • Kerry Fath

    Just got a update….not much of a change…

  • etg9

    Everyone is on this SMS thing which I agree would be awesome, but I really want this to work in GMail. Why is no one making a sound about the fact that this didn’t even get put into Gmail? I don’t use Chrome. I don’t use Google+, I use Gmail all day long. This was the biggest mistake as that’s the audience that wants to use this that are excluded.

    How is this unified if it doesn’t work on one of the biggest Google products?

    • PSU_DI

      I haven’t tried it directly in gMail, but I was under the impression that it had integration to gMail or at least that it will. The Verge’s article about Hangouts says it’s integrated.

      “How Google built its new messaging platform for Gmail, Android, iOS, and Chrome… and what took so long”

      In any case I agree with most people that unless they intergrate SMS this will just be another messaging app that won’t be used via mainstream. I actually switch to Facebook Messenger when Chat Heads came out. I don’t use facebook at all but since I was able to enable SMS integration it’s been great. My biggest complaint is that it does’t MMS, so once in a great while I still have to open the Messages app.

      I was really hoping that Hangouts would just do all the heave lifting for me and if the recipient I choose used hangouts, G+ messenger, talk, or even Gvoice that it would simply send it that way otherwise it should just send it out via SMS or MMS..

      If Hangouts worked that way it would have replaced talk, G+ messenger, Google Voice & the Messaging app on my android phone. As it stands I still have 4 messaging apps on my android phone that are all created by Google.

  • Bretton Key

    I really don’t feel a need for them to integrate sms. The purpose for this is just have a fluent cross platform/user base. Long as it’s reliable, can send files, and allows for video chat (not to mention with multiple people) what more could you ask for? Eventually they I hope that this messaging will support maybe an internal browser that you can share what you are viewing like if you are hanging out and looking at the same youtube video or let’s say website. And make notes together with another person to make this more of a collaborative app

  • Steve Benson

    The only logical (selfish?) reason for omitting SMS for the launch of Hangouts is to try and gain Google+ users. Think about it. Right now thousands of Hangout users are inviting non Google+ users to try out Hangouts. How do you use Hangouts? You must have a Google+ account. Myself alone, have invited a half dozen family members to test out Hangouts, none of which are current Google+ users. Free marketing for Google.

    Once Google sees a sufficient influx of users, bam they push a new apk to the play store that magically adds SMS integration. I bet this happens soon.

  • Redsun

    Doesn’t seem to work right. It’s not in my app drawer (Talk still is), but it shows up in My Apps in the Play Store. How can I even Uninstall it?

    Razr M

  • Tim Swann

    The only way this will gain mass adoption like iMessage did is if it can integrate as seamlessly as iMessage does. I don’t want to install another app for this. I don’t think anyone wants to. It needs to be built into the Android OS, but more specifically into the Messaging App just like iMesssage is. The reason why iMessage is popular is because users don’t need to isntall another app and the device can detect when recipients are also iPhone users automatically going through iMessage.

    Sorry Google, but I’m very disappointed.

  • How do you even tell which friends are online like you could in GTalk? Im not sure I understand the concept here… the list of friends is so damn cluttered its basically useless. You have to leave conversations open just to quickly find someone, and there is no indication if they are even online!

  • Kerry Fath

    Here is the fix if you have issues installing. I have a rooted GNEX and installed titanium backup. Removed Google Talk and Installed Hangouts. The issue I was having is that the play store said I had Hangouts installed but talk was still showing up in my app list and running.

    • Guest

      Here is the fix if you have issues installing. I have a rooted GNEX and installed titanium backup. Removed Google Talk and Installed Hangouts.

  • Elliot Kotis

    I can’t replace TALK with hangouts.

  • Brandy

    Everyone has to be on Google+?! How do they really think this is going to contend with WhatsApp, FB, etc. if G+ is required? Ha! I’d be much more inclined to encourage my friends/family if there was GV integration, but there’s no way – NO WAY – I can sell them on this. There simply has to be something that sets this apart from the other IM apps, and if it exists, they didn’t show it today. In fact, it seems like they’re still behind. And they’ve made it more confusing. I don’t get it. They’re Google and this is 2013 – how are they not leading in this area??

    I’m definitely keeping Google Talk on my Galaxy Nexus until they can A) integrate with SMS, or B) show statuses. Keep working, Google…….

  • Google+ app’s messenger is still there on my device, after upgrading talk to hangout…!! I was thinking this messenger will get deleted.

    I haven’t used it thoroughly so far, but first impression, I’m disappointed. The “New hangout” window (where all contacts show up) is all kind of screwed up.

    1. The six people tile – those are supposed to be people I chat with most often. Except, hangout is showing me people I’ve exchanged a lot of mails with. They are not necessarily my ‘contacts’. 2 of those 6 are my app customers with whom I had a lot of back n forth mail exchanges, providing app support.

    2. Frequently contacted – ummmm… no. I rarely contact these people. And some of these people I’ve never contacted at all. Kevin, developer of Nova Launcher, whom I had sent 2 mails and circled in G+, is in this list. And entire circles are in this list. Tap it and a group chat starts. i.e. Same list has users as well as groups. Very bad thing to do.

    3. And then all contacts. From my phone’s address book. I’m guessing this is for upcoming SMS integration.

    In all three breakups, figuring out who is online is kinda difficult. It took me a little time to notice that some pictures are brighter and others are kinda grayed out. That’s how you differentiate between online and offline?? Difficult.

    • That grayed out method only works on portions of your entire list. Scroll down to the phone list, and they are all bright. They really really need to give a list of GTALK active users. Until then, this is garbage.

      • Exactly. It doesn’t work for me as a chat client; at all. I need to see who’s online. What’s the use of looking at ‘frequent contacts’ who are not online? I’m rolling back the update.

  • Keith

    If installing from the web Play Store and it still shows up as the old Talk, make sure you have the Google+ app installed. If not, install, reboot and then reinstall Hangouts again from the web Play Store. Should work.

    • Q

      Well I got it to finally install. Unfortunately I have no clue what I did. I uninstalled Google+, Uninstalled the App store updates, rebooted, reinstalled google+ and let app store auto update.. I signed out out of google on the computer and signed back in. Then my Note 2 wouldnt show up in Google Play for 30 minutes. Finally it reappeared and this time it let me install the Hangouts app.

      Google sucks at this lol 🙂

  • Tyler

    I think that this is a step in the right direction and they are taking baby steps to make it just right. I think in order for this to be a hit and change the way we communicate, it will need to replace the idea of texting someone. Which means it will need to be backwards compatible with sms, along with moving forward with communication on smartphones. This needs to be able to communicate with non-smartphones, while not forcing this upon users. So I think they need to keep messaging app while adding the aspects of it to this app. It will use IM style messaging with texting as a backup plan. It needs to use the phone number on the phone as an ID to the account instead of a google account. Once that is in place when you send a message it checks if the users phone number is a user of the app and sends it through the service or as a text message if not. Online presence isn’t important because it revolves around the idea that we always have our phone on us and that if we need to tell you something we don’t wait until your online, we just say it and you’ll respond when you get the chance. This is what Google Hangout needs to be in order to be successful. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Q

    Anyone get this working on the Note 2 or GS3? It says installed, but I still have Talk instead. Tried rebooting, force stopping talk, installing from web play store link, etc, etc.. no dice 🙁

  • So why is everyone disappointed when they released what was expected. it was even an article here in april :


    And that SMS and Voice support is coming “eventually”. Being disappointed at this is like being disappointed that somebody didn’t bring drinks to your party, when they told you they were bringing cake.

  • Kayak83

    I was pretty exited about this upgrade to the Talk app, but it mostly seems like them jamming Google+ down my throat if I wanna use the extra new features.

  • Jovan Givens

    Confirmed SMS support? Around comment #15 or so https://plus.google.com/u/0/116138495312395339358/posts/XNRAQThToay

    So stoked!

  • valapsp

    Not compatible with Nexus 7?

    • Daniel Clifford

      You are not alone

  • xzombiex66

    Im starting to really hate this serivce now…at first i liked it but now that im using it, it sucks! example- when in a chat going back to the friends list is a pain in the ass same for going between multiple chats. also the friends list is so cluttered there needs to be a filter option. also no way to tell who is offline or online.

  • Jon Wolff

    I uninstalled the update until they add a way to tell who’s online/offline

    Or am I missing something?

  • Mordecaidrake

    I wouldn’t go that far, it’s still huge upgrade over Google Talk which I used daily. I’m sure they’ll add support for SMS shortly.

  • EraserXIV

    Uninstalled it too. Interesting ideas and I applaud the effort, but it seems like it wasn’t completely thought out and is poorly implemented. I expected more from Google, especially since they had years to come up with this..

    • Sean Royce


      • EraserXIV

        Definitely not a 1 star, it’s a great app and very well built, just not what I’m looking for in a messaging service. I’ve reinstalled it to give it another shot, still on the fence, maybe down the road it’ll grow on me.

        • slickorange

          I completly agree with Eraser… App seems good, but I am confused – Google Talk always showed the online contacts at the top with green symbols – now I am unsure of who is online or not and I am only seeing random contacts, how do I sort my contact list to show the people I want (and who is online or not..) Really lacks some basic features!

          • Steve Thornton

            the reason for this is IT IS GOING TO BE FOR TEXTING/MESSAGING! why do people not understand this. read the permissions and it explains it all. This is going to be googles imessage it is just going to take a bit to implement the texting/MMS.

        • Sean Royce

          I’m sure it will get the updates we want soon enough. Programming isn’t as easy as one might think.

      • EraserXIV

        Okay, here are some reasons I’m not jumping on the bandwagon just yet. It seems very sloppy, especially from a communication standpoint, which is unacceptable for a MESSAGING service.

        Who are all these random people on the contacts list? Random people I e-mailed once or twice? How can I actually contact people I care about? Oh you need them to sign up for a Google+ account, and then download the app. But wait, before they download it they need to transition over from Talk and activate Hangouts on their computer through Chrome… yeah good luck getting everyone you know to do that.

        Who’s online, who isn’t? People who don’t have Hangouts installed or signed up for still show up on the list.. what happens when I send a message to them? Can I be sure, they get the message? Does it get converted to a Talk message, or a Messenger message, or a GMail message and then sent to them? How are they going to reply? I would them rather not show up at all if they don’t have Hangouts installed or signed up for.

        What was awesome about Whatsapp is that you just tell someone to download the app and BAM, you can message them given they’re in your phonebook.

  • JustinRadice

    Did that and now hangout won’t connect to my Google account

    • Kerry Fath

      Same issue here…uninstalled reinstalled uninstalled now it says hangouts is installed but its not….so I am stuck. Cant remove from web either…system app… I give up at this point..

  • Julian Coronado

    My problem: The app is still showing up with the picture of Talk! Someone want to help?

    • are you using a launcher?

      • Julian Coronado

        I was, but I got it to work now. Thanks anyways!

  • I’m still stuck with the old Talk app. I’ve tried rebooting, clearing cache, installing from the Play website, disabling and re-enabling, etc. No go.

  • Anthony Saylor

    I updated it, and now i get notifications for both talk and hangout.. any ideas on how to stop the talk ones from popping up? long press and app info just takes you to google services framework

  • Masta Marc

    Smh. I thought this was going to replace the messaging app on android. Not be another kik…whatsapp…gtalk…voxer…etc etc I’m kinda disappointed. I was thinking it’d be the answer to iMessage.

  • Dolan

    Gugel pls, accualy iz disappiontnig

  • devinbryce

    why has mine not updated talk yet i went in to download hangouts and it said replaced talk so i soft reset the phone and it still only brings up talk not hangouts any help

  • Adam Metzner

    SMS should have died years ago. Now they are tying all the phone numbers with an online equivalent, when it does die (and it will) there will be no loss.

    • Mordecaidrake

      While I agree, but right now I’m fragmented between gTalk and SMS/MMS. So why not just add the feature?

    • Sean Royce

      SMS is still around, and I like it, mobile internet is pretty reliable, but it’s 100%.

  • LaRocKa1158

    I have a Samsung galaxy note 2 and for some reason talk is not updating… any tricks to get hangouts to work?

    • Adam Metzner

      Have to install it from the web play store. It says it above.

      • LaRocKa1158

        I tried that already. I also restarted my phone and cleared caches