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Google Announces Samsung Galaxy S4 With “Nexus User Experience”

galaxy s4 google edition

Google, on stage during the I/O keynote, just announced that they will sell a Samsung Galaxy S4 directly through Google Play with an unlocked bootloader, stock Android experience, LTE support, connectivity on AT&T and T-Mobile, with a “Nexus experience,” and as a device that will receive updates promptly.

The device will launch June 26 on Google Play for $649.

If you wanted the Galaxy S4 as the clean phone you always envisioned, this is your chance to get it. 

galaxy s4 google edition

Be sure to watch along as they unveil more during today’s keynote!

  • SoftestKitty

    Me too. I’m ready to just drop them because they’re not going to have this, and I doubt they’ll have the new Nexus 4 with LTE either. I’m getting sick of my Galaxy Nexus but I can’t find a phone worth upgrading to, and any phone I am intrested in verizon won’t sell it.

  • Shilamar Drea Shockley

    If they were selling this phone for like, $450, they might be sold out right now. Lol. Just saying.

  • chris125

    Sad now you lose all the enhancements(camera for example) and get stuck with the lesser software with stock android camera app.

  • Yonas Abraham

    by june 26, S IV will drop in price to $300

  • Does anyone know what processor will this one have?

  • Kevin Olson

    White only?

  • TylerChappell

    the sheer number of people not willing to fork out $649 will keep them alive at least a bit longer.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    God i hate verizon

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmmm. Weird. Like a Galaxy Nexus2. But not. Still hoping for a real next gen Nexus. On Verizon.

  • William_Morris

    I see what you did there.

  • William_Morris


  • My guess is that Samsung is setting the price.

  • noseratu

    are they going to make the menu button into a task switcher button?

  • alex drum

    here is my thought on this he said “we continue to be blown away, like for example the HTC one or the samsung galaxy S4” he procedes to pull out an S4 and talk about how its not ready yet but i’m hoping the mention of the HTC one was not so random and they will be doing the same on the HTC one! (i know the likelihood of this is < 0.0001%). I dont get how people on the android team can criticize/complain about the dominance that samsung has yet they continue to release stock android only on samsung phones. how does that make any sense?!

  • Sweet! My Verizon contract is already up, just paying month-by-month until a phone interests me enough to switch, and I think this is it 😀

  • nathanjb7

    Do you think the Dev Community will be able to port over the “Nexus User Experience” to the Verizon GS4?

  • Will Frame

    What is the point of this? Without the Touchwiz camera software and other heavily advertised Samsung features, it’s basically just another Nexus. It also goes against Samsung’s basic philosophy. Options are nice, but we already have a Nexus and will probably have another one soon. I bought the GS4 for the camera features. The stock Android camera sucks all kinds of balls.

    • NexusMan

      It has LTE. And a back that won’t crack. And better specs…compared to the current Nexus.

  • Joseph K

    $650? Ouch! I guess I keep my Nexus 4.

    • MRIANB

      I was gonna sell my Nezus 4 for it but damn $650 is more than I want to pay. Loving my tmobile $30 monthly plan.

      Ian B

  • Tech Pro

    Nexus 4S for short or Google Nexus 4S Galaxy S4 with S4 CPU.

  • chris125

    and 1080p screen, better camera, newer processor, just to name a few

    • I was mentioning things that Nexus phones generally don’t have, well at least the non removable battery is recent as all before the N4 had removable batteries. But yes all those things as well. Does the GS4 support the fast charge system that Qualcomm built into the Snapdragon 600?

  • master94

    Holy sh!t. I had a nerdgasm

  • Stevedub40

    Maybe, just maybe, though, this could help with development for the Verizon variant of the device?

  • brkshr

    If sources are not published like Nexus phones, then I’m interested

  • F*CK YOU VERIZON!!! lol it’s like I’m in a abusive relationship with verzion but I just can’t leave.

    • gregmr

      You should change your username to “Rihanna”

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    damn! i know a couple people that are pissed.

  • renGek

    Thats how much GN cost when it first came out. Besides this is pricing by samsung not google.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Once again screwed over on Verizon….remember back in the day when we used to get the top of the line undisputed king of the phones? Also AT&T seemed to have nothing more than crap phones or phones that were just about as good as Verizon?

    Those days sure have changed for the worse for us VZW users. Unlimited data is still more important to me than this so im a VZW customer still for a little while longer.

    • mike

      Im pretty sure it’s because the verizon version isnt released yet. Hopefully once it drops, they’ll put one out.

  • TheWenger

    Right when the G-Nex came out? That’s the last time I can remember.

    • Diablo81588

      Uh no lol..

    • Yup. Snagged the gnex release day and nothing’s come out that’s made me want to upgrade since..


  • DA623

    Being stuck on Verizon (multiple lines with different contract lengths as well as my job takes me to areas that Verizon is the only carrier that works), I hope the ROM developers port this to the standard Verizon Galaxy S4. I like Samsungs interface but I would love to have the option to have the newest Android with a Nexus-style stock experience as well.

  • chris125

    I wonder if with this it will make it easier to port stock android to the verizon version since we cant get this one?

  • Royal Assassin

    The last time I ordered a hot product from the Play Store it took a month to get to me. It’s $650 and I have Verizon. Pass!

    • GarnetandBlack

      The last time I ordered (N7), it never got to me and they finally refunded my money after over a month of telling me they couldn’t…

      Oh yeah, and no Verizon…

      • Royal Assassin

        Oh man, that’s rough :(. I love my N7 and that’s the product I was talking about lol….I sure was salty that month though.

  • Ryan

    600+ for a phone. Ef that noise.

  • bananatroll

    absolutely pathetic. Physical home buttom for the FAIL, crappy built hardware = FAIL, GSM only = FAIL.

    I’m starting to think that us verzon users are forever doomed to skinned crap!

    • Jarred Sutherland

      You can thank Verizon for CDMA.

      • bananatroll

        CDMA has been around long before the inception of the network known as verizon. Its not that hard to make compatible devices for it believe it or not. The problem here is VERIZON. Because of them I will likely ditch android completely when my next phone comes around – unless I can find a still brand new in the box gnex.

  • Down Goes HTC!…$649 is a stretch for me though, hopefully some deals will show up…

    • NYCHitman1

      It’s being sold directly from the Google Play Store. What “deals” are you expecting exactly?

  • FINALLY!!!! don’t have to be under the tyranny of VERIZON!!! Cant wait to be done with them, so getting this!!!!!

  • Guess this means we can forget seeing any more pure Google devices on VZW.

  • ChrisI

    All the bitching and complaining on here about Verizon not taking part in this. “Maybe I’ll leave….”, or “F you Verizon….”. Whatever guys, they won’t give a $hit about you until you take your money and business elsewhere. Simple as that. Stop SAYING you’re going to leave, and do it. They’ll care about what you think once their revenues drop 20% for pissing off their customer base.

    • Big Whoop

      You’re dreaming if you think they’ll lose 20% of their revenue because 5 dorks who care about Nexus phones leave.

      • Dude

        It’s not about just the Nexus phone. It’s been a string of poor decisions, removal of certain plans, crap phone choices, and total [email protected] on monthly charges that pushes people away from Verizon. Ask yourself this one question: how many customer would leave Verizon if today, right now, they got rid of all unlimited data plans? That seems to be the main reason people stick around. I’m on Sprint because of it, tiered data is a total sham and consumer ripoff.

        • chris125

          sadly majority of people dont care as it shows by people not switching. First and foremost it is about coverage which in 95% of the places verizon has better coverage hands down. No matter how great the phones are if the network sucks the phone is worthless.

        • Diablo81588

          Sprint is worthless. Don’t even compare that trash to Verizon, at any price.

          • bananatroll


          • izick

            Sprint should be compared seeing that part of being a Sprint user is having access to Verizon’s network almost 100% of the time. They pay Verizon almost 5-7 billion a year to be their back up when their network can’t rise to the occasion with coverage.

        • TylerChappell

          unlimited data and best coverage where I live are the only reasons I’m staying

      • Wayne

        Make that 6 dorks. I am probably leaving Verizon for just that reason.

  • Oh good. I was debating whether I wanted a GS4 or an HTC One. My VZW contract expired in April, so I’ve just been in a holding pattern.

  • I JUST bought a One! Urghhhhhhh!

  • Knlegend1


  • All the people complaining about price, really? You really think Samsung will screw over att and tmobile in the process by selling it for $400. Why would someone by from them if they could get it for that price with pure android. It’s one of those things that if you want it bad enough you would pay for it.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Logic man, I dig it!

    • Intellectua1

      Exactly what I was thinking..

  • Kyle Cordiano

    People need to get over removable batteries. You think 10 years from now, they are going to include that with technology much more advanced than it is now….

    • Charles Miller

      Everyone is different sir. While you may not need removable batteries some of us can not get through a day or travel without them. I’m at I/o right now and with doing business and personal things I am on 50 percent of my second battery by noon. To you maybe it’s useless. For me it’s necessity. Android and technology are for everyone and we should not force it to be for just a group of users but make things to fit everyone’s needs

      • when i’m out and about i carry 4 batteries with me (one in the phone, three out), if i’m drinking at a bar or on a bus traveling its not hard to burn through two of them in a day, i barely make it 8 hours on one of the extended once in a day at work, between music and web browsing on my break and on the shitter

  • C-Law

    I hope t mobile will let you finance this phone.

    • Tim242

      They won’t, because they aren’t selling them.

  • C-Law

    Verizon! Why can’t we have nice things like this!

    • jahsoul

      Because Verizon doesn’t play nice with others…lol

  • High end?! High – definitely. These who set the price are high.
    Samsung is using the same commodity components as everybody else.

    • Uh 1080p, 1.9ghz snapdragon, 13mp, need I say more? Or are you blind?

      This is lightyears ahead of the Nexus 4. Almost all phones releasedthis year are.

      • I hope they roll the clockspeed back for the S4 Google edition. 1.9ghz is overkill and a waste of battery life running Stock Android.

      • I wouldn’t call that “light years”. Just incremental technology advances. And that’s simply because S4 is released a half of year after N4, not because it’s “high end”. Technology going forward, components improving.

      • Diablo81588

        Light years? Lol

      • Shilamar Drea Shockley

        The Nexus 4 was in competition with the S3 not the S4, so when the next Nexus comes out it will trump the S4 but not the S5. It’s a cycle that everyone should know and understand by now, so PLEASE stop bringing up old news older phones.

  • mu5a5hi

    I think this is great news. I’ll buy some sort of new phone eventually and get off of Verizon. Either that or someone will hack this version of the OS to work on Verizons S4, sure it seems unlikely but the hacking community never ceases to amaze me.

  • Kevin Olson

    So there will be the physical home button and also the on screen buttons? Seems a bit redundant no?

    • Kevin Olson

      Looked again, appears that there aren’t any on screen buttons.

  • Yes. That short period between OG Droid release and Nexus One release.

    • LMAO. You stole my witty reply

    • Tony Allen

      Remember when that carrier had better coverage nationwide than Verizon?

      Said no person ever…

  • I wonder if this means there won’t be a true (new) NEXUS phone this year.

    • Knlegend1


  • Raiden_1

    Just switch to T-mobile best decision you will ever
    make. Coverage not an issue and I was
    with Verizon for over 10 years. Just make the move.

  • DanSan

    lol this is funny, doubt anyone will bite especially if people are buying the S4 at the upgrade price. if you’re stuck buying at full price then yea pick this up. Good thing is im hoping since they will now have an AOSP rom built for the S4 they will be able to port it to the sprint/verizon S4’s

    • jahsoul

      Might not be that easy. How many Nexus 4 Roms you see for the Sprint Optimus G?

      • DanSan

        thats because nobody cares about sprint… nor the optimus G

        • jahsoul

          Considering the Nexus 4 is the Optimus G, a few people did.

    • DanSan

      oh and looks like you will finally get a galaxy S4 with 16gb of memory.. i mean after formatting and android OS it will slightly small but it wont will be cut in half by that damn TW UI

      • shooter50

        so an 8gb Nexus 4 with no Micro SD slot is ok, but a 16 gb S4 with only 7gb available, but with a micro SD slot is bad in your opinion? Great logic

    • shooter50

      great post. T-mobile doesnt have upgrade pricing

      • Tim242

        But they will be financing it. The upfront cost is less than upgrade pricing. Your point is moot.

    • Trevor

      I, too am very hopeful that this phone will make it easier for the ROM builders to bring a stock ROM to the Verizon S4.

  • Rafy286

    Don’t be so hard on yourself .How difficult will it be to port to the Verizon version via custom roms . Add the fact that they already have a exploit for the boot loader and guess what? As much as I didn’t want the GS4, the chances of me purchasing one just went sky high.

    • KleenDroid

      I hope they (Verizon, Samsung, Qualcomm) don’t come out with a way to prevent us from taking advantage of the bootloader exploit. This news also increases my interest in buying this phone. I just wish Verizon wasn’t such a Dick. I really do want to continue with Verizon along with my unlimited data but they are making it so difficult. Sometimes it seems they are daring us to leave them.

      • Yes, these abusive relationships are a vicious cycle.

      • michael arazan

        I feel the same way, you said it perfectly.

    • RobertLPile

      Agreed Rafy, I see this as a great chance the Verizon version can get a solid stock ROM option via the dev community.

    • Tony Allen

      I’d be willing to bet this is the Exynos version, so the internals are a bit different and porting it over is a bigger deal than you might believe.

      • CapnShiner

        I doubt that. All the US carriers have the Qualcomm version and I think even the unlocked version you get in the US is Qualcomm. The Exynos version was not designed to work on US carriers unless you count roaming. Unless Google offers Nexus versions of both Galaxy S4 platforms, porting will be difficult for some people. If the Nexus Experience is only the Qualcomm version, Europe and Asia get screwed. If the Nexus Experience is only the Exynos version, North America gets screwed. Let’s hope they support both.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    My contract with Verizon expires June 25th. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

    • KleenDroid

      You are a lucky man. Enjoy your new S4!

      • tech247

        Along with the dropped calls on AT&T and T-mo……

        • GawkerRedesignSucks

          For $45/month on Straight Talk I’m willing to deal with a few dropped calls. I’m currently paying 100 bucks/month on Verizon.

          • Take that $650/year you saved and spend it on an s4!

        • Shilamar Drea Shockley

          I don’t have dropped calls with T-Mobile. Thanks.

  • blootzm3

    just wait HTC will compete with their own HTC One Google Experience with sim card slot and available only on the Verizon network.

    • /s

    • TylerChappell

      lol, this gave me a good chuckle, kudos to you sir

  • You guys forget the Nexus 4 sales debacle so easily… Don’t trust them!

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    The irony in all this. We all complained that bootloaders were locked etc. The carriers claim these devices will fubar their networks. Now they realize that people want them and a market for these devices exist. So they create a separate device for those that want that ability and they charge a premium for it. Proof once again that in the end, those with the means to manipulate and thrive off the market will always win.

    Rant aside, this looks like a sweet device. For coverage reasons I can’t give up my VZW, however as my girlfriend works for TMO, I can pick up this device and run unlimited text and data for $10/mo. I’ll take that. Now I just have to talk her into buying me one, lol.

  • Bob Buttons

    Depending on where you are and the coverage there, it might not matter. Where I live, the best phones in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t get a signal. Verizon has such superior coverage (around me) that switching networks despite whatever device they may be releasing, isn’t even worth considering.

    • Same also

    • Big EZ

      Add to that that I don’t want to lose my Unlimited on Verizon. Once they kick me off unlimited data I will try other service. Until then I can’t take the risk of the networks being as bad as they were a few years ago. I know Sprint still sucks, and hear mixed reviews about T-Mobile and AT&T. I never hear anything bad about Verizon’s Network, only their customer service and cost.

      • TSY87

        actually, i usually hear they have great customer support. It’s really about cost and devices where they suck

        • Bob Buttons

          As long as they straighten out the “Verizon math” issue and get their reps to give the same answers regardless who answers.

    • Fraydog

      That’s getting to be a smaller and smaller percentage of people every single day, especially with an accelerated rollout of LTE on AT&T.

    • TylerChappell

      Sadly, I am in the same boat, but I am pretty happy with my DNA so far and have no buyer’s remorse.

  • At that price no sale.

  • New_Guy


  • Zaki Jaaskelainen

    Special version without microSD slot – to be consistent with the Nexus experience?

  • DanWazz

    Is this more a of a stop gap, since they said there won’t be many devices announced, or a hint they they weren’t happy with the build LG Nexus 4?

  • redskins59rocs .

    I wish it was possible to do this on the regular s4, because I have always liked stock the most.

    • Tim242

      It is…

      • redskins59rocs .

        Good to hear have a link to this info because I can only seem to find that they are releasing a new s4 with stock android at $650

  • Sanitarium09

    I predict they will sell roughly 2 at that price.

  • arthuruscg

    A bigger announcement would have been full VoIP integeration withe GVoice + MMS
    And would work on ALL LTE networks due to FCC regs

  • coolsilver

    Got me thinking.. I don’t make calls often… Buy this, T-Mobile Prepaid to test coverage. Call forward from VZW to prepaid cell. If coverage good, go for Monthly Un-Carrier Plan, Port my number and say FU to Verizon.

  • So this is basically the new Galaxy Nexus from Sammy. If they release a 32 gig version I’ll definitely be getting it.

    • Steve Benson

      Kinda, except this phone isn’t already outdated at launch…like the Gnex was.

  • coolsilver

    Maybe next year when Verizon turns it on

    • Diablo81588

      There’s no way they would sell a phone with only volte for voice. It would drop more calls than AT&T..

  • The Verizon Galaxy Nexus fiasco was the last straw for me. I just picked up a Nexus 4 and switched over to T-Mobile’s prepaid $30 plan and couldn’t be happier.

    • scrub175

      Nice. Unlimited everything too right? Only 3G?

      • Pedro

        HSPA+. In HOU, it’s as fast as the LTE service you can tap into.
        At least, for downloads. Uploads on LTE were double (5Mbps v 10+Mbps).

        • Dylan Patel

          Really? My LTE is 30 down 40 up at home, and 20/20 at work.

      • siphyn

        The $30 plan is 3G and LTE where available. It also depends on whether you have an LTE capable phone or not.

      • michael arazan

        T-Mobile is great, as long as you don’t venture away from the major highway more than 3 miles and then lose signals, that’s what it is like every where in Missouri.

  • Somewhere in the world, HTC CEO’s is in the fetal position, crying.

    • Big Whoop

      Really? I had the Nexus 4. I switched to the HTC One and couldn’t be happier. Stock Android is so weak compared to Sense. The dialer, the contacts, the camera, the widgets, etc. This phone is to appeal to the dorks, not the masses.

      • Justin Winker

        It’s weird to be considered one of the “masses” now. I switched from a N4 to the One just over a week ago, and I love the phone. I don’t know why, but the N4 just doesn’t work for me, though it is an awesome phone.

  • RGiskard

    If this does TMo and ATT, won’t it also work on prepaid carriers? Might be able to offset the up front cost nicely by slashing the monthly contract price.

    • Steve Benson

      Yes, this is GSM unlocked, meaning you can take it on any GSM network that matches then bands in the phone’s hardware.

    • coolsilver

      It’s unlocked so as long as it is with the same frequency bands for GSM it will work.

  • beng8686

    Sick of Google’s BS gsm only devices. God damn that pisses me off! Apple may be extremely evil, but at least they care about their CDMA customers. F#$@ you Google.

    • jahsoul

      Where were you during the CDMA Galaxy Nexus days? GSM devices don’t have to go through all of the BS that CDMA devices do. Think about how long it took the Verizon & Sprint Galaxy Nexus (and even Nexus S 4g for Sprint) to get software updates. That takes away from the Nexus experience of always having the most updated version of Android on your device when it is released.

      • Sorry, but as much as I love Android and hate the iOS, I think Google is the one to receive the blame. Apple is an example that if you try, Verizon will bow. You just have to be big (of course, Verizon obviously won’t care about you if you are nobody), and stand up for your customers. Google just gives up too easily.

        • jahsoul

          Actually, we don’t know how Apple updates work. We don’t know if they announce after every device receives final approval or not, so from the time that it is ready to the time that it is announced is only known by Apple and the providers. Android announces an update and the GSM Nexus devices get the update but because of all of the oversight that goes into CDMA, their process is longer. I’ve always put updates on the manufacturer and carrier, but the Nexus devices has always been different and even with the G1.

    • Steve Benson

      Sick of Google’s BS? You should be sick of Verizon’s BS.

      • beng8686

        You can blame Verizon… I blame Google for leaving out CDMA on their new devices.

  • mcdonsco

    Verizon, you suck! I hate that I need to be a slave to you just because of coverage!

  • Artune

    Was excited until I did not see any support for VZW. Hoping for some Nexus like phone sometime this year.

    BTW is this a huge F U to HTC one? HTC didn’t need anything else to help slow sales down.

  • Greg

    GS4 developer edition or google GS4 because of the ridiculous price it can’t use the nexus name which I have always associated with value.

    • jahsoul

      Then you must have missed the release of the Nexus One and Nexus S, which were $200 subsidized and $529 unsub. Google just started this value thing with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • bitch_please

    What!? Old parts? Am I missing something? Google was selling Nexus 4 at a loss. LG sold it for similar price as this GS4. There was no such a deal.

    • Assuming that it had an LTE chip when it wasn’t supposed too. It has similar parts to the Optimus G or whatever crap they have

      • bitch_please

        You assumed from that, that the parts were old. wtf? Optimus G has high-end parts like Qualcomm MDM9615 processor (Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait).

        • Yes, because they just found the easy way out and didn’t bother to put something else in the Nexus 4. and effed people with LTE.

          • bitch_please

            But that was the best processor at that time.

  • Jason Kahn

    Thats way too expensive

  • Kofi Williams

    Couldn’t you just root the s4 and get the same thing? This was a waste the s4 separates itself by its features, if that was included with the nexus experience I’d understand but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Much rather have seen an htc one nexus

    • Steve Benson


      AOSP is never fully functional when it’s hacked onto a Samsung device. Stuff is always borked and half baked and developers fight to fix things for the entire life of the device.

      This phone was made by a collaboration between Google and Samsung, meaning everything works like it would on a Nexus device.

      • Uncle paul

        Wrong, and with the system dump of this version, then well
        any unlockable S4 can and will be turned into a Nexus s4.

        • Steve Benson

          Okay, believe what you want, joke’s on you.

          • How so? It’s the same hardware, the only difference is the bootloader. A “normal” S4 with an unlocked bootloader is really no different in terms of having a custom ROM on it.

          • jahsoul

            I gave an example earlier. The Nexus 4 is the Optimus G, yet, we don’t see any Nexus roms on the Sprint version of the Optimus G

          • The GSM Optimus G may have the same hardware, but the Sprint version has a CDMA/LTE radio in it, That makes a huge difference, as there is no aosp hardware support for it.

        • Kofi Williams

          Yep this exactly what I was thinking, system dump for all. My s3 is rooted and I even use onscreen buttons. A perfectly rooted s4 is a good developer device but beyond that I’d rather have the special features that separate it

        • blootzm3

          wrong, not with that center button at the chin of the s4, s4 google experience has on screen buttons, much nicer to have, especially when playing videos for that much bigger screen experience.

          • Tim242

            What? You get bigger screens and smaller bezels on phones with physical/capacitive buttons

      • arthuruscg

        Now the dev community can pull the GNS4 and port it to the standard GS4

      • Yes, really. This phone is the same device only with a locked boot loader. The source will be the same, so people with the device with a locked BL will be able to have the exact same thing once Dan’s BL hack is released.

      • Tim242

        CM, and other non stock ROM’s have issues, but not pure AOSP builds.

  • tech247

    Yeah i do. It was during the “dream-on” decade……..

  • TheRobotCow

    Ugh….. damn you verizon!!!!

  • anezarati

    What about all the motion stuff that Samsung developed?

    • Steve Benson

      What about that CRAP? If you want that, buy the Touchjizz version.

  • RetrurnOfTheMack

    That was back in ancient times but yeah, I do.

  • Bob Buttons

    Perhaps the people on XDA will ‘eventually’ be able to rip what’s on here and get it running on a VZW S4.

  • Greg

    lol, silent when he announced the price.

    • Tony Allen

      I know.. I was watching live and literally LOLd at the dead silence when he dropped that price tag.

  • If you’re on Verizon then you should not be surprised. You should’ve known exactly what you were signing up for, and that is a CDMA network which does not play well with Google’s unlocked vision. And the whole Galaxy Nexus fiasco should have only served to confirm this. Not sure what the fuss is about.

    • jahsoul

      Don’t know why you got voted down for speaking the truth..*shrugs*

    • KleenDroid

      While I love my Verizon Gnex I agree with you. I don’t think Verizon will ever see a nexus again. 4 of my five lines are up for renewal and I’m just waiting on December for my nexus. This unlocked option is exactly what I want and may be what finally loses Verizon another five lines. Of course Verizon could care less.


      We can dream, right? Verizon has the best coverage by far where I live. AT&T is behind them, then we have Sprint but you’re actually roaming on VZW. There’s no TMo here, at least not the last time I checked. We don’t even have TMo stores anywhere nearby. If I could switch, I would.

  • Steve Benson

    Cannot be a surprise.

    The Verizon Galaxy Nexus cluster-F soured Google’s view of working with CDMA carriers. They may work with Sprint again, but never with Verizon – at least not until they go full VOLTE.

  • Dont see why this isn’t cheaper. it probably costs samsung like $200 to make this phone, they have NOTHING to do with it with the “nexus experience” running on it….google will handle all the Customer Service stuff. they could easily sell this for $400-$450 and still make BANK on this device.

    this is awesome though and i hope more companies follow them.

    • shooter50

      love when people who know nothing about business whine about price.

      • actually know quite a bit about business thank you. and i am not whining. i knew it would cost that much. i just think they priced themselves out of the market. notice the reaction from the crowd…..they are the tech “nerds” that would buy this phone….but not for $650. they can price their stuff at whatever they want to…I would just buy something else.

        I was just saying they would sell a hell of a lot more of these at $450 than they would at $650. this device isn’t even on my radar at that price….but at $100 more than a nexus 4…..oh yeah, i am all over it.

    • Tim242

      Really? Do you think they would sell it less than the carriers?

      • they should…but i never eally expected them to. either way, its not going ot sell that well. the typical person sees the S4 on ATT for $200 will all these features….then sees the same phone, with less features for $650…they arent even going to think twice.
        not only would a $450 price tag and no contract make “normal” people do a double take, it will make this a top device for “nerds” like me. no way am i going to pay double a nexus 4 for this S4 google edition.

    • Because it isn’t carrier subsidized. I easily save enough by dropping verizon to buy a phone full retail. I save $100/mo using straight talk for myself and my wife. Try buying the S4 off contract from Verizon and see how much it costs. My guess is $649.

  • Steve Benson

    Actually, I don’t remember…

  • C’mon Son

    I was hoping it would be in the price range of 399-499. $649 is rape. The audience’s reaction says a lot about that price.

    • But they can afford $900 to see the show, ha

      • gregmr

        ^ this

      • might be worth it considering past conferences they’ve given away devices to attendees

    • Steve Benson

      Yup. I was hoping for sub $500 but was expecting about $549. $649 is a lot.

    • zepfloyd

      Samsung want’s parity with it’s flagship version. They want the ‘average’ person to buy the Touchwizzed version.

      • KleenDroid

        And they will. But this is exactly what I want from Samsung. Even though it’s not cheap I will gladly pay. I think it will be a success. If only Verizon would give its customers a choice like this instead of the nonsense it offers.

    • lol, that’s the price you pay for an unsubsidized phone with no contract.

      • 2x Nexus 4. Is it 2x better? Greedy Samsung.

        • Greedy HTC. Greedy LG. Greedy Motorola. Might as well call them all greedy.

          • Yes, they are. And it’s all because of most of the people buying subsidized phones I don’t know many people who would pay $600+ cash for the phone.
            In markets where majority of people are buying off-contract phones prices are averaging $200-$300.

          • The used phone market. That nobody wants.

      • Shilamar Drea Shockley

        The Nexus 4 didn’t cost that much. So explain that one.

        • Well for one thing, the Nexus 4 screen is 1280 x 768 while the GS4 is 1080 x 1920 which means the display is more expensive. Battery on N4 is 2100 mAh vs 2400 mAh for GS4. N4 also does not have 4G LTE support for the US (even with the hack, which Google has recently blocked) so it is 3G only (would you buy a $600 3G phone? No.). N4 also does not have a memory slot for external SD cards. N4 has an 8MP camera and GS4 has 13MP. is that enough for you?

          • Shilamar Drea Shockley

            No darling, actually I have an opinion and others don’t like what I have to say. LTE is for Verizon, which who cares about Verizon much anymore unless they have the Unlimited data. I don’t see people signing up for Verizon otherwise. Again, the N4 isn’t $600…. So where you getting that example from? Also, not everyone needs a bunch of memory, which eventually wont even be relevant anymore. And having a better camera, come on now, this is a PHONE which is something that needs to be remembered. I have a camera for all the things that I WANT pictures of if necessary. Pictures on the fly aren’t meant to be extravagant.
            What I post on as far as my account goes are on two completely different spectrum’s. So judge all you need.

          • LOL LTE is also for AT&T as well as Sprint. Not sure why you think it’s only for Verizon. You were also saying that “The Nexus 4 didn’t cost that much” so I was pointing out the reasons why it is cheaper than the GS4 because you obviously didn’t understand why the cost of the GS4 is higher than the N4.

          • Guest

            If a person is going to pay that much, which I’m sure not many will, they may as well get it ON contract….. We are talking about GOOGLE, not carrier purposes thus the reason for the phone being on GP. If I’m not mistaken even the Galaxy Nexus didn’t cost that much either, how much was that??? Oooohh $349…… Come on. This is getting ridiculous.

          • Shilamar Drea Shockley

            If a person is going to pay that much, which I’m sure not many will NOT, they may as well get it ON contract….. We are talking about GOOGLE, not carrier purposes thus the reason for the phone being on GP. If I’m not mistaken even the Galaxy Nexus didn’t cost that much either, how much was that??? Oooohh $349…… Come on. This is getting ridiculous.

          • Shilamar Drea Shockley

            I say give this phone another month or so and it will be dropped down to $400.

          • Shilamar Drea Shockley

            Cause no one is going to either one, especially SPRINT for LTE purposes. Lol.

          • Shilamar Drea Shockley

            I’m willing to agree that the phone may cost that much cause it is BRAND NEW, which is fine, but definitely not something I find appealing enough to jump for it.

          • Shilamar Drea Shockley

            Oh, and I have T-Mobile, which my speeds are perfectly fine.

  • arthuruscg

    Not impressed with the inflated carrier prices.

  • Burnsy


  • Will wait for the Nexus 5

  • Steve Benson

    F depression. You know what to do.

    • Richard Wolff

      just f the depression away……..this passes the smell test

  • snobrdr2324

    And this is why I switched to ATT a few weeks ago, Verizon might have the better network in terms of coverage but CDMA is an instant fail regardless for anyone who likes phones.

    • Tim242

      I agree, but Verizon is going to LTE only soon.

      • snobrdr2324

        That is very optimistic unfortunately otherwise I would have stayed. They stated they will BEGIN to roll out VoLTE early 2014. So a large scale roll out possibly a year from now at the best. It would be even more optimistic to believe that LTE only devices will come until VoLTE+CDMA fallback devices have been around for a good while. For google to make a nexus phone for VoLTE it will need to be the de facto standard of voice and that won’t be for a while. This is pretty obvious with the GSM Gnex and the Nexus 4 not even supporting LTE which at the time the Nexus 4 came out was pretty widely adopted. They stuck with HSPA+ because almost every cell carrier in the world uses it except Verizon, it is going to be a long time before VoLTE is the standard like HSPA is today. So for at least one full contracts worth of time ATT/Tmobile has the advantage for anyone who wants to buy unlocked google phones.