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Google Announces Android Has Reached 900 Million Activations Worldwide

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Google dove right into Android during their day one keynote at I/O 2013 today. Starting off with a bang, Google announced that Android has now reached the 900 million activation mark as of today. Last year’s number that Google gave us was 400 million and we have seen it steadily increase since then. 

This is an enormous number of Android devices to be activated out there in the world and lets Google say with confidence that Android is “the most popular mobile operating system out there.”


  • Michael Lewis

    Just because there were 900 thousand activations it doesn’t tell me how many devices are out there. I’ve had to re-activate a phone when I install a new rom, or if I’ve switched back to an older phone for some reason. It would be more useful to know how many NEW activations there were (of new phones)

  • bogy25

    Like McDonald’s customers served!


    This is the only thing that was exciting during the keynote. Snooze fest, and no giveaways.

  • Dan

    I would have just lied and said 1 billion, 900 million, 1 billion, whats the difference anyways.. Who’s counting besides them.

    • michael arazan

      Apple is counting, they need accurate numbers for their lawsuits. Apple isn’t too far behind with 10 million activation’s last year. = P

  • Eric

    On the road to…

    • New_Guy

      Yesssssss!!! Haha :D.

    • TylerChappell

      And this may likely occur sometime around the end of August.