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Video: White Nexus 4 Gets a Quick Hands-on


Thanks to a display unit hanging around the Qualcomm booth at a tech event in Dubai, the white version of the Nexus 4 is getting all sorts of play this week. While this new sighting gives us an up-close-and-personal view of the paler brother to the original N4, this still doesn’t mean that we are guaranteed to see it at Google I/O this week. We would certainly love to, as the white Nexus 4 has been on our radar since first appearing back in January, but there is no indication that this version will ever see a broad retail release. 

So what do we have here? A white Nexus 4 – nothing more. There isn’t LTE or 32GB of storage from what we can tell, two features that rumormongers continue to spread across tech publications.

I’m personally a fan of the two-tone look, with the white Crystal Reflection case on the back, with a black front-side, but I know that many of you would rather it be completely white.

Via:  TechView

  • Lane252

    Does anyone else not agree with it being 2 tone ??

    • Lane252

      it should be all white

  • go home edward, you’re drunk

  • Come to Verizon please.

  • frankandsimple

    another fisher price invention.

  • James Collyer

    it doesn’t look like it has the nipples around the edge that they added to prevent the glass from cracking

  • Am I the only one that thinks this looks ugly? Why is the front still black? Looks so bad.

  • So this “White Nexus 4” all over the Android news is for nothing more than the color? What have we come to that there needs to be a post about a color of a phone that is a year old? Now if it was running 4.3 or something special then I can see it, but just because it’s white? Crazy stuff I tell ya! :p

  • Kyle Cordiano

    The front is still black. If I’m looking at the phone, and I cannot tell it is white, then who really cares.

  • Steven Cao

    With key lime pie looming, I really want the N4.. I want them to fix the battery issues first!

    • Matthew Grey

      What battery issues? I’ve had mine for about 4 months and can go a full 2 days without charging, 6 hours screen on.

      • mx

        I’ve never seen close to that on my N4. The best I get is a single day with an hour or two of screen time. Even not using it, almost 0 screen time, it can just get trough 2 days.

  • Damn, if this comes with an LTE radio that works with Verizon, vzw may retain a customer. I was planning to go the T-mobile route come the end of my galaxy nexus contract, but who knows now.

  • leenephi

    This music makes me wanna go on a cheesy, yet thoughtful adventure. Hmmm…

  • Justin Barrett

    “WCDMA preferred – The GSM phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 3G is favored more.”

    Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=688492

  • Tim242

    If the front is black, it is not a white phone.

    • gokusimpson

      Wayne Brady is black, but he’s a white man.

      • Tim242

        Haha A gay white man at that

      • Ibrick

        Apparently you haven’t seen the video of Dave Chappelle’s night out with Wayne Brady…

        Regardless, up-vote for you sir!

        • gokusimpson

          Yes I have and you are completely correct. But I think he’s only black at night with his fellow black actors. On tv, he is quite white. You gonna eat that sandwich, Dave?

  • Maybe it is just me, but I like the black phone with the white Dbrand carbon fiber skin better than the full white version. I would definitely be interested in an unlocked VZW compatible version.

    • azndan4

      Fake carbon fiber is not cool.

  • Nicholassss

    I’d ditch my note 2 for a white nexus 4 on verizon. Wishful thinking I know…

    • That’s what she never said.

    • Lane252

      verizon…biggest company but crappiest at getting what you want in phones

  • Michael

    maybe this has to do with the Chrome swag we saw the other day

  • I think a white Nexus 4 being given to the I/O attendants is firmly in the realm of possible, given that:

    1. Last year, when introducing a new version of Android, they gave everyone a G-Nex with the new version on it.
    2. Last year, they gave everyone a white Nexus 7.

    So, it’s established that they can give out a Nexus phone at I/O and that they can give out white versions of hardware at I/O.

    My prediction is that everyone will get a white Nexus 4 with 4.3.

    I’d really like one, myself.

    • Larizard

      i like your thought process.

  • YouSeeLA11

    Did anyone notice the CDMA preferred network designation?? Maybe we’ll finally see a CDMA/LTE version debut tomorrow?? Hopefully with a 32 GB storage option!!

    • 4n1m4L

      I’m dreaming right there with you

      • YouSeeLA11

        Well, at least there definitely is a CDMA version out there, so Sprint/Verizon fans will still hold out hope. Since it comes unlocked on Google Play, even Verizon customers need not worry about another Galaxy Nexus debacle. Unfortunately the user didn’t click the “Storage” option, so we can’t know if it was the rumored 32GB option, or if there was LTE capable.

        • 4n1m4L

          That’s not necessarily true…..

        • YouSeeLA11

          That being said, I can’t get over the HUGE bezel chin of the N4…and hopefully they IMPROVE the camera from the N4 if this is going to be a refresh.

          • Improve camera and software. Software mainly. Not sure what the hell they were thinking. Guess they gave a half-ass effort.

    • I think it said “WCDMA preferred” which I’m pretty sure is the UMTS networks that both AT&T and T-Mobile use. I could be wrong. I had the same initial though, but went to look it up.

      • YouSeeLA11

        Blah, I think you’re right…guess I got excited there too.

  • Wow, it’s running a very old engineering build of 4.2/JOP40C, or at minimum just a straight AOSP build. Interesting. That would tell me that phone dates at least back to November.

    occam-userdebug 4.2 JOP40C 527662 dev-keys is the build.

    • usaff22

      Yep, not JDQ39 or even JOP40D for that matter. Still missing December, I’m guessing lol

  • ObviousNinja2

    I hate that they do this. The black with the white completely ruins the phone. I wanted an all white nexus 4. Not this lame crap.

    • I respectfully disagree. If the bezel on the front was all white then it would break up that beautiful “one piece of glass” look.

      • Tim242

        But that’s the point of a white phone, to not have it all black on the front

        • LL COOL NATE


          • Tim242

            If somebody wants to see all one color on the front, they buy a black phone. So, you would be wrong….

          • LL COOL NATE

            Um, no…..cuz the other side of the phone is the desired color…. looks tacky on the iPhone….would look tacky on this phone….

          • Tim242

            I don’t know what rock you hide under. 99% of white phones are white on both sides, as they should be. Examples: iPhone, Samsung phones, HTC phones. Only Google and moto put out ugly black and white phones.

          • LL COOL NATE

            99% huh? … dude, where the f*ck have I been…well then never mind! Cuz they’re obviously the standard in good taste…. for the record all those phones are ugly as sh*t… and 99% of critics have also said so… you’re just that vocal 1% that likes to argue their sh*tty opinions…. hands down, the NEXUS 4, along with every other previous black/white Nexus, looks a million times better with the screen black and the back white.

          • Tim242

            Actually, critics criticize the ugly black and white phones. HTC put out the OG Evo in that ugly combo. They were blasted out for doing so. Every white HTC phone since has been all white. You make zero sense. People that want a white phone, want a white phone. They look at the front a lot more than the back. Not to mention, 99% of people use cases that cover the back. Guess what? The front still shows! I just have to SMH at people like you. BTW, I sell phones and cases for a living. .

          • LL COOL NATE

            Ok ok ok ok…..you win….dumbest argument I’ve ever let myself get into…. obviously you know better than Google. Start the petition.

          • Tim242

            Google put out a Nexus without LTE because they didn’t want to design a device with a bigger battery. Google doesn’t always make the best decisions. They only do the black front to save money. It isn’t a design choice.

          • LL COOL NATE

            Then you know nothing about business. Stick to selling phone cases bro.

          • Tim242

            I work in a cell phone store. I sell phones and accessories. I know plenty about business, as I am a business rep. I guess you think it was a smart business decision to put out a Nexus without LTE, or wait almost a year to maybe release a [email protected] white phone.

          • LL COOL NATE

            Yep, worse decisions ever…..best selling NEXUS ever…. just cuz they don’t fit your narrow minded thinking, doesn’t make them bad decisions.

          • Tim242

            You just keep making $hit up. You don’t know how many they sold, as they don’t release sales numbers. They had a shortage because they didn’t produce many. I would place my bets on the Verizon Gnex being the best selling Nexus ever. But, we’ll never know. Regardless, a dumbed down phone available on a limited few carriers is not what you do if you want to sell record numbers of phones. The Nexus devices always have huge issues. Bad camera, horrible battery life, just to name a few. Lacking LTE and a fragile glass back were the icing on that terrible NEXUS cake.

          • LL COOL NATE

            You’re just kind of making this up as you go along, huh? They don’t release sales numbers?…. again, you win…. I can’t argue with your unfounded logic…. you must be anti-Google…cuz apparently you don’t Google sh*t for any legitimate info to back your stuff….good luck selling phones at your 3rd party retailer.

          • Tim242

            Google has NEVER released sales numbers for Nexus devices. Show me otherwise, or STFU. I work in a corporate store, TYVM.

          • LL COOL NATE

            You STFU doo doo head…. lol….. Tim, I feel very sorry for which ever carrier you work for…. your logic is beyond fascinating.

          • Tim242

            My logic? Hahahaha Could you even type that with a str8 face? Where’s your Nexus sales numbers??? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

          • LL COOL NATE

            So what your saying is, you’ve yet to actually, at minimum, Google any of your argument?…. again, fascinating…. I’m not gonna do your homework Mr. Salesman….I’ll only point you in the right direction. Just Google ‘nexus 4 sales figures’…. you’ll have plenty to choose from…. I can assure, at the least, the VZW Gnex (my phone coincidently) is not the best selling nexus ever. No Nexus had ever sold a million units…..but one, of course….let me know if you need any help. I got your back, homie.

          • Tim242

            Even though I know Google has never released Nexus sales figures, I humored you anyway. A Google search yields estimates from a user, not any concrete sales numbers, much less anything official from Google. Game Over. I Win.

          • LL COOL NATE

            There goes that fascinating logic again….good job ‘winner’

          • Tim242

            There goes that fascinating reading comprehension again. I asked you for Google sales numbers, not estimates from a forum user. Then there’s your logic with comparing those estimates with the non-existant estimates for sales of other devices. You declared, “No other Nexus has ever sold a million, units but one.” However, you don’t even have estimates from others to compare. So, not only does your reading comprehension suck, so does your logic. Don’t you feel beat down yet?

          • LL COOL NATE

            Nope…cuz you’re the pot calling the kettle black…. and the poster child for cheap agreements …. you’ve proven nothing…but yet declare victory…. in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not debating phones with you anymore…..because reality is of no importance to you.

          • Tim242

            Well, I have more than proved my case. I have provided facts, you have provided conclusions, with not enough info to do so. I’m about to have an adult beverage, you can join me if you’d like : )

          • C-Law

            The phone would look like @$$ IMHO if it was white on the front. It looks awesome the way it is. The gnex and nexus s were like this too. I dig the zebra/oreo look. I like the white back but I find white around the screen weird looking. I don’t like the way it looks on my friends iPhone or my other friends s3. Black looks cleaner around the screen, especially with no logos or buttons . Who cares what some critics think

          • Tim242

            And…you cover that white back with a case

          • LL COOL NATE


          • Ibrick

            Word of advice, if you respond to ‘Tim242’, make your point in a single post and never look back.

          • Ibrick

            Yup, I think the N4 is about the only phone that could pull off the black bezel. Having it white would take away from the sexy solid black face.

          • fwiw

            When I look at my phone, I usually turn the screen on. At this point, the face is no longer solid black. Maybe that’s just me, though.

  • baconslayer09

    I like white devices, they really stand out. But the glittery pattern on the Nexus 4 really doesn’t translate well when you put it on a white device.

    Like Borat once said, “everybody know, it’s for girls!”.

  • Dude, DAT SHIMMER on the back.