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NVIDIA SHIELD Release Details Announced, General Pre-Orders Start May 20 For $349


Details have finally been released for NVIDIA’s highly-anticipated SHIELD. Previously known as Project SHIELD, they dropped “Project” and decided SHEILD was a better way to go. Either way, we first saw the Tegra 4-powered SHIELD at this year’s CES in January, so after months (it felt like years) of awaiting news on pricing and a release date, we finally have it. 

Priced at $349, pre-orders can be placed for SHIELD starting today if you had previously signed up for the “Notify Me” service for the device. General public pre-orders will begin Monday, May 20. If you are interested in placing an order, you can do so through sites such as Newegg, GameStop, Micro Center, and Canada Computers.

So, I think it’s time for a refresher in SHIELD. The device is a portable gaming console that is expected to ship with Android 4.2.1. The device has a 5″ 720p display, the Tegra 4 processor filled with 72 GPU cores and four CPU cores, topped with 2GB of RAM. It sports a mini-HDMI out slot, microSD slot, dual analog joysticks, a full-sized d-pad, triggers, bumpers, and everything else a gamer might need while on the go. And don’t forget about SHIELD’s ability to stream your PC games, a feature that will launch as a beta as they continue to optimize the service. 


We have waited months for this information – $349 for a pure Android gaming device, complete with big speakers, an HD display, and awesome controls. Sound like something you might be ordering?

For more info on SHIELD and details on ordering, hit up the via.


  • erbermer

    The new price is 300$ and to me this seems more than reasonable this thing may be bulky but its more portable than a laptop and has better hardware specs and a better library of games than the vita, the ability to close it means you won’t have to buy screen protectors, you really can’t find a smartphone or tablet that will match its hardware specs for under 400+ dollars and with mini HDMI, the ability to stream games to it from ones PC, and the ability to emulate older consoles(android versions of emulators do exist) I think one can justify purchasing this even if it doesn’t fit into ones pocket. Moms and children may not like it but hardcore gamers that actually know anything about the harware specs of its competition and the library of games already available for the android probably will. This thing might fail but it might not. We’ll just have to wait and see. This thing isn’t being marketed to children so don’t even bring up the fact that children probably won’t put them in their pockets and their parents won’t buy them one. NVIDIA knows that, everyone knows that.

  • cheapo

    Drop the 3 and I’d buy it

  • Jeff

    Look at the top picture. Did Iron Man lose part of his helmet? Feel super nerdy now lol

  • n11

    $349 is pretty high, but not horribly so.
    Its a little power-horse and I could see myself getting one, once I read some reviews and maybe a $50 discount.
    I’m still interested to see what kind of games will sell on here and how long the battery lasts.

    • erbermer

      the thing has a battery life of 10 hours for standard android games, 5 hours for more demanding android games, and about 17 hours for pc streaming but you can always carry the charger around if your not satisfied with the battery life. If you ask me thou i think thats pretty good.

  • Price seems a little high. A little high. A little high.

  • EvanTheGamer

    At that price…put me down for 5!


  • jisaac16

    Way too expensive!! So many options for less money that can do more than play games.

  • T4rd

    How much local storage will it have? Micro-SD card slot is basically useless for games unless they figured out some proprietary way of installing games to it.

  • Marc

    At $349 they’re gonna have to have some seriously awesome exclusive titles to get this off the ground.

  • Bionicman

    ehhh i’ll wait for the reviews to come in. i like the PC streaming thing and tegra 4 looks pretty badass but yea that price. yikes.

  • hmmm…. id rather save the money for the upcoming ps4 or xbox. maybe 200-250

    • your dreaming at that price for the new consoles.

      • He’s saying that the shield should cost that, then he would consider it.

    • regkilla

      they will cost way more than that.

  • hkklife

    Fail of the year coming right up, folks!! $200 TOPS is the maximum price point the market will bear for a gadget like this. Look, Nvidia, all we want is a Tegra4-based Nexus tablet before Q3, okay? Is that really too much to ask?

  • dsafdfs


  • PhoenixPath

    Er, um…no.

  • Scott Parker

    “they dropped “Project” and decided SHEILD was a better way to go”


  • mustbepbs


    Oh, they’re serious…

  • Mike Even

    That price point is off the mark. Yes, It’s portable but with all the other sku’s in the space, a $349 price tag is too much to ask. The others that have posted are right on, this should be around $200 compared to the rest of the market. Home console systems are more powerful and cheaper. Plus this design is bulky. Kids will much rather pulled out the Nintendo 3DS then this huge portable system and parents will bark at that cost for a system their kid will barely play.

    • JoshGroff

      I use my DNA, PSP slim, DS lite, or Xperia Play when I want to play games on the go. At the size shield is, it’s certainly not what a mobile gamer would consider portable.

      • Mike Even

        Agreed….This vertical is already clogged up with everyone trying to make a portable gaming device. NVIDIA should just stick with making GREAT video accelerated cards & such. This device bulky as all heck. Could you imagine trying to pull this out on a plane while everyone is still boarding or waiting to take off? yikes!

  • kolle

    5″ on such a big blocky device that doesn’t fit into pockets anyways. why not 6 or 7… i thought this thing is about gaming.

  • Dont forget this thing comes already with a hell of a controller it seems, yes it is ATTACHED but still, a controller like that is easily at least $50. So say $300 for the tablet, $50 for the remote.

    • JoshGroff

      One could get a sixaxis or similar bluetooth controller for cheaper, and $300 for a 5″ tablet, no thanks. A Nexus 7 with a sixaxis controller would be more portable, not to mention cheaper.

  • Price should have topped out at $299.. is the screen touch screen?

  • $349 is just too much for this. Needs to be around $200, then I could justify it.

    • michael arazan

      Not to mention having to buy “their” games and probably won’t have access to the play market just like ouya doesn’t

      • Thinh

        Actually it will have Google Play, so access to most/all android games in Google’s store.

  • WAldenIV

    It’s too pricey and they are probably going to be sued by Marvel/ABC.

    • Tough. While Marvel does own the S.H.E.I.L.D. trademark wrt a collection of superheroes, this device will be known as the nvidia SHIELD, a portable gaming system. Trademarks tend to be quite specific, so it is unlikely that they could be sued, as nvidia’s usage does not imply an acronym in the way that Marvel’s usage does.

  • At that price point, they might find some success

  • I would love to get this, but I think $349 has me priced out…

    • It is a bit steep, though I’d say if a Vita is justifiable at $299, I’d rather bump up to $349 for this device.

      • Yeah, I can’t justify the Vita either. Of the two though, i would get the shield because of the $0.99 games and less. Vita games can be expensive for a mobile gaming fix…

        • JoshGroff

          I thought the base model of the Vita was 249 and the 3G was 299? Even so, I’m perfectly content with my PSP Slim. Vita hasn’t really brought enough new content to the market to make it worth the upgrade.