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Sony Announces Fully-waterproof Xperia ZR, Shoots Cool Underwater Promo Clip to Go With It


Sony announced the Xperia ZR this morning, a waterproof phone that can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, so that you can shoot 1080p video and capture amazing stills under water. You know, because you do such a thing so often. No? Well, it also has a 4.6″ 720p display, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, and 13MP camera that should help you power through most smartphone tasks that do not involve water.

The ZR will come in black, white, pink and mint, and be available in random markets that you probably do not live in, some time starting in Q2. I say that because that’s how all of Sony’s launches work. Even if the phone looks amazing, like the ZL, they can’t get it anywhere near the states except in an unlocked capacity that will run you $700+.

Oh, in terms of being waterproof, the ZR is IP55 and IP58 compliant. That’s really all there is to say about this phone. Now, go watch the neat promo videos below. 






  • Washing the hell out of it afterwards approved. {{-_-}}

  • Sanjay Negi

    Sony launched its best phone ever called as Xperia ZR, able to record videos under water and capture photos. The phone features 13 MP camera and 720 pixels camera, which makes it better than other phones.


  • James Friedman

    What about salt water?

  • primarchlion

    I’m assuming the touchscreen doesn’t work underwater. I was wondering if they had one that functioned underwater but when I watched the videos it looks like they are using a dedicated camera button. Those are nice though, wish more phones had them.

  • Seems strange they put 30 minutes on the clock for how long it will hold up for. Do the seals degrade or something? Weird.

      Seriously though, if it’s really a thing, that thirty minutes, what happens as the phone begins to age, or you’ve taken it into a chlorinated environment 5 or 6 times? Weird.

  • Raven

    This phone would be great for my wife. She already ruined her old Droid 2 by dropping it in the large glass of ice water she always keeps in the console of her car. I called her and heard hello and then “bloop” as it slipped out of her hand into the cup. Amazingly it worked for about 3 weeks afterward until the moisture finally seeped into somewhere that killed the touch of her touch screen. Phone still works as a non touch device, not that you can do much with it. +1 for Motorola build quality.

  • Illinipoke

    Pthh we all know the #1 use will be pron in the shower.

  • Geoff

    what about when you’re at the beach.. salt water?

    • Ian

      Supports fresh water beaches only 🙂

  • neo1738

    1.5 meters depth, that’s 4.5 ft! Most people who go swimming go at least 6 to 8 ft deep at some point. Use it in the kiddy pool guys!

  • Octotron

    If you often drop your phone in the toilet – this is the phone for you.

  • Finire

    Nice… so I’m assuming we’ll never see this in the US, and if we do, Verizon will never have it?

  • T4rd

    Who cares about Sony phones? They refuse to sell them in the US, the only relevant country in the world, therefor their phones are irrelevant =p.

  • Maybe if they kept it at 5in 1080p. Sad. I need a waterproof phone too.

    • Radgatt

      Xperia Z

      • That’s not waterproof under water. Only like halfway.

  • EC8CH


    If you drop the Xphone into water it instantly flashes into steam because it’s so awesome.

    Why? because Sarge says so.

    • radiohead14

      seems legit

  • BubbleSort

    More phones need to be waterproof. People are too afraid to be pushed into pools these days.

    • michael arazan

      My brother got pushed into a pool and and ruined his GNex, put it in a bag of rice did not help. Had to pay asurion $99 for replacement

      Odd fact, if you catch a fly and drown it in a cup of water, and pull it out right after, cover it in salt, submerge it, and it will come back to life. My chef did this once, It really worked

  • I love the concept, but I can’t get over that hideous power button!

  • Irish1434

    Also, likely not sandproof. It gets everywhere.

  • Irish1434

    I’m on a ^$?%?$$ boat.

    • David Verba

      Wow, you messed that one up….

      It’s “I’m on a boat Mother Fu¢ker”

  • Nemesis099

    Why does this only work for 30 minutes under water if it is waterproof?
    I’m just curious why there would be a timelimit.

    • Scott Martin

      in the video, the person activates an under water mode. perhaps there’s some mechanism that pushes a gasket into place and that motor can only hold power for so long?
      it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though. i would put my money on someone seeing 30m and assuming min instead of meters. after all, that metric system uses a different unit of time.

      • neo1738

        Definitely doesn’t make sense as the screen says “Water-Resistance Mode. Please insert connector covers.”

      • redbar0n11

        They didn’t activate anything, it was reminding them to replace the waterproof cover after unplugging the headphone jack…

    • I believe it’s due to pressure. Just like how lifeproof and otterbox can only go so many feet down.

  • Dale Bloom

    May be important to note that the phone says ‘Water Resistance’ not ‘Waterproof’. Does this mean it won’t be guaranteed to work completely submerged?

  • Ian

    I might still worry about the boat, because even though the phone is water resistant, I’d bet it doesn’t float 🙂