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Samsung Readies 5G Technology, Could Hit Market By 2020

Galaxy S4 (Copy)

Samsung reports that over this past weekend, they successfully tested their 5G network. That’s right – 5G! Using 64 different antenna elements, testers were able to pull data at speeds of up to 1Gbps, matching that of the fiber optic speeds we are now seeing in the U.S. from Google Fiber. Now that it has been tested, Samsung is ready to bring it to consumers, but their time frame doesn’t seem very rushed. How does the year 2020 sound to you? 

Under the new platform, users can download and upload data at speeds of up to tens of gigabits per second (Gbps), compared to 75 megabits per second (Mbps) posted by the fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE) service.

Samsung Electronics said it has successfully tested the platform using the 28 Gigahertz (GHz) waveband to transmit data at a speed of 1 Gbps.

We have heard talk of 5G and even 6G from Verizon, but that was nothing in terms of actual testing and implementation.

While 2020 might seem forever away, it’s just 7 years. Not too bad, right?

Via: Engadget | Yonhap News

  • Matt

    Wat would it feature

  • John

    I could care less if they have 10G. Wifi works amazing for me. I don’t stream videos while I’m m driving. Another marketing gimmick.

  • n11

    Sounds fine as 4G is plenty fine, not to mention IT even isn’t everywhere yet.

  • flosserelli

    So Sprint customers should get it around 2030.

  • what is the point. oh..google glasses with 1Gbps. yes.

  • socalrailroader

    Just in time for my 50th Birthday 😀

  • angermeans

    I don’t see how this can work. From some other reports today that surfaced the cell strength is comparable to wifi. They would have to have a tower every city block maybe more. Still, 1gps would be pretty awesome on a phone.

  • ChijiUzochukwu

    7 years! phew that is eternity here on Techplanet

  • Wolf0491

    I’m pretty satisfied with LTE speeds. Heck my 3G speeds or H are even good for me. How about we make batteries last for over one day first ^_^

    • Note 2 user reporting in. Laying in bed fixing to go to sleep, 63%

      • Wolf0491

        Hmm that’s cool. I can go about 2 days or so if I wanted but I have on screen time of like 7 hours every day because I use my phone so much. Also have absolutely no interest in the note. Not hating on it just not me. It could last a year on battery and I would use a different phone still.

  • Prime7

    5G: Now your download speed can race with your battery drain speed to see which finishes first!

  • Finally my unlimited data plan gonna really mean something.

  • Chris

    Makes sense. 3G came out what? 10 years ago? Regardless of the comments bellow We could see the first 5G devices by then…..


    How about improving LTE first?


    Reminds me of Ozzy’s 5G commercial!!!


  • Dain Laguna

    Really droid life? This isnt ‘5g’…the paramaters for what that is haven’t actually been determined yet. The verge already called bs on it…android enthusiast sites shouldn’t fall prey to articles that non techies would otherwise fall for.


      Exactly. Last I remember, the FCC rules state speeds need to improve 10x to be considered next-gen. If LTE maximum is 300Mbps, then 5G would have to be 3Gbps in order to be 5G. Samsung, stop LYING to people.

      • Pedro

        The article mentioned tens of gigabits.
        Isn’t tens more than 3?

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Not sure where you see tens of Gbps, I see only 1Gbps in the article.

          • JoshGroff

            “Under the new platform, users can download and upload data at speeds of up to tens of gigabits per second (Gbps), compared to 75 megabits per second (Mbps) posted by the fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE) service.”

          • duke69111

            Under the new platform, users can download and upload data at speeds of up to tens of gigabits per second (Gbps), compared to 75 megabits per second (Mbps) posted by the fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE) service.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            keyword “can”. In actual testing they got 1Gbps.

          • Its testing…you expecting production ready results from the first test?

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            My point is, they can’t call it 5G until it reaches at least 3Gbps in testing.

          • I would had thought we had learned from the 4G rollout that they can call it whatever they want to call it.

          • Dain Laguna

            Isnt that kinda of the premise of the article?

            Oh wait…the nature of this test is so far away from consumer implementation, its hardly news at all. Fast internet is nothing new.

          • Ian

            LTE “can” do 300Mbps but we never see that in day to day use either…

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            300Mbps have been reached in testing.

          • Ian

            Who’s testing? Not my testing. I’ve never seen LTE testing results hitting 300Mbps. Samsung’s LTE testing shows 75Mbps.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Well you don’t work for Samsung, so obviously you’re not the one conducting the testing. Besides, when they test, they have like 64 antennas, not 1 like in phones.

          • Ian

            Maybe 5G phones will have 64 antennas…

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            With miniaturization, I would not be surprised if phones have 64 antennas in 5 years. Realistically, advancing technology has no limits.

  • 28 GHz?! It’ll work great provided you’re standing next to the tower and it’s not raining.

    • Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      • You clearly missed my point. There are fundamental problems with frequencies this high, such as rain fade, and poor building penetration.

        So this sounds more like ideal conditions in a lab, and nothing like what will be achieved in the real world, if it’s even viable.

        • Yeah you did a poor job on your statement. Sounded like the range was bad that you had to be next to it.

          I’m no doctor so I have no clue how it works.

          • michael arazan

            A 4G tower only produces a range of Quality signal strength for up to 4 miles, after 4 miles the signal weakens exponentially the further away you get.

        • michael arazan

          How fast will my phone Microwave an egg with that technolgy, let alone my brain while holding it next to it.

          Seriously 5G? Carriers had to change the definition of 4G (100 MBps) because there was no way they were going to pay for it, so they change the definition and basically made it a marketing term than a real world scientific innovation.
          I seriously doubt 5G will ever get 1GB, if anything it will get 100MBps and be Called 5G when it is actually 4G.

        • Ian

          Perhaps it was simply a “test” spectrum.

  • While Verizon is prepping 6G for 2015.

  • Bionic

    Samsung radios are too shittty to receive 5G

    • XphoneTroll


    • Better than some of the shyt I’ve seen on others.


        Not better than Motorola’s that’s for sure. Motorola always had the strongest radio coding.

        • Yeah they were good in one key area and lacked in others. Same with all phones.

          • Tony Allen

            That one key area is the ONLY area Motorola is good at though.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Oh ya? What about the battery capacities? What about durable construction?

          • Dave

            My battery life is way better on my GN2 vs. my previous Razr MaXX HD.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            O_o you’re doing it wrong, if the 3,300mAh was not enough.

          • Dave

            When it got JB, it significantly decreased battery life. Just remember the MaH number is your gas tank, and your CPU is your MPG (I realize you probably know this, not trying to be preachy) so a better CPU and a tiny bit smaller battery is going to outlast the other. I’ve reduced my usage per day anyway, but it’s still phenomenal. 24-30 hours with 6-8 hours screen time.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Ya i’ve been wanting that GN2…..Looks like i’ll be getting the Note 3 though, since it’s so close to release

          • XvierX

            I too went from a DROID RAZR maxx hd to a note 2. The jb update to the hd maxx destroyed its battery life. It’s too soon to see how the note 2 is going to fair. I’m on it nonstop so it’s not fair to judge just yet. This phone is dope.

          • Big EZ

            My GN2 has slightly better battery life than my old RAZR MAXX, and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the RAZR MAXX HD battery life compared to OG RAZR MAXX.

    • Dave

      My GN2 outperforms every Moto I’ve owned….which is nearly all of them. The Samsung radio was poor in the past, but look at their recent devices which are much better.

      • Big EZ

        Reception is great on my GN2, but it was better on all my past Motorola phones. If you look at their 2 recent high end devices (on Verizon) they are 1 for 2 in the radio reception departmen, I’ve heard nothing but bad about the GS3 reception on Verizon. I wish that Motorola would put out up to date phones again, and that Samsung becomes consistent with their radios (and that both of them steal boom sound).

        • Dave

          That device is about 12-13 months old….I was referring to their last couple high end devices. The GS4 and GN2 have very impressive radio performance. I was just going by my past 3 motos which consumed most of the battery (not literally) data roaming and switching from 3G to 4G in incredibly strong signal areas. Thanks man…have a good one. I wish Moto could put out a beast too, but I bet it’d just be on par with Q1 specs.

    • Buckoman

      You’re just in denial because your X Phone isn’t going to be as great as you think it will.

    • bigillz

      Agree – my HTC Rezound had much better, consistent reception and throughput than my Note 2.

  • S2556

    Just in time for my contract upgrade to the GSXI. this HTC WON is killing me right now so tired of it. I NEED 16K DISPLAY!!

  • So much for “LTE” I guess long-term in the cellphone industry is under a decade.

    • Yeah cause nobody wants something better /s

    • Chris

      I said the same when 4G was first being talked about. I still wanted my slow, but still fast at the time 3G…..

      not to mention its been a little over 10 years since 3G came out and it took a shot time after that before 4G came….

  • Ravi Rao

    Can’t wait for the HTC Thunderbolt 2 with Sense 12+

  • Not even slightly interested. I need more data not faster data.

    • normmcgarry

      That’s silly. The reason data is restricted is because of the congestion of the technology. Google Fiber is unrestricted while AT&T U-verse is capped at 250gb. I’m assuming 5G will be able to handle the higher bandwidth, so data caps should go up.

      • JetBlue

        I’d like to hope that but with Verizon they have to squeeze every penny out of you.

      • Ideally, yes.


        Congested? You don’t understand how the internet works if you believe the Internet is congested. IF it was congested, there wouldn’t be speed tiers that you can purchase. Everyone would have had the same speed if it were congested. ISP’s throttle your connection purposefully.

        • Chris

          When you have cell towers its a whole diferent story.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Still uses TCP/IP. And the way TCP/IP works, it cannot be congested.

      • JMonkeYJ


  • JetBlue

    No point of being able to pull those speeds if you can’t use it since unlimited data will be most likely gone.

  • Dylan Patel

    I don’t care. Speed is not the issue for me, bandwidth is.

  • 4n1m4L

    Wonder how 1gig a second bills

  • troy studnicka

    WOW is all I can say!!!!!!