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Samsung Galaxy S3 Updated to Android 4.1.2 on T-Mobile, Adds Multi-Window Functionality

Galaxy S3 T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S3 should see an update being pushed out to their phones, bringing them up to Android version 4.1.2. The build number is T999UVDMD5. Inside, users can now access Samsung’s multi-window software feature, allowing for two apps to be used simultaneously, making that multi-tasking machine even sweeter. 

On top of that, Blocking Mode has been added, along with Samsung Gallery, Paper Artist and some enhanced camera options.

New Features:

  • Multi-Window
  • Auto-pairing via NFC
  • enhanced Camera options
  • Sound Balance
  • Paper Artist
  • Samsung Gallery
  • Blocking Mode
  • Easy Mode

Via: T-Mobile

Cheers Clay!

  • Saucey

    Recently my phone has been going downhill since the update of 4.1.2 on my Galaxy S3 with T Mobile. My swipe keyboard takes years for it to pop up when I am wanting to type something, not to mention a lot of my apps now are force closing all the time, and my phone is super slow. I have noticed a slight battery drain from the update after it being installed, and my phone glitches out at the password screen cutting off a couple numbers making it impossible to unlock the phone, unless I am using facial recognition, or I restart the phone. This update is terrible!

  • Flack Culli

    I hate this update also it’s junk if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I hate not having my swipe to call option for one

  • Karina James

    Hating this update my key pad is dysfunctional. Text takes ages as keys are glitchy and unresponsive interface to game apps a knightmare load times longand battery drains even quicker..any fix gladly listened to …

  • william

    My does some of those same things but it also freezes when i try and look at my photo gallery

  • J

    Massive problems with this “upgrade”-4.1.2(if want to call it that). Getting pinged by 100s of email notifications every 10 to 15 seconds(that don’t exist), can’t turn off sounds/vibrate on keyboard, battery getting sucked dry – could go on and on….total piece of crap! Time to go to iphone or BB. You gotta be kidding me – did anybody test this software!

  • Android divorce

    The sound has been compromised Way to go Android!!
    Holy crap sound!!!! Its lower and tinny

  • marsha

    Upset that the swipe to call feature is gone. Is was soo much easier. Fix plzzzzz

  • rovmel

    WHEN I HAVE IT, may contact display icon was is hidden, even my contact photos, how can i fixed it?

  • BJaq

    My Samsung Galaxy Reverb got the same update lol Virgin Mobile here.

  • jonny

    my batt life sucks even more now, i read one person with same issues, any others

  • OhGenie

    I recently updated my phone but I stopped receiving email notifications after that. I need to refresh it every time I check my email. I checked the settings and all but I don’t know what’s wrong. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    • Orphanannie25

      I had the same problem. Try going to your status bar and scroll over to the Sync button and make sure that’s it’s turned on, I hopefully this will fix your issue

  • moe

    anyone else have the notifications for a new text message and not know how to turn it off? when i get a new text message is says “new text message received from bob ( or whoever is texting)”

  • Kristin

    My keyboard keeps freezing and ever since this update I haven’t been getting all of my texts. HELP!

  • siv

    I can no longer swipe right on my contacts to make calls. Anyone know how to fix this? The swipe left for messages still works.

    • req4ret

      I thought I had the same problem, and was searching for a fix. However, I noticed that if you swipe-right, but starting mid-way, then call works. Hope this helps.

      • Anonymous

        I was having the problem that SIV mentioned, but REQ4RET is right … if I start midway through the contact and swipe right, it works.

        Thank you so much!!!

        • JDL

          THANK YOU!! This thread help me a lot. I was having the same problem and was hating that I couldn’t swipe a contact from messenger to call them. Starting halfway is the fix!

      • Patrick Burnham

        Thank you!

  • JD

    Don’t see the notification panel in display settings after the latest update on T-Mobile. Anyone else see the same issue?

  • randy

    I can’t edit my word list anymore and that bothers me. The Swype is getting worse and worse with every update, like its getting harder to text. Just want my word list back

    • Coronaz

      I’m with you on the word list, I even called Samsung direct. They told me the system is supposed to learn from you inputing the words. I think that’s bogus. If you find solution let us know.

  • kathy

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the little half circle that brings out the side bar. It is blocking things on my screen that I want to see.

    • yes go to settings display then un check multi window

    • jennifer welch

      From the home screen press and hold the back button

  • How do you turn off the multi window dock bar thingy? Its annoying me:/

    • yes go to settings then , display then uncheck multi window

    • jennifer welch

      From rhe home screen just press and hold the back button do the same to make it come back

  • Anyone else’s battery running down almost twice as fast now?? I can’t use my phone when I’m at work so I usually had at least 75% when I walked out the door to go home, but I’ve been down to under 50% both yesterday and today by 3pm. Not liking this update so far!! 🙁

    • Renard

      Yes, it is noticebly different. Also lags, freezes, wifi connectivy weirdness

  • Tiana

    Since the update my phone freezes whenever I try to view pictures that I’ve taken on it. I use swiftkey for my keyboard, so no huge issues there. I was just wondering if anyone else is having this issue and knows how I can fix it.

    • I’m so frustrated with this new update. The first sign of problems was the gallery keeps freezing. Now I need to find an alternative to gallery. My homescreen is blank and I’m getting crash errors from ADW Launcher, but it never resets, even when I try to reboot. When I try to add widgets too the screen I get the warning that the screen is full. The list of problems goes on…

  • anonymous

    It sucks! I can’t get my keyboard to work correctly, it caused my alarm to fail, turned off all my reminders, reset my ringtones, is making my screen freeze, and started tutorials to run again. Plus, I can’t get the multi-screen to work. Not very happy.

  • jennifer346

    Not liking this update. My keyboard is freezing constantly, that is, when it decides to show up!!!!! i can’t swipe to call from my call log and my screen gets stuck when I rotate it. Just curious if any one else is experiencing ANY of these problems?!?!?! All the other things I can live with but the fact that my keyboard is freezing is driving me insane!!

    • Steve

      same thing with mine, I hate the update, it’s completely slowed my phone and has made me actually hate my s3

      • Laura Njus Dollarhite

        I agree… I go to answer a text and am waiting what seems like minutes for the keyboard to appear. I’ll take the old S3 back…. Remove the update! I enjoyed my phone more before.

        • b

          I agree, its killing my battery, my apps won’t open or crash insantly and my main menu even locks up, I wand to undo. Can I?

  • lorenzo1112

    every time i click start update on my phone it says ” please recharge your device”

    • jennifer346

      Your battery is not charged enough…you have to charge your device then do the update 🙂

  • Man this crap freezes my phone now my keyboard doesnt respond and my phone does nothing but freeze how the hell do i go back to 4.1.1

    • jennifer346

      Mine is doing the same thing….I can’t get my keyboard to come up when I text…and when it finally does show up it doesn’t recognize my touch!!!! Very frustrating…..needs to be fixed ASAP

    • Diana Munkacsi

      I agree hate the new update. New keyboard horrible keep going to roming!

  • mokee92

    it keeps failing for me. my s3 is rooted and i try to update and it simply fails…! 🙁
    any suggestions?

    • kev2684

      flash stock rom then do update with samsung kies…. or just wait for the stock rom to be uploaded on XDA if it isn’t there already.

      • Stock Rom update is already on xda. By the sounds of it I may just stick with 4.1.1, or maybe, finally install cyanogenmod

  • JAvier
  • mayur

    I dont think Android updates are that much sensible as ios :/

    • me


  • I have tmobile no notification bar? 🙁

  • jennifer

    every time I touch the screen it vibrates and beeps I can’t turn it off! help! I go to my settings and it says its already off omg its so annoying! HELP

    • vinnyvendetta

      I know how. Go to Settings, then Language and Input and go tap on the little cog symbol for the Samsung Keyboard settings, from there you can disable the typing sound effects off (and the typing vibrate if you want).

    • Abc123

      Turn off nfc

      • Abc123

        This should stop the beeping part. I have a credit card with radio transmitter in it that sets off the beeping on my phone when in range and the NFC was what was causing the constant beeps.

        Vibrating, iheart or Tunein radio, can’t remember which, would cause vibrating of phone even when haptic feedback was set to off. Had to get an app to fix that before the next release since that is also a known problem.

  • nick

    I did the update today on my s3 and now my samsung dock will not respond when I put my phone in it. Any answers

  • feztheforeigner

    I want this on all my devices, no ROMMING necessary… Google please just buy Samsung… .

  • john

    They also added page buddy, go to settings then display nd you’ll see it.

  • viewthis66

    does it add the Wifi quick control to the quick controls in the notification bar along with the other quick controls like bluetooth, gps, etc?

    • TheCheapGamer

      Lol what?
      All these buttons are already there…so I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not.
      Mine goes: WiFi, BT, GPS, Sound, Screen, etc, etc.
      Stock Touchwiz…

      • viewthis66

        Not trolling… I should have been clear about what carrier im on, hence the device I have. I’m on Verizon. And on their GS3 device the wifi toggle is not there. It’s a separate control/always notification that takes you to the wifi settings within the device. It sucks balls. Does the T – Mobile version have the wifi setting with the rest of the switches ie GPS, bluetooth, etc?

        • gm49

          I believe the rest of the world has it. That is why so many of us on Verizon rooted and jumped on the first alternate ROM available. In order to fully enjoy the hardware and firmware features originally intended by the manufacturer with the best coverage in many areas of the country often requires additional work for Verizon customers. I’m greatful to the ROM developer community that keeps us ahead of Verizon releases. Currently enjoying 15 toggles, multiple floating windows, Note 2 camera with slow motion video, and 4.2 photosphere running Synergy rom on Verizon GS3.

          • John Huie

            Which rom are you speaking of? Thinking about rooting my s3. Is there a rom that provides the verizon galaxy s3 w/ multi-window support?

          • viewthis66

            thanks for the info. i will def consider rooting.

  • Twofourturbo

    Awesome work Samsung!! Any updates are better than no updates!!

    • Samsung? I believe you mean T-Mobile…

      Samsung doesn’t update your phone. T-Mobile does….

      • It’s Samsung’s software–Samsung’s code. T-Mobile is just allowing the OTA update

        • T-Mobile takes the OS from Samsung and puts their own bloatware on top of what Samsung gives them and all that jazz. T-Mobile then tests the software they have made for their version of the S3 and deploys their version of the update to your phone.

          You can have two phones that are the same model (like an S3), but have them on two different carriers, with the same OS platform and version, and they can both can have different features because each carrier formats the OS for their version of the phone.

          The 4.1.2 update for the S3 discussed here could in fact be different on other carriers depending on what that carrier wants to do with it. U.S. Cellular might not want to include multi window. They might even decide to include other features from the Premium Suite upgrade that the multi window comes from. Who knows? It might not be the same though and doesn’t have to be.

          All carriers format the OS for their phones in their own ways because each company has different networks, signals, etc. To make a long story short, your carrier is responsible for your updates and not Samsung really….

    • michael arazan

      Sprint SG3 got this update 3 weeks ago, split window and floating video screen

      • MR

        TMobile already had the floating video screen on 4.1.1

  • talk about filling up the status bar with crap :-/

    • So turn whatever you don’t need off. It’s okay to have choices

  • Black Roger

    Overrated! Tiny little windows on a tiny screen. I don’t get all the hype?

    • bluu

      4,8″ is tiny?

      • Black Roger

        yes, when you cut it in half I meant

  • come on verizon

    • gs3user

      The Verizon gs3 got the update in feb. So what are you talking about.

      • Aardvark99

        No multiscreen in that update

  • S2556

    I remember touch jizz.