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Disney’s Toy Story: Smash It! is Actually Pretty Great

Toy Story

Usually, I find myself staying distant from anything Disney related on Android, since I expect to find something suitable for my 8 year old nephew before I find something that intrigues myself. Well, I saw Toy Story: Smash It! and since that movie was huge when I was my little nephew’s age, I decided to check it out. I was pretty surprised to find that this game is actually quite good. 

You play as Buzz Lightyear, going around smashing down puzzle building-type structures built by the aliens. I think of it as Angry Birds, but with more action thanks to the over-the-shoulder view we get with Buzz. You aim the balls towards weak points in their buildings, and then let go, then Buzz hurls the objects down towards the blocks. The game looks great and plays smooth, perfect for any grown-up (unfortunately I guess I am one now), and kids too.

The is free on Google Play, but to access special features and additional levels, you may purchase the full version for just $0.99.

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  • Sinistar83
  • Bigwavedave25

    Ah, my kids will love this one! Me too… 🙂

  • Boom Blox: Toy Story Edition!

  • imns

    You were 8 when Toy Story came out? Damn, thanks for making me feel old. I was a senior in high school.

    • Brandon Golway

      Haha damn! I was ten.

  • Mario

    The play looks exactly like Boom Blox on Wii.

  • Cool. FWIW, I’m probably about your same age, and enjoyed Where’s My Water (and even Where’s My Perry, and the Valentine one). At least on some of their games, they do a good job of toning down the annoying kiddiness.

  • Ive had it since it came out a few months ago. Its def fun. Its like 3D Angry Birds.

  • Trying it now. Thx for the post. Droid life is the best!!

  • Kebova1

    If it was only as fun as toy story mania at WDW, that’s a addictive game!

    • Jared Tau

      Ditto, except you don’t have to wait 2.5 hours in between games to play again!!!

      • gabravo2005

        Never waited 2.5 hrs. 45 mins at the most. Thank god for that ride wait time app

  • possomcrast

    Agreed. I bought it right when it came about because I love Pixar and was really pleased that it wasn’t just a cash-in.

  • Silver Veloz

    I’m downloading it now. Loved Toy Story movies. Especially Toy Story 3 (and yes I did shed a tear at the end). Ok, can I grow up now?

  • umataro42

    I got this game about a month ago, and love it. I like it much better than Angry Birds because you can actually see where you’re aiming at, and its Buzz Lightyear, so way cooler than some stupid birds.

    I also have Where’s My Perry? which I understand is a Disney themed version of Where’s My Water, but with Perry the Platypus and the voice of Dr. Doofenshmertz, and that’s pretty fun too.

  • Toy Story, One of my favorite movie series of all time. <3

  • Trevor

    You’re only as old as you feel Tim.