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Video: Nova Launcher Updated, Customize Individual Drawer Icons and New Wallpaper Picker Interface


Over the weekend, Nova Launcher received an updated to version 2.1, bringing with it a few features that really are quite notable. For most, the important feature addition is the ability to change individual application icons in the app drawer. This is highly important when the icon pack you are using does not skin a particular icon, making the theme a bit off when viewed. 

In addition, there is an entirely new user interface for wallpaper and icon picking, controlled by swiping left and right through different packs. It is a very nice update, so if you haven’t yet, go grab it. And if you have never tried Nova before, then you are missing out.

Down below you can see a video I made detailing the newest changes to Nova Launcher.

Play Link

  • The truth

    Yeah I can’t take Sarge seriously. I haven’t read one thing he has said that has come true. I think he just likes the attention.

  • Frank Mora

    The transparent option is under Desktop / Search Bar Style.

    • trixnkix637

      That’s for a transparent search bar, not a transparent notification bar.

  • that is a sweet icon pack. anyone know some good free ones?

  • Seems everyone likes this.. But it’s so far behind go

  • what clock widget are you using here?

  • viewthis66

    i would love to have the option to change my notification bar to transparent on my GS3. bummer that i can’t. Can’t as a non-rooted user that is. Unless someone here can tell me how to.

    • trixnkix637

      I don’t think we can even as rooted users. I’m rooted on CM 10.1 and I still don’t have that option.. Another reason to bump up to the S4 though.

      • viewthis66

        ok, thanks for the info. i am planning on getting the S4 btw. looking forward to it.

  • John

    Hrm. How does one go about getting Google Search bar on top of lockscreen like that? TouchWiz thing?

    • Steve Benson

      That’s not the lockscreen. That’s just Dashclock as a homescreen widget.

      • John

        Oh wow. I’m a f’in idiot. Haha…thx

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  • I liked the feature for wallpaper…so wonderful!

  • jnt

    Would love for them to add the option to change the text size…

  • Tyler

    That LED light on the phone is OUT OF CONTROL! You might want to fix that.

    • It’s a sensor. Part of the S4’s regular behavior.

    • jnt

      and you can’t see it except in situations like this where you’re doing a video recording

      • Tyler

        Interesting, thought it might have been lightflow acting goofy.

  • reggie1225

    Anyone know what the clock app is in top middle picture?

  • Damn I don’t have that option for the transparent notification bar.

    • Hothfox

      I guess you need a ROM that supports transparent status bar. I’m on CM 10.1 RC, and I don’t have that option either. :/

    • Geoff Johnson

      Come on Beans, add that to your Note 2 ROM!

    • rodney11ride

      Paranoid Android has takin transparency to another level… check it out!

  • Uplift

    Which rom are you using?

  • Adam Ismail

    Thinking of finally ditching the stock launcher, so what is the best home replacement out there? I see lots of stuff about Nova here on DL, but I just wanted to ask anyway. Last time I paid attention to this stuff Launcher Pro was #1. My how times have changed.

    • KleenDroid

      While we wait on the Launcher Pro rewrite Nova is a great choice.

      • slider112

        I’ll admit I laughed out loud at this… 🙂

  • iamme

    combine this with holo locker and then both the launcher and the lock screen will be as stock as can be

  • jbdan

    How to get transparent noti bar on walls other than stock Sammy? Root maybe? 🙂
    Thanks for the review

  • Dylan Patel

    Nova Launcher 3.0 is the default launcher for the X-Phone as per Sarge.

    • i would believe it more if it was per Captain i cant take a Sarge seriously!

      • EC8CH

        You best take the Sarge SRSLY… maggot!

  • Just started using this again a week ago. Love it.

  • LaceyJ

    Tim, how did you get it to open all of your wallpapers instantly? On mine (I’m using 2.1, latest) it opens the option of six different apps that then open the wallpapers. I find it hard to believe I’m the only user with more than one gallery app. Is there a way to pick one app to do this?

    • kevin_TeslaCoil

      Apps that supply images or wallpapers have to be launched, but launcher themes that provide wallpapers will load on their own pages in Nova’s picker. Nova remembers the last page you used and returns to it.

      Checkout some of the themes by KovDev https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=kovdev for example.

  • EvanTheGamer


  • stamos04

    what is the name of the clock widget on his homescreen?

    • Jase Quintanar

      Also interested in that clock widget.

      • Arlen

        That would be dashclock widget.

        • EvanTheGamer
          • John Burke

            Not a fan of DashClock.
            Its Extensions are too unreliable.

            WidgetLocker FTW!

          • widget locker doesn’t even do anything close to the same?

          • Daniel Babcock

            I wish, oh do I wish for something similarly awesome for my non 4.2 note 2. Widgetlocker is old and needs a re-write.

          • Widget locker works fine for me but how does that in any way compare to dashclock???

          • No it doesnt. Im a fan of custom lockscreens that can incorporate any widget, either designed by you or a third party using uccw.

          • you definitely have to get into trying out uccw. i really dont demand alot of information on my lockscreen thats what the homepage is for.

          • John Burke

            What’s DashClock do?
            Has shortcuts to Apps, some Extensions display Badge Notifications & some Extensions display Widgets-esque info.

            What’s WidgetLocker do?
            Everything another Homescreen does including everything DashClock does & using MissedIt supports Badge Notifications for ALL Apps.

            I’ve tried to like DashClock but it requires far too many Extensions to give me similar functionality to WidgetLocker & its Extensions aren’t as reliable even the half dozen I’ve paid for.
            So since I can’t get as much or as reliable functionality with DashClock, I consistently go back to WidgetLocker.

          • ice456789

            Successful troll is successful.

  • I still need the ability to add my tabs to my desktop!

  • Is the transparent notification bar only in prime?

    • hh

      The transparent notification bar is just Touchwiz on the Galaxy S4

  • Steven Cornea

    Whats the wallpaper in the video I mean

    • Steven Cornea

      nevermind found it, Kovdev if anyone is wondering.

  • Steven Cornea

    What wallpaper is that?

  • spickle

    eeummm, aauuummm EVERY 2 SECONDS! until you fix it i don’t think you should make videos anymore. so distracted while watching that i have to stop. sorry Tim.

    • Noted!

      • Just imagine us all naked.

        • KleenDroid

          Have you seen some of these Droid Life people? If so you wouldn’t make such statements 🙂

      • Tyler Casilio

        I like your videos, don’t worry about it.

      • I honestly didn’t even notice. I like your videos. Usually very quick and to the point without a bunch of downtime having us stare at a wallpaper for 30 seconds at a time. Well done.

    • Trevor

      Really? I didn’t think it was that bad at all.

    • get off his case. Its mothers day go hug a tree.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Practice makes perfect. Now run along Negative Nelly, don’t let the door hit ya on the arse on the way out!

      Trolls these days! lol

    • Reason number 4,253 why everyone hates Philly fans. A$$holes

  • I thought it let us drag and drop Application groups as icons, which is how i separate my games from other app, but it only lets you drop folders not groups. I was a little sad.

  • what is this wallpaper app?

    • Which one are you referring to?

    • Shaunwin

      I think you are looking for “A Liquid Cloud”.