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Use the Google Now Backgrounds as Your Wallpaper With This App

Google Now Wallpapers

Been looking for an easy way to bring those Google Now backgrounds to your homescreen? An app called Google Now Wallpaper lists them out as little cards and then you simply tap and apply which one you want. A feature that makes it exceptionally neat is that depending on the time of day, it will automatically switch to the evening and then night time versions as well. 

All of your cities and landscapes are there just like in the actual Google Now app. There is San Francisco, Austin, New York, Seattle, etc. And awesomely enough, both versions (an HD version and non-HD version) are both completely free on Google Play.

Note: The apps are currently a little buggy when going back and forth through different wallpapers, but it does work. Just don’t be alarmed if you experience a force close here and there while selecting which wallpaper you want.

Play Link: Regular | HD

Via: XDA

  • any idea if you can zoom out the pictures at all?

  • NexusMan

    This is a great find, Tim. Thanks!

  • Steve Tu

    I like it!

  • jboogie1289

    When are they gonna release other cities or did I miss something?

    • michael arazan

      I live in St.Louis and Now think’s I live in the Mountains. On the other side of Missouri by Kansas you have the Ozarks which used to be the Largest Mountain range in North America 100’s K’s of years ago, but sities with large popular Landmarks are left out?

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Background is zoomed in too much when set.

  • justjmatt

    What widget is that in the second screenshot?

  • It’s a lovely idea, but it just makes the screen look a little bit too “busy”. The detail behind all your icons and widgets just makes it hard to focus on anything so whilst it’s a neat concept, I just don’t buy into it. Kudos to the developer on the hard work though.

    • David Cosme Jr.

      I agree on all accounts. I would probably like it as my lock screen though.

  • fjitb

    Not what I expected on my GS3 you get about 1/3 at best of the entire picture on your home screen 🙁

    • Chris King

      use wallpaper wizard on the play storr to do it

      • fjitb

        k thx I’ll give it a shot 🙂

        • Chris King

          Nope I was wrong

          • fjitb

            yeah it doesn’t work with this particular app, but thx for trying 🙂

    • IrishSid

      U havin a giggle m8?

      • fjitb


      • nick

        miscr detected. what is the icon pack in that image

  • Tim242


    • JetBlue

      Why not?

      • Tim242

        Not 7.

    • valapsp


  • DanSan


    • Cookies are in the mail.

      • DanSan

        chocolate chip?

        • Capt. Crunch

          At least you have a sense of humor