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Soak Test Invites Arriving, Jelly Bean Coming to Verizon’s Motorola XOOM 4G LTE

motorola xoom

Well, we didn’t see this coming today. Jelly Bean is coming to Verizon’s Motorola XOOM 4G LTE. Soak test invites are currently rolling out to those enrolled in Motorola’s feedback program, so this means we will soon see a larger roll out of the update to everyone who still owns the OG Android tablet. To clarify, this version of Jelly Bean is probably the 4.1 build and not the 4.2, which even Google has stated won’t come for the device. 

Here is the invite being sent to owners.


Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We are inviting owners of the Motorola Xoom on Verizon to participate in an early preview of a new Jelly Bean software release, and provide feedback.  If you are not currently using a Verizon Xoom, please excuse and ignore this email.

Click this link “link retracted” to take the enrollment survey if you wish to take part. Note that you must be a member in good standing of the Motorola Owners’ Forums to be included. The registration window could close without notice so please respond as quickly as possible.

This is a confidential test under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Do not post any details or information about this on any public sites.

Thanks — please understand that start times are always fluid. We ask for your patience if you register but don’t hear from us right away.

Motorola Owners’ Forums
Motorola Feedback Network

Who here is still rocking the XOOM?

Cheers M and J!

  • Blue Sun

    I’m hoping that we’ll get an update on this now that Google I/O has completed.

  • I still have mine and this has been a ling time coming, Bought a WiFi only Nexus 7 because there was no need and I was holding out for the update on here. Now to wait for my email.

  • feztheforeigner

    “This is a confidential test under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Do not post any details or information about this on any public sites.”


  • Michael swaim

    My wife still uses her xoom at least once every other day.

  • Thanks for caring such a lot concerning your content.

  • Thunder

    Still using mine daily. Battery lasts all day with room to spare. Looking forward to the update.

  • I use my xoom for my kids to watch movies while eating but i have long rooted and put JB on their myself

  • I hope they fixed the wifi radio. I’m one of the many that suffers from access point death by Xoom.

  • This makes me happier than Michael Jackson at Chuck-E-Cheese’s. Seriously. It’s about time!

  • Still rocking my Xoom 4G LTE, still disappointed with it, still unhappy the update train is pretty much over now.

  • flosserelli

    I love my Xoom. The best $200 I’ve ever spent on a tech toy.

    • Jeff Messer

      I wish I had only spent $200 on mine. 🙂 But even though I’ve tried the Transformer Prime and the Nexus 10, I ended up sending both back because they weren’t better ENOUGH than the Xoom. And I still love the combo of the Xoom with the Motorola case and dock.

  • if possible, I would like to use it

  • Capt. Crunch

    Might as well sell my xoom fe

  • Project piff

    HAHAHHA this made my night

  • droidftw

    I haven’t turned mine on in a year.

  • still use my xoom everyday and commenting using my xoom

  • Cheng GuanHao

    Still waiting for XYBOARD 10.1 and XOOM 2 JB upgrade. 🙁

  • Floyd Gray

    What….THE…..FU$%..didn’t see this one coming. I’ve come to the conclusion that lately with Verizon’s recent policy changes and introduction of so many of the latest phones so far this year (sarcasm). They’ve got one of the most sickest and arrogant sense of humors ever…ever known to man…and this is coming from an A$$hole, even I have my limits. *Sigh*

  • Bionic

    At&t’s X phone mini hit the FCC tonight

    • Not a single fuq was given that day.

    • Anon

      As much as I like Motorola, you are the single most appealing reason to not choose one of their phones next time around.

  • Typing on mine (xoom wifi) as we speak. Switch back and forth between cm and EOS Roms since I purchased in May 2011. Overclocked to 1.5 Ghz and daily use for web browsing, YouTube, CIFS, VNC, spiceworks, and testing my own apps. I still can use the device all day and have over 50% charge. I never let the battery drop below 40% before charging. Like anything, if you take care of it and use it within reasonable means, it will last.

    My next tablet will be the 2nd generation Nexus 10. I just set aside funds for it for my classroom budget for next year. (I’m a 5th – 8th grade computer teacher). Students will love it when we do App Inventor.

  • Tumanator

    What About Xyboard??!

    • Don’t bet on it. The only reason the Wi-Fi and Verizon Xoom models are getting Jelly Bean is because Google makes the stock ROMs for them. The WiFi and Verizon models are defacto Nexus devices in all but their name. International Xoom devices aren’t getting Jelly Bean because those have stock ROMs made by Motorola and they decided not to put time and energy into updating them.

      The Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1 are both listed as “stay tuned for an upgrade decision” on Motorola’s official Android update page. This means the answer isn’t “no” yet, but don’t hold your breath. I think the Xyboard sold even worse than the Xoom did. Stranger things have certainly happened, but I’d be shocked if it got updated.

  • Still have a 3g from launch never got around to the update, I wonder what asuron is replacing them with.

    • evltwn

      probably a Xyboard. LOL.

  • *you meant ‘link redacted’

  • steveliv

    been rockin’ since day one. the xoom is outlasting the competition. it still is snappy enough for everything i throw at it. can’t wait for JB

  • Kyle

    Still have mine, but the battery has been dead for a while 🙂 Had to plug it back in to get the info for the soak test.

  • Wayne Tarapilli

    Been on 4.2 for about six months now running a ROM from dreamcwli on XDA.

  • gabravo2005

    I use my Xoom on a daily basis while serving as a Tactical Flight Officer for a PD….. It’s GREAT!

    • Didn’t a helicopter crash just occur because they were texting and didn’t realize the gas tank was empty? Pay attention.

      • Brian_2112

        Texting…that’s kind of difficult with a tablet the size of the Xoom, especially while flying a helicopter. Besides, I doubt anyone could get away with using one while piloting an aerial vehicle. Pay attention.

        Oh wait, I just wasted my time….you’ve been doing nothing but trolling for a while now. I’m definitely doing something productive with my time.

        • Trolling? First of all, a pilot was texting and it resulted in the helicopter crashing.

          Now this guy is supposed to be working and he’s using a tablet.

          Now who’s the troll. Smartass.

        • gabravo2005

          The large Google Maps display and satellite views is great! Also all crews are a minimum of 2…..

      • mustbepbs

        I’m noticing a trend with your comments around here.

        Nobody likes them.

        • This is the only time. Ha

          I couldn’t care less anyways. At least we live in a country where opinions are our first amendment as a citizen.

      • gabravo2005

        Not sure if you know this but tablets are becoming an integral part of aviation. Maps are heavy, and cumbersome in a cockpit, especially a small one like a helicopter, or a tactical military aircraft. That is why the US military is utilizing maxiPads in aircraft. You slap a Xoom in a RAM Mount and boom, instant knee board….

  • akazerotime

    I would rock this but it has to be better then EOS4

    • flosserelli

      What’s wrong with it? I’ve been running EOS builds for weeks with no problems.

  • fartbubbler

    still use my Xoom daily on my desk at work. Epic device, and incredible support for it!

    • Tiana_Ibarra

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  • Bigsike

    Just bought one for a customer of mine two days ago. Needed it to be 4g capable and take a mild beating as he is a contractor. I know he’ll appreciate this.

  • LionStone

    Wow, truly amazing.