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HTC Posts New Commercials, Touts BlinkFeed Over Digging Like a Gopher


This morning, HTC posted a couple new commercials for the One to their YouTube account. Both videos center around the helpfulness of BlinkFeed, making sure One owners don’t have to go digging like gophers for status updates and tweets from friends. Yes, it’s quite silly indeed. 

While BlinkFeed’s usefulness is still in question by some, Kellen seemed to come around a bit ago to the service. It is quite helpful if browsing random news stories interests you or you need to be involved one hundred percent of time in what your friends are up to. BlinkFeed has its place and time, for sure.


Cheers Davey Jones!

  • Dylan Patel

    #Blinkfeed cult

  • Nick

    The slogan at the end “It’s everything your phone isn’t” pretty much sums up most of the phone commercials these days. They might as well come right out and just say “because you don’t have this phone you are a loser and your life sucks.” Why beat around the bush?

  • jnt

    The good thing is those are normal commercials that simply show a feature and benefit. They HAVE to keep that theme up and go through other features of the phone.

    The bad thing is last night we were at a movie, saw two, TWO, Samsung commercials before the main previews started. Until HTC starts getting that kind of airtime, along with primetime TV commercials, they won’t touch the surface of the general public, IMHO. Or at least they won’t gain ground on Samsung…

    If they really wanted to get in the game, they should create commercials where they do subtle digs, like what Samsung does to Apple.

    • jnt

      For example…

      Show a discussion between two individuals that snap the same photo at a party in low light. One uploads their 13mp pic with a phone that looks like the S4, the HTC One user uploads, shares, etc. etc. before the S4 user has even finished uploading. One user, “what’s taking so long on yours?”. GS4 user, “Oh my phone does 13mp pictures, big files, but super high res, look, compare how mine looks to yours.” They both look, HTC’s looks good and well lit, S4’s looks good and not as well lit. GS4, “Wait, yours looks as good and you can see their faces?”

      … yada yada, you get the point.

      Or the speaker commercial we’ve seen already, they need to get that out there more.

      OR… show a GS4 user struggling with their air gestures and all that vs. the simplicity that is the One.

      We all know there’s more to the story, but all of these commercials stretch the truth a bit. If HTC’s to get in the game, they’ve gotta go full bore.

      • MicroNix

        Or, maybe they show a commercial where they both take a picture outside of the sunset. Being the best sunset they ever saw, the one that looks like an S4 sends it to his printer and gets a beautiful 8×10. The one that looks like the HTC sends it to the same printer and gets a pixelated blob. He then says, “but the blogs told me this was a better camera and pixels didn’t matter”

        Or… show the S4 user getting Key Lime Pie in a few months while the HTC One continues with Jelly Bean. Fast forward a year and still show the HTC One…..on Jelly Bean. Because if history is any indication, this scenario is quite possible.

        HTC has a lot to prove yet.

  • Nick Saulino

    Is there a search function in Blinkfeed? If not, then you’re just going to be “digging” in that widget even longer to find something.

    • There is a search function. You just pull down on the content (from anywhere in the feed, actually) and the menu/options bar appears with a search icon.

      • Nick Saulino

        Thanks. That search actually sounds useful, Like an all-encompassing social search.

    • Tim242


    • Dr0me

      while it should be removable with in sense launcher. This is nothing a 3rd party launcher couldnt fix

  • Chris King

    I like that in both commercials they say all metal phone.

    • Tim242

      Why? It is no different than any other phone. 99% of them will be wrapped in 100% plastic cases.

      • Chris King

        I don’t want a s4 or a Htc I was just saying it’s good to see them play their strength. plus I like my phone like I like my women naked.. I have S3 right now and have not a scratch on the Phone. it’s called being careful with
        it learn about it

        • Tim242

          I have a Note 2. I have also owned a Galaxy Nexus, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Evo, and an HTC Hero. I never used a case with any of them. I never had a damaged device. I work in a cell phone store. 99% of people use cases. You and I are in the 1% minority.

      • Tyler

        Watch MKBHD’s latest video on youtube and the build quality is really apparent when you stress test them both. Every review praises the all metal design why are you acting like its no big deal?
        Edit: both is refering to the HTC One and S4 here is the link to the video: http://youtu.be/jpiPzgBJU9M

        • Tim242

          It is no big deal. HTC has made several aluminum phpnes …Desire, Inspire, Thunderbolt, directly come to mind. Nobody praised them. Aluminum dents and scratches easily. Regardless, most people use cases, so the material is irrelevant.

          • Tyler

            Parts of those phones were aluminum parts weren’t anyway having a metal build matters. Phones made of plastic have a lot of flex to them and aren’t as rigid. Try to bend any plastic phone and you will be greeted with a crackling sound. A case can’t fix that but a case can fix dents and scratches. Watch the video a top comment has the part I’m referring to.

          • Tim242

            The Inspire was all aluminum and glass. The Thunderbolt was an aluminum unibody, with a removable plastic back. My Note 2 does not have any crackling sounds. Plastic being flexible is its advantage. A display is less likely to break, if the surrounding materials have some give.

          • Tyler

            So what you saying is if you hit your phone with opposite forces on each end of the device (ie holding phone at bottom and hit against hard counter or table with the force on the back of the phone) that the give of the plastic would be better? I see it the opposite way.

          • Tim242

            The situation you have described does not happen. Even if it did, there wouldn’t be enough force to do anything. Aluminum would do the same thing. It is a very soft metal, which is why it dents so easily. Dropping a phone is the likely scenario. With the body having some flexibility , it gives the glass some room to breathe. At my store, I see broken iPhone screens every day. I rarely ever see a shattered screen on plastic phones. Having an aluminum phone provides no real advantage. It is something nobody cared about before the One. HTC has been making aluminum phones for years. The software however, was junk. HTC phones are always plagued with hardware issues. The One is no exception. We’ve already had several brought in with the bottom speaker grill detached, and failed earpieces. The body being metal doesn’t magically make it a glorious device.

          • Tyler

            Actually my situation is the same as dropping a phone just the normal force that is being applied to the phone is achieved different. I can get into physics of it if you like. You want to know why you see broken iPhone screens, it’s because they don’t have gorilla glass. How many aluminum phones with gorilla glass 3 do you see broken? It’s probably not any different than plastic. There is always manufacturing glitches if htc has more of them shame on them but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone. My galaxy nexus has a broken vibration motor so that must mean it’s a bad phone. I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

          • Tim242

            When you drop a phone, there is only pressure on one point at a time. iphones do have gorilla glass. The iPhone 5 has gorilla glass 2, which was the latest available at that time. Gorilla glass shatters the same as any other glass. It”s claim to fame is scratch resistant, not shatter resistant.

          • Tyler


            iPhones don’t have gorilla glass. That link is up to date because you can find the HTC One and S4 on the page. But you might be right about the rest.

          • Tim242

            The iPhone has Gorilla Glass, starting with the 3GS. It is not advertised per apple request, just like all of their specs. Corning confirmed it is Gorilla Glass. Google “iPhone Gorilla Glass.”

          • Tim242
    • Richard Yarrell

      Nice to advertise definitely. But nothing special here.

      • Tyler

        How’s that amazing sprint treating you?

  • brkshr

    At least they’re advertising more it seems.

    • daqatafibuv

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  • Reminds me of those old Windows Phone commercials from 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdpQir1sqiQ