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Google Wallet Card Reportedly on Hold, Won’t Be Shown Off at I/O Next Week

google wallet

Remember the physical Google Wallet card that was first spotted back in November? Well, according to sources of AllThingsD, that project has been pushed back after CEO Larry Page received a final demo of it last week, leaving the meeting unimpressed with the “glitchy” service. From what the source states, Page wants something that presses innovation more like Square and other startups are doing currently. 

Although a card is said to not be rolling out, they will be updating Wallet with new rewards, offers and loyalty points to help the service compete and stay relevant to Apple’s PassBook.

Even though this might be a step back for Google, we still wish the service was completely supported on Verizon and other carriers.

Via: AllThingsD

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0!

  • Ted Hadley

    I totally agree. I was so looking forward to this. All of my credit cards and rewards cards available from just one card in my wallet. That is a great idea. Sometimes it’s okay to go analog in a digital world. Bring back my Google Wallet Card please!

  • Benjamin Parker

    Just give us an NFC smartwatch with Wallet loaded. That will solve everything.

  • Well that explains why “What’s new with Google Wallet” disappeared from the IO sessions page.

    • Hmm, a bunch of Wallet stuff appeared on the IO page, maybe it was de-canceled?

  • cancerous_it

    Hmmm, so this is why the VP over Google Wallet is resigning “to pursue other opportunities.” Anyone versed in business knows what that means. Page doesn’t take kindly to failures.

  • I don’t see the point. Sure store money and use it. But I can do the same with a Pre paid Visa.

    • Justin Winker

      This isn’t a prepaid visa.. This is an actual card (I would call it a proxy card) that charges the appropriate card based on the options you have selected in Google Wallet. I.E. you want to charge gas on your credit card, select that in the G Wallet app, but you want your food/snacks on your debit card, then you change it to the debit card in your G Wallet app. Typically, you would leave it at the card you want most purchases to be entered on.

    • EC8CH

      no the point is all your cards can be linked to the G-Card. You then only carry that card and use an app on your phone to select which account is used when you swipe the card. It works just like the google wallet app, it’s just a stop gap measure until NFC is more widely available.

      Think Google voice, but with bank account numbers instead of phone numbers.

  • EC8CH

    The card is just a bridge until NFC checkout terminals are more widespread.

    With that said, I still want one anyway.

    • Justin Winker

      The design looks amazing, and I agree, this would be great for those that have carriers that block Wallet’s services (Thanks, Verizon!), as well as those that don’t have phones with NFC capabilities or a secure element.

  • Bionic
  • Bionic

    Im choosing not to believe rumors that come out of China…….just saying.

  • How’s about a update that tells us it now works with Verizon phones….#sarcasm

  • TheWenger

    Pshhh forget Google Wallet. I want ISIS!

    -No one ever

    • michael arazan

      Screw Verizon, release it in YOUR Play Market, so the average consumer (90 mil on vzw) can start using it.
      Their are laws like the unfair business act that should prevent Verizon from banning this, not to mention c block rules, and consumer fairness laws. EFF VZW

  • Eric Franca

    If it’s buggy/glitchy, why release it? Especially when it’s to do with something as important as all of my credit cards, debit cards, etc. When they release it, it’ll have to be extremely polished and a solid option. I can’t wait.

    • mustbepbs

      They DID release Chrome for Android, and that’s buggy and glitchy…

      • Hah! You’re forgetting about Honeycomb! 🙂

      • Eric Franca

        Hah, was waiting to see which example people used. Well played, sirs. But neither are trusted with holding all of your credit card information in one extremely convenient location.

  • T4rd

    You all sleep in today?! It’s almost noon and this is your first post today! I need moar DL news! =p
    Also, didn’t deem the X-Phone news going around yesterday as news? Figured you all would be all over that this morning..

    • Speculation from an industry “observer” in China doesn’t really sound good to me. And hey, it’s early on the West coast! 😉

      • T4rd

        Blasphemy, I’ve seen you report on less =p.

        • But that’s because Angry Birds Friends is so AWESOME! lol

      • Bionic

        thanks tim, smart move

      • me

        seriously?!?! you guys report on more speculation than any other site!!!

    • Bionic

      dont believe rumors out of china……..plus …….this right here totally contradicts yesterday’s rumors http://www.phonearena.com/news/Motorola-X-phone-to-have-a-smaller-M-version-Droid-Blast-sharing-feature-leaks_id42862

      I have been telling you guys that there are 2 sizes of x phone for how long now? Thanks

      • T4rd

        If the phone/feature has the name “Droid” in it, wouldn’t it have to be a Verizon exclusive since they own that moniker?

        • Bionic

          X phone is on all carriers. That screenshot just happens to be from the Verizon version. The file sharing system wont have the “droid” word included on ATT or T mobile.

          We dont even know if that is the final name for that new feature either.

      • EvanTheGamer

        You’re dreamin’ kid…the X Phone does not exist!

      • Ooh, is it per Sarge?

    • EvanTheGamer

      It might be almost noon where you are but it’s not even 9 here. So….it’s fine. hah