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Facebook Home Updated to Support HTC One and Galaxy S4, Kind of

htc one vs galaxy s4

In case you happen to own an HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 and have desperately been waiting to try out Facebook Home (woah, don’t all start rushing Google Play at once), both of those devices received support for the social network’s Android launcher last night through an update. The update actually took place through the official Facebook app and not the Home app, so be sure to update that one as well. 

After booting up Home on the One, I noticed HTC’s infamous 3-dot settings bar along the bottom and immediately uninstalled. Performance seems quite nice on the Galaxy S4, but after five minutes I’m sure I’ll remove it.

Any takers?

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Cheers Chris and Kaitlin!

  • Kerry Davies

    I really like it as a lock screen. Its way nicer to see pictures than some stupid weather widget.

    • you know theres billions of lock screen replacements that can do that…

  • Will Frame


  • regkilla

    and now Facebook trolls Samsung Galaxy S4 owners.

  • faganm24

    FYI, Facebook Home now works on the DROID Razr HD. It just says that it might not be the best experience.

    • it is not the best experience on any phone…

  • steps:

  • flosserelli

    Thank god. Now I can sleep tonight.

  • TheWenger


  • Justin Barrett

    What’s interesting is that the official FB app had an “Ongoing Notification” checkbox after the update installed. It stayed in the notification bar and you couldn’t get rid of it until you unchecked the box in the app settings. Funny enough, that option mysteriously disappeared overnight.