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Another Image of Mystery LG Device Appears Online, Shows Very Little Bezel

LG Optimus G2

Twitter account @evleaks posted another image this afternoon of the mystery LG device that we have been looking at for the past week. As of right now, our money is still on the idea that this is the Optimus G2 and not Google’s next Nexus, although you just can’t rule anything out these days. 

As we can see in this image, the device has little to hardly any bezel around the large display. If we take last week’s picture and place them side by side, you can see that it most certainly is the same device. The speaker matches up well and the camera is also in that same spot.

While this is still not much to go on, it’s exciting to see OEMs focusing on displays and bezels this year.

lg optimus g2


Via: @evleaks

  • George264

    It looks terrible.

  • Bionic

    I would try LG if motorola went away.

  • Liderc

    Don’t like the logo on the front, and the back is probably very plasticky*, but overall liking the phone. I imagine it is the G2, as they had decent success with its predecessor.

  • Trevor

    I hope it comes with those high quality headphones.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Pictures look like different phones. I am gonna guess that the top picture is a Nexus. The rounded corners is making me think that.

  • Jaboo

    Whatever it is it’s hideous

  • dsass600

    This is way too big for the average consumer

    • Ian Winchell

      how big is it?

      • EC8CH

        bout like this

        • Ian Winchell

          hahaha nice, i was going to make the point that screen size does not matter but rather the form factor, screens can get bigger inside the same form factor by reducing bezel. but man that was awesome, you get whatever that ^ amount is internet points for today sir.

      • dsass600

        Seems like it’s about 5 inches. I used to have a Note II, now I have the HTC One, and I don’t think the average customer is going to want anything more than 4.7 inches.

        • Ian Winchell

          the “average” consumer doesn’t care about screen size, they care about phone size. If I had an op G with a 4.7 in screen and they came out with the op G2 with a 5 in screen, but the phone was the same size, why would i care? Its form factor that matter not screen size, in the past yes the bigger the screen meant the bigger the phone, that is not entirely true anymore, by refining their manufacturing process they can get bigger screen on equal sized phones.

          • coolsilver

            I love the bezel on my Thunderbolt. One the few great things about that phone. 4.7″ and almost all of it is display

  • looking very nice. I have to admit, i have been impressed with LG’s phones since the Optimus G came out. the screens they use, and the build quality is really a selling point to me. i cannot get used to the OS (although their lockscreen is fantastic) though most of that is an easy change.

  • Warwick

    LG LUCID 3?

  • fuzz

    Any word on the material on the back of the phone?

    • theterrorwrist


  • That bottom image looks incredibly fake. On the top of the phone that shine/gloss (or whatever it is) looks like a bad Photoshop job. Just doesn’t appear to be real at all.

    I also think that the phones in both images have differences between them. The bezel looks thicker on the bottom image as opposed to the top image for example.

    I don’t think I’m buying into this at all…

    • I guess it makes no difference to me anyhow being that I would never buy an LG phone. I’m just not a fan of their products.

    • Liderc

      As a photoshop designer, I can tell you that you’re wrong. And the reason the bezel looks larger on the bottom image is because of the angle and distance from the camera. Neither images are photoshopped.

      • Everyone us a Photoshop designer nowadays lulz

        It looks Photoshopped, can be easily, and I believe it is. We’ll see though. I mean, in this day and age with cameras all around why such sketchy looking images? Most times it’s because it’s faked.

        • Do you know how many fake devices are posted on this site? Lulz

  • If this is the new Nexus…DAMMITIJUSTBOUGHTA16GIGNEXUS4!

    • Bob G

      Dude, that is totally your fault! No one buys a Nexus RIGHT BEFORE Google I/O

  • fuzz

    Prob not a Nex since it has that LG logo..

    • schoat333

      This, then again that could be part of the camoflage.

    • You guys know the Nexus 4 has an LG logo on it, right? I get your point, I’m just making sure we’re all on the same page here. 🙂

      • schoat333

        Not on the front.

        • That wasn’t specified.

          • schoat333

            It’s clearly implied, especially since the photo above is only a picture of the front of the device.

          • reggie1225

            Still should have been specified. If it were “clearly specified”, the word “front” would have been mentioned in the first place. You can’t assume people know exactly what you speak of. The more you know….

          • Clearly…

    • EC8CH

      I also doubt Google would go away from the more curved top and bottom profile. That has been pretty consistent since the N1. That phone looks more boxy like LG’s branded devices.

  • asdf

    doubt google would allow oem’s logo on the front of the device…

    • agreed

    • Dylan Patel

      It is not being claimed as a Nexus. Everyone thinks it is the G2.

  • quakashishi

    Hmm I wonder if Verizon will get this. :/

    • J Davis

      With the bezel being so little it leaves no space for the Verizon tramp stamp in the front so i doubt it..

      • Chris Brunetto

        haha, Verizon tramp stamp made me lol. well done sir.

      • I-Troll-U

        Verizon would etch it into the glass 😉

    • Liderc

      Haven’t you heard, Verizon is no longer accepting any new devices from any manufacturers. They think their low prices are good enough to keep them afloat. /endsarcasm

  • if this is the next nexus…. oh my goodness

    • But nobody would buy it cause it’s too big /s

      • XphoneTroll

        So wrong What you said! They like Em big 😛

        • Guest

          Thats what she said..

          • qygakafuryme

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      • Timbo1

        That’s subjective. Plenty of people enjoy large screens on phones.

        • You must be new here.

          • Timbo1

            Nah, just been a while I have been here since the OG Droid days…..

          • XphoneTroll

            Where have I heard this line before…. Hmmmm do you go by another name say ReturnOfTheMack?

      • not sure why everyone missed your /s


      Still too much bottom bezel. Add on screen buttons to that and it’s as bad as the nexus 4.

      • blub

        yea, i wonder when people will get that on-screen buttons only make sense when the bottom bezel is almost non-existant.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    That is one sexy looking phone. I hope the next Nexus looks similar to that.