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Video: ASUS Teases Us With Possible New Transformer Tablet at Upcoming Computex Conference

asus teaser

It’s been a full year since we saw the last launch of an ASUS Transformer tablet. The Infinity came out in February of last year and since then we haven’t heard much from ASUS about their flagship line of Android tablets. Today though, ASUS has taken to YouTube to post a teaser for this year’s Computex conference which has the tagline “We Transform.” Excited? 

Now, the video doesn’t come out and say that a new Transformer is coming, but it is a full minute of philosophical thoughts on “innovation” and “moving forward” so it is not too much of a stretch to get to that point. Not too long ago, the Transformer series was seen as the best tablet line that Android had to offer, so it would be good to see another shot at it. The conference is only a month away, but you can bet we will hear more before that comes around.


  • Eye4Detail

    Still waiting for Asus to come out with a “Min-finity”. Everything the Infinity has (including dock option) in a 7-8″ tablet. That is the tablet I’ve wanted since the Memo was teased at Nvidia’s presentation at CES 2012.

    I love my Infinity but if it were mobile instead of just portable, I’d never go anywhere without it.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    So this is the rumored 7″ or 8″ Transformer tablet? Hopefully it isn’t low-end like the Memo Tablet.

  • heijiu891


  • p0k3y

    No more Asus tablets for me – I have had TF101, 201, 300 and 700. Every one lags big time.

  • xpyroxcorex

    if this is an asus android tablet with a wacom digitizer i am SOLD!!!!!! that would be freaking awesome.

  • wm snyder

    the tf700 sucks not enough ram!!!!

  • WickedToby741

    It will be interesting to see if this is one of the rumored Intel Android hybrids. I think Asus was rumored to be making one.

  • S9779

    It’s going to duel boot windows 8 and android 4.0. It will have a 4k display and 16 gigs of ram running on the super snapdragon pro 24 core cpu with 4 gigs of dedicated ddr5 vram. It will have wife 802.11 a b c g n ac. On board storage will be limited to 8 gigs with no additional slot

    • WickedToby741

      “Duel” boot? Is that where Windows and Android fight to the death to be the default OS?

      • S9779

        Yes sir pistols an high noon. Give me a break I was using voice to text.

        • Thus having wife 802.11 instead of WiFi xD

    • Transamturbo350

      Hahahahaha sad part is one day this will be true tho hahaha

  • Bartheli

    I enjoy my TF700

    • epps720


  • droidify

    Maybe the new model will “transform” into a giant wifi and gps antenna and provide all the TF201 users in the area with a decent signal.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      You win my good sir.

      • michael arazan

        Hopefully the New one will also drop in price dramatically for competitive pricing.

    • Kate Perry

      Another hybrid model to launch this week is the Hummingbird PX103 — a “Transformer style” 10-inch device with impressive features for a mid-range tablet and offers a hard cover with reversable built in keyboard that easily snaps into place, with features that include the latest Rockchip Quad Core processor and an HD 1280×800 IPS screen; along with Bluetooth (works with built-in keyboard), HDMI, Dual Cameras, a 7000 mAh battery, Android 4.2.2 and Google Play… it offers a thin 9.6mm profile, weighs in at only 1.4lbs… and is priced at $239 with more details available at a site called Tablet Sprint — A 3G – HSPA+ edition is also expected in June.

  • Derin Richardson

    Please…Just no more Tegra…

    • Agreed and make sure there is no interference with the antennas.

      • j__h

        That was a metal case issues, no?

        • MKader17

          Depends if you ask Asus or a Tf201 owner.

    • Mind sharing your thoughts on what might be wrong with the Tegra platform?

      • trwb

        Heat. They get too hot.

        • j__h

          Not my nexus 7, and the battery life is great

      • Derin Richardson

        Well not with the Tegra platform in general, just coming from the standpoint of owning a Asus Transformer Pad 300–intermittent performance issues, mostly. I commonly cleared my caches, which gave some respite from the sluggish activity but only briefly. I’ve run into other problems as well, such as exorbitant battery drain (even with running only half of the cores in eco-mode). With each firmware update, the problems seemed to compound. Besides that, Tegra 3 for Asus just didn’t seem like a good match. GPU issues with games like shadowgun and Dead Trigger just became the bane of all my patience, so I just stopped trying.

        • Yeah, that’s understandable! Sorry to hear about the troubles. Thanks for the reply 🙂

        • neo1738

          Tegra isn’t the problem it’s the on board flash memory they use. It’s SUPER slow and not fast enough to be used for an OS. This is why read/write speeds are slower than dirt and if you are downloading or installing an app update the tablet is basically stalled (even on my infinity). I for one would never buy another Asus tablet until they show they have upgraded the flash to something usable. Love my infinity but it just can’t keep up :/

        • Raven

          I can’t say about the TF300 series, but I have a new found love for my good old TF101. I had grown quite frustrated with it after they attempted to update it to ICS and messed performance up badly. Many games that I used to play would simply crash to the desktop after a few minutes. Then, something went really wrong and it got stuck at the boot screen. So, with nothing to lose, I flashed TWRP on it and then flashed the Android Revolution HD custom ROM on it. Not only did that fix it, but I could not believe the difference it made in performance. If I had not seen it myself I wouldn’t have. According to the creator of ARHD he started from an essentially stock ASUS ROM but then fixed up some memory settings and updated it to the latest NVidia drivers. Now, I would say that my TF101 easily keeps up with and sometimes seems even smoother than my work TF201. It has now become my primary gaming device and everything runs on it without a hitch. Even scrolling web pages seems smoother than on my TF201. It is amazing what just some software tweaks has done for this old tablet.

      • MKader17

        I’ll also be considering the next Transformer only if it is not Tegra based. The Tegra 3 in my 201 just gave me a sour taste as I/O performance and read write were terrible. I wanted desperately to use my transformer as a light laptop replacement but there were too many issues.

    • WickedToby741

      Might be Intel powered.

    • Raven

      I was actually having the exact opposite thought. I love my good old Transformer TF101 so much, but it is getting a little dated, so I would love to see a Tegra 4 based Transformer so that all of my Nvidia Tegra optimized games continue to run well.

  • Justin Kos

    Not really, my nexus 7 is awesome

    • This is a 10in tablet. Way different then nexus 7.