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Google and Instruments’ Map Diving Looks Like an Awesome Skydiving Simulator

Map Diving

Next week, tech fans from all walks of life will converge in San Francisco’s Moscone Center for Google I/O. On hand will be the world’s latest and greatest in tech innovation, including this new one called, Map Diving. Developed by Instruments, a start up out of Portland, in partnership with Google, puts years of data gathered by the Maps and Earth teams to good use in a skydiving simulator game. It’s like the 2012 I/O keynote minus Sergey Brin! 

Apparently it will be in SF next week while the DL team is there for I/O, so you can promise yourself that either Kellen or myself will give it a try for you!


Via: The Verge

  • wait, so Google Maps is telling us that there are rings and collectible stars up in the sky? this changes everything!!!

  • Ibrick

    Skydiving is something that I don’t think can be simulated..
    Definitely something everyone should do at least once.

    • all they need is to add a really big fan in front of you 🙂

  • XvierX

    What’s the classified bonus?! To steer into Iron Man’s flight path and be rescued?

    Sorry, just watched Iron man 3 and it’s still on the brain. =P

    On that note, how cool would it be to be able to fly around the world like Superman? I wonder… Imagine learning how long it would take to fly from work to home. haha

    • Bionic

      I was really not thrilled with Iron Man 3, it was just ok

      • Ian

        Was it by chance, the lack of X-Phones used in the film?

        • Bionic

          good one

      • XvierX

        Most flicks nowadays fail to live up to the hype… Meh. I thought it was better than the prev two

  • Steve

    Very laggy, especially that leftmost panel. Wonder if it they have Wily Coyote effects?

  • radiohead14

    reminds me of star fox

    • This would be worth the effort if you could do a barrel roll.

      • michael arazan

        This isn’t Iron Man

  • Kane Stapler

    Thanks for rubbing this in our faces Tim. It reminds me of the 3D building flyover that they had set up last year.