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Tuesday Poll: Do You Care About Google Glass?

google glass

I actually can’t believe we haven’t asked this yet, but I feel as if it’s time. Google Glass has been everywhere as of late, now that it is in the hands of developers (and random media outlets who probably have no business with them). We’re seeing personal video clips of hockey games, trips to the park, go-kart races, and more, all through Glass recordings. There are venture capitalists (with agendas) running around telling people that this is the future of tech, while others are quick to refer to it as the next Segway.

But does anyone really care at this point? Like, if you are an average consumer or even semi-addicted tech enthusiast – and aren’t a developer or someone who was foolish enough to drop $1500 on Glass to be an “early” adopter – has any of what you’ve seen turned you into an interested party? Or are you bored to death by it? Can you not wait to get your hands on a retail unit, whenever they drop? Or will you never be caught dead wearing the Segway-for-your-head?

Do You Care About Google Glass?

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  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I’ll like it when it more when it comes down in price.

  • JohnPA2006

    I’m Taio Cruz and I approve this message.

  • kevintufts

    I just got LASIK…. so no not interested.

  • the_real_patrick_bateman

    I’m not even the slightest bit interested in wearing one of these things. I don’t even like bluetooth headsets. I am kind of curious to see what people do with them, just because it’s kind of an interesting concept.

  • dgarra

    As long as 1) Tracking / GPS software for Snowboarding and Skiing comes out and 2) It can be used for an Altimeter for Skydiving (much like the Recon HUD / Flight HUD but better, which wouldn’t be tough) I’ll be buying these. Being able to mark jump run and identify landing areas using AR would be absolutely amazing, plus a camera with no snag point is a great safety feature. Also seems tremendously useful for hiking, kayaking (if water safe), rock/mountain climbing, etc; Lots of potential, hope it comes to fruition.

  • Steve

    Google Glass…. What a waste of resources. I mean, do we really need wearable computers. Look, I love technology just as much as anyone else but I dont feel the need to have it invade every part of my life. It sure is a cool gadget though and it would be cool to see what developers come up with but again, what really is the point. I see no real reason to wear one of these things other than the brag factor. Everything Glass can do is already available on our phones and to be honest with you, I dont use half of the capabilities of my phone. I’m willing to bet most people dont. To me, I think if I saw a person wearing Glass in public I would sneer at them in the way I do for those goof’s who wear their blue tooth headsets everywhere and actually use them everywhere. There is nothing worse than having a person talking on a blue tooth device because the fools forget that there are other people in the world, they get loud, repeat things incessantly, or generally just look like daft idiots. Bluetooth in your car for hands free use, 2 thumbs up, bluetooth use in public places, stores ect – you’re an idiot. Is it really that hard to hold a phone to your ear? Google Glass – total waste of resources. Sure, it would be cool to walk around New York city and have pop up information superimposed on your vision, but honestly, after 10 minutes of it, I bet most would get bored with it. The resources could have been better spent.

  • umataro42

    I’m interested in seeing what developers come up with and what the beta testers use it for.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I’m firmly in the segway-for-the-head crowd. I think the recent SNL skit was closer to reality than many would like to admit. Some people think stroking a touch screen is emasculating. Wait until they see the looks they get wearing Google Glass in public.

  • Finire

    I just payed 5k to stop wearing glasses… I’m not going to pay more to start again.

    Trust me people, glasses 24/7 suck.

    • Ibrick

      The way I see GG moving is away from glasses eventually. Think, the Google Glass, without the glasses.
      Probably a couple few years at least away from something like that, but this is the direction I see Google moving with this. I really believe it will replace the smartphone at some point.

  • Pat Hamilton
  • To me, it’s simply amazing that it has come to fruition and I cannot wait to see what developers do with it. For now, I see no use for it for me.

  • Rex33

    I care more about Developers doing apps for Android Tablets. I WANT MORE ANDROID TABLET APPS!!!

  • SMD

    They need to make it so that when people are speaking a foreign language that it’s translated automatically in front of your eyes. That would be cool.

    • michael arazan

      I think this product is going to be great, it has many applications just for people with disabilities, as well as being an educational tool. The possibilities are endless

  • J. Gilbertson

    Just give me a wearable go pro cam with Bluetooth connectivity to my phone and an app. That’s all I would want to use it for honestly. Pictures and videos. Other than that a vehicle mount for my phone suffices for all the other uses that I might be interested in.

  • Ibrick

    Honestly I could see Google Glass replacing the smartphone at some point.
    The possibilities are pretty much endless to what it’s capable of..

  • itsgonnalast

    I want to use both Glass and the Google self-driving car, but I think both products will need some time for the legal issues to work themselves out.

  • Mr ilheis

    I’d like to know if the people who are really interested in it already wear glasses (prescription).

  • Nope, could care less to be honest.

    • hyperbolee

      You could care less? How much more could you care less?

  • Sirx

    I for one was just glad to see that the third option reads “I COULDN’T care less”. Otherwise, I would have set holy grammar fire to droid-life 🙂

  • S2556

    If you hide it behind some sunglasses maybe. The only real draw it has for me at the moment is the hypebeasting surrounding it. If I didn’t see articles on it daily I would have no interest unless it took off in a year or 5.

  • yummy

    Once somebody mounts it inside
    a bike helmet, I’ll take another look

  • paul_cus

    nope…phones and the occasional tablet are all I care about in mobile.

  • Jeff Broders

    I had Lasik surgery because I hated wearing and being dependant on glasses and /or contacts. However, situations where glasses are required for safety for example, I think having a heads up display or whatever they actually do would be great. Maybe put crew members interacting with driver perhaps. In real life everyday applications I think they are horribly gaudy and presumptuous. People walking around holding their cell phones while using a hands free device already bug the living he’ll out of me, I can’t imagine how distracted and irritating a person would be with fancy fake glasses and an earpiece!

  • I-Troll-U

    I can just see all the privacy lawsuits this tech will cause..

  • If there was any way I could be a part of it now, I would be. Darn money!!! I hope to be a part of a future program, especially when they release prescription versions – I can’t wait! Some day!!!

  • JoshGroff

    When they make a version compatible with prescription glasses, I’ll be interested.

  • Thomas


    After reading this it has a long way to go before it peaks my interest.

    • After reading that, I wanted to get one even more… different perspectives I guess 😉

  • KyRuMo

    I want a live feed from Michael J. Fox’s Google Glass

    • LMFAO Best comment on here. I’m going straight to hell with you. =)

      • KyRuMo

        Already There

  • MKader17

    I keep thinking about how awesome it would be for long distance cycling. Navigation if you need it, the ability to take a quick phone call (to tell the loved one you are okay). Control Pandora, keep track of HR, etc.

    Not that it is necessary, but it would be cool.

  • Damian

    1. The price needs to drop
    2. I’d like to see more application development for it
    3. I need a unit that would work with prescription lenses
    4. I also don’t want to be the only person in a crowd wearing one and feel awkward

    • MKader17

      Do you mean the price need to drop from the $1500 developer price or drop from the unannounced consumer price?

      • Damian

        Of course the $1500 price, I wish I had that kind of money. But maybe for a few hundred dollars it would be a good buy as is.

    • Justin Winker

      The $1,500 price isn’t a “consumer” price – it will definitely be released at a lower price. I recall something from last year saying the price point they would shoot for would be around $200-$300, which would be very reasonable, imo. Don’t know where I saw that info though.

    • Mitchell Feigley

      I think the price will be lower than people think. Google already sells a smartphone at half the cost of other smartphones. Also it wouldn’t make sense to sell a smartphone accessory for more than the cost of the smartphone.

  • Übergeeks fail to grasp that not everyone wants to be like them … and those Google-goggles — just ridiculous, dangerous, and rude, rude, rude (blatantly and shamelessly no sense of boundaries or common sense and courtesy).
    Fred Armisen’s weekend sketch was funny but there are hilarious clips on YouTube.
    Disclosure: Live in “Silly Valley”

    • TuckandRoll84

      I’m guessing you don’t understand how trends work. Tell me how sagging your pants wasn’t ridiculous, rude, and dangerous. And think of all the people who ended up like the ubergeeks when smartphones caught on.

    • Bryce Mrozinski

      Yeah iPhones in 2007 were only for ubergeeks also, and well we all know to well how those contraptions did..

  • Stoker

    I care. It’s important to me that it fails. LOL. Seriously, though, I think it’s clearly an early adopter only first gen product. We’ll have to wait and see how pragmatic the tech is over time.

  • Yagermeister

    I’ll be interested when the price is $199 or $249

    • JoshGroff

      150-200 and bring your own frames with prescription compatibility, and I’d be interested. I’d consider paying more depending on the features, but having it be an attachable device would be cool.

  • ToddAwesome


  • Ian Winchell

    i am very interested in it as a retail device, until it reaches that status I’m not too worried about it. I’m not interested in what it costs now, I’m not interested in what the specs are now. Thats not to say i don’t love seeing new development with it, or i’m not interested in talking about it, but most of what’s talked about in regard to it, is either FUD about privacy/security aspects or people commenting on it when they clearly haven’t done their homework. So I’m not really interested in talking about it as much as i am seeing it.

  • Pedro

    In its current form and price? Nope.
    When it becomes a simple add-on to existing hardware, maybe.

    And the fact that it will require Google to develop a BLE driver for Android, hell yeah!

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’m only interested in Google Glass if they’re reasonably priced. Anything over $299.99, no thanks. I’ll just wait for a price drop at that point.

  • Shane Redman

    Why is pictured person’s hair so full of dandruff???

    • snow

      • Ian Winchell

        maybe coke? could be that kinda party, you never know.

        • Ibrick

          We’ll know when Kellen and Tim do their show from I/O.. 😉

  • In it’s current state it seems pretty lacking. The next generation might be something that will catch my attention. It doesn’t have it’s own radios now so you need to tether to your phone constantly, which will drain the battery quickly.

    Add that and it will actually be a smartphone on your face. Maybe even have that larger screen interface we saw a patent for last week.

    • 4n1m4L

      which patent? I must have missed something

    • Sp4rxx2k7

      What battery are you talking about? Dunno about your phone/tablet/whatever, but with bluetooth enabled/synced, wifi on for Google Now and 4G LTE antenna enabled on my phone, I don’t see that much drain …

      Maybe 1st gen Android phones …. like the G1? lol

      • I don’t have Glass so I don’t know first hand, but I’ve heard your battery dies pretty quickly when tethered to Glass.

        And I have the VZW Gnex, so the battery is already awful.

      • You must not have a GNex lol

  • Kane Stapler

    This is something that is impossible to tell how you feel about it until you use it.

  • I have a bad habit of being an early adopter with technology. I keep telling myself to at least wait for the 2nd generation of Glass, but most likely I’ll get the first release.

    • Same here. Honestly, the idea of Google Glass has me over the moon. Just thinking of my trips to Boston and NYC. An actual first person view. You’ll catch all sorts of cool things you’d never imagine with a typical cam.

    • 4n1m4L

      I feel on the opposite side. I waited to buy a nexus Q and instead had to buy them off of Ebay. Wish i had pre-ordered.

      • J

        You could of bought mine for a great discount as I never use it. The Q, I mean. My Glass is pretty awesome and I’m not selling that!

        • stevobail

          wanna sell me your Q?

  • mustbepbs

    Seems as unnecessary and ridiculous as smart watches. We don’t need gadgets to control our gadgets.

    • Steve Thornton

      oh so you dont need a tv remote then, oh wait…..

      • mustbepbs

        Except the TV comes with a remote.

        My smartphone doesn’t come with a watch.

        • Ian

          But it could…

        • Sp4rxx2k7

          Not yet …. and given the fact that TVs could still be controlled by getting up and changing the channel YEARS after the introduction of the remote, that pretty much negates your argument there.

          fast forward to Glass, and depending on the tech, you may have the option of getting Glass for your prescription set of specs ….

          Just like 3D TVs – you don’t have to buy one, but they are there and you can still watch regular TV on them with the 3D option later ….

          give it time – just like every other tech that rules our lives, this, if not something else will …

          given your icon, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE

    • I find smart watches actually very useful. Being able to do certain things without having to take my phone out is nice, especially while at work. Much better than taking my phone out to check on things in certain circumstances.

      However, glass I’m not so sure. It’s definitely cool.. but I can only see myself using it around my house or neighborhood, not with my non-techy friends who would find it weird looking to wear.

      But.. if the made it look like a scouter from Dragon Ball Z, I wouldn’t care. :p

    • Aaron

      i completely agree. it seems like an obnoxious, gimmicky, unnecessary product.

      my opinion will likely change, but at this point, Glass just seems dumb…

  • I just dont see any use cases to justify the likely high price. Developers can do amazing things, but I dont know about Glass.

    • Price will be reduced later.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    To me buying Google Glass would be like buying a new smartphone. I want to see/try it first. Given the circumstances however, this is a product I would make an exception for.