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How to: Install Third Party Apps and Watchfaces on Pebble

pebble watchface apps

I know that we have been quiet on the Pebble front since doing our review a couple of months back, but we were sort of waiting to see how the app ecosystem was coming along after the release of the SDK. To put it plainly, it’s booming. There are hundreds of apps, watchfaces, and games for you to download to your Pebble. The concept of the Pebble smartwatch that we first saw during its Kickstarter days is now becoming a reality. So to make sure that all Pebble backers and early adopters know how they can take advantage of this new 3rd party app and watchface experience, we thought it was time for a quick tutorial. 

In the video below, we’ll walk you through browsing the best sites for apps, finding ones you’d like, and then eventually installing them. It couldn’t be easier, in case you were wondering. Just make sure your phone is paired to your Pebble through the official Pebble app, load up one of the two sites we have listed below, and get to installing.

Fully detailed instructions in the video.


Links:  MyPebbleFaces.com | Pebble Forums

  • mcdonsco

    Wish I would have been a kick starter donor on these…They were getting them for $100 and now they are selling them on eBay for $220+ – Get one for yourself for free and more than double your money…not a bad investment.

    Damn it.

    Had I thought about it more than reading the kick starter article on it (as an actual investment) I would have done the $10,000 donor one…100 Pebbles, keep one and sell the other 99 for a total of around $22,000, more than doubled the investment in what, less than a year? Jesus.

  • sciroccohsd

    I’ve been downloading the pdw file from the web on my PC and saving it to a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Skydrive…. Then launch the cloud storage app from my phone and click on the pdw file. Done.

  • Andrew
  • xHabeasCorpusx

    TIL what 1×8 is. Thank you. JK, this video helped. Wasn’t aware of myprebblefaces.com

  • belsonc

    Also, if you don’t feel like browsing the web on your phone (I know I’m not a huge fan of it myself), you can look at the watchfaces on those sites on your computer and (I think) mypebblefaces has a QR code you can scan to get them onto your phone…

  • Andy

    Can anyone identify the launcher he’s using in this video?

    • nova?

    • Stock Android. 😛

      But my nav buttons are themed to be like the HTC First buttons.

  • Wheels

    Dang I want one now!

  • safad

    Looks like someone has a Pebble stiffy today.

    Spoiler: Not many people have them.

    Maybe you should report on ANDROID stuff.

    • belsonc

      Hmmm… sounds like you should ask them for your subscription fee for this website back.

      • owned


    • Andrew

      You’re misinformed. Over 60,000 Pebbles have shipped. I’ve had mine for three months.

      • Ben

        On the grand scale of things, that’s not a whole lot.

        • Kane Stapler

          Considering they are almost done with all Kickstarter orders its a lot.

    • I dont have one. I enjoyed watching this. Clearly shows a pebble in the picture, why did you open this post?

    • Ian

      Feel free to start your own site.

    • Seth Schorr

      This is Android stuff (as you put it) and this watch was definitely worth the wait. More Pebble stuff (sic)

    • michael arazan

      The nerve of them reporting on technology on a technology site. Where is the porn!?