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Google I/O 2013 Predictions, Speculation, and Rumors: New Nexus Q, Android 4.3, Chrome Dongle, New Gmail, and More

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Google I/O 2013 is next week. Hard to believe, right? It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were freaking out as the Nexus 7, Nexus Q and Jelly bean (Android 4.1) were all being unveiled through Google Play as we were entering the day 1 keynote of 2012’s I/O. But here we are, almost a year removed from that event and six months out from Google’s cancelled winter event that was supposed to feature the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, new version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2), and an updated HSPA+ version of the Nexus 7. So as we approach next week, we thought we should drop some of our own predictions, include a few rumors that are floating about, and even a few whispers that have entered our inbox over the last week or so.

Ready? Here is our list of Google I/O predictions. 

  • New Nexus Q:  We’ve talked a lot about the return of the Nexus Q on various DL Shows, because we all love the idea that it could become something phenomenal. As you all know though, the Nexus Q was announced at I/O last year, then essentially killed off weeks later before it ever shipped to anyone. Google realized it had either half-assed the product or that it really was lacking any sort of real functionality that could justify its steep price. So is it going to return? Sources of ours have led us to believe that it is indeed returning, only this time with an emphasis on gaming. Details are scarce, so we aren’t sure if it’ll take the OUYA approach or be something different altogether. There is also a chance that the hardware changes to be more cube-like, however, I hope that it doesn’t. I personally love the hardware of last year’s Nexus Q.
  • Gaming Center:  Proof of an Android-powered gaming center surfaced a couple of weeks ago through a teardown of the Google Glass .apk, so we’re pretty sure this is happening. We’re talking in-game chat, lobbies, leaderboards, and achievements across all of your Android devices. At this point, we’d be surprised if this new gaming center doesn’t show up, especially after seeing the Google I/O sessions list which talk about “developments in mobile gaming.” If the Nexus Q information we received is also on point, a gaming center would fit nicely into that type of hardware.
  • Android 4.3:  There have been zero signs that Android 5.0 is on the verge of a release. Reports across the tech blog world (including our analytics) show only that an Android 4.3 exists. It’ll likely still be Jelly Bean, just like Android 4.2 was. So what happened to Key Lime Pie? Your guess is as good as anyone’s at this point. I’m sure it’ll be here, but for now, life is with Jelly Bean.
  • Babel:  Google Babel is the new unified chat service from the search giant that we have been leading the charge on in terms of coverage. We were the first to report the name “Babel,” provide the feature list for it, give an idea as to which of Google’s services it’ll take the place of, and which platforms it’ll launch on. From what we understand, it’s definitely on the way. While we can’t confirm that it will for sure launch at I/O, how could it not? Google’s developer event is the perfect place to launch a new unified chat service. Keep in mind that another insider is reporting that it may actually launch publicly as Hangouts.
  • New Gmail:  According to an insider who has taken a liking to The Verge’s forums, Gmail will get an overhaul and launch at Google I/O. It’ll be “Holofied” with a slideout navigation panel. I’d assume that means it’ll look a lot like Gmail for iOS, which we have been waiting some time for. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was improved even over the iOS version.
  • Wearable Tech (Google Watch, Glass, etc.):  Do we even need to mention that Google Glass is going to be everywhere at I/O this year? It’s a given, right? OK, moving on. We have seen rumors suggesting that a Google smartwatch is in development by the Android team. While I can’t say for sure that we’ll see this at I/O (thinking more holiday season), I’m pretty certain they are indeed working on Google Watch with NFC built in.
  • Chrome Dongle:  Chrome OS will most certainly have another major presence at I/O once again this year, but the big question is, “In what form?” How does a Chrome dongle sound? I’m envisioning a product similar to those Android-on-a-stick drives, only this would contain Chrome OS and be plug-able to almost anything. I’d imagine that this would also be an insanely cheap way for Google to push Chrome OS, even more so than their ultra-affordable Chromebooks. Seems wild, I know, but think about it.
  • What about new Android devices? (Nexus 4 LTE and Nexus 7):  Haven’t heard a thing about either. The Nexus 4 LTE seems pretty unlikely at this point, but don’t put it past Google to re-work their latest smartphone mid-year. They couldn’t ignore the criticism over their choice to keep out LTE from the original Nexus 4, so anything is possibly.Should they release an LTE model that works on AT&T (like the HTC One), I’ll be the first in line to pick one up. And what about a revamped Nexus 7 for 2013 with a higher resolution display? Rumors suggest that it’ll be here in July and with a Qualcomm processor. That’s about all we know. If I were a betting man, I’d think that we’ll see it at I/O.

Seems like a lot of stuff on Google’s plate for next week. Will we see any of it? All of it? None of it? I can’t wait to find out. I/O is always our favorite event of the year.

Any predictions of your own?

  • Your content is nice. I like it.

  • Y8

    I do not frequently find articles that express my sights and ideas perfectly.

  • Caleb Martinez

    All I want is a fix in audio latency!!!!

  • bananatroll


    if this article turns out to be true, I will not be surprised. Moto is simply losing ground too fast to appease their masters it seems.

  • iOS 7 will change everything, while android gets a minor upgrade to 4.3 and fragmentation increases.

  • Chris Hannan

    “I’d assume that means it’ll look a lot like Gmail for iOS, which we have been waiting some time for.”

    What? No we haven’t. Gmail on iOS looks hideous. I like how it looks on Android.

    • TylerChappell

      I agree with this sentiment, for me, it feels fairly intuitive as it is on Android.

  • NYAvsFan

    I would be excited for a Nexus device with more storage; not the N10. I have a 32G N7 that is constantly running out of room and a 16G N4 that has no room to begin with. If you aren’t going to do micro sd, at least give us more on board storage! And no cloud storage is not a sufficient alternative (especially for people commuting on the subway every day)!!!

  • You’ve presented your points in the apparent, yet intelligent manner.

  • Raven

    I love the ball design, but get rid of the 4 channel amp and associated costly hardware. Reduce it down to a simple headphone jack. If I had one, I would be connecting it via HDMI to my home theater system anyway so all of that extra audio hardware would just be a waste.

  • droidftw

    I hope they release a new phone for Verizon. I’m going to I/O (Not only for free stuff. Please no hate :))and I could really use a new phone (My Galaxy Nexus is getting tired). I think it’ll be highly focused on Google Glasses though.

  • Successful Future for the Q:
    1). Relaunch at the $50-$100 price point
    2). Rework the software so that it can be run on any android device (so you can dedicate a phone to be the Q)
    3). Make a version that just has line-out – no amplifier.

    if Google had made any attempt at all to find out what customers wanted, “Not That” would have been the mode.

  • Asmodai

    I suspect they are holding the Android 5.0 version number for the addition of 64bit support that’s likely coming next year when the ARMv8 CPUs are supposed to start hitting the market. With the game focus that seems to be on this years IO I suspect the big new thing for Android 4.3 will the be addition of OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL 1.2 support in the OS. It’s already supported by Qualcomm chips with the Adreno 320+ gpu (including S4 Pro, S4 Prime, 600, and the upcoming 800) as well as the ARM Mali T6xx series and the upcoming PowerVR 6 “Rogue” GPUs.

  • DanWazz

    Really hoping for a Nexus 4 LTE that can run on VZW.

  • BradT

    The X-phone will be revealed on day 2. Apparently Google is going to try one up the GS4 reveal with a Broadway style unveiling. Just an update from my boy, Sarge.

  • Chris King

    A chrome dongle would be sweet

  • Sonia
  • The most interesting thing about this list is that every item is a major broadside against Apple, and whilst I am impartial from a brand angle (judging on a product by product basis), believe Google’s weapon to be much smarter software. I have an iPad mini and a Nexus 4, and whilst the mini hardware (case/display), like the Nexus 4 is superb, the apps on the iPad crash or lock up repeatedly, the cloud integration is a mess and difficult for even me as a techie to wrap my head around, and I just feel that the whole user experience is a relic of the Palm OS days. The Nexus 4 on the other hand has yet to crash or slowdown, the cloud integration is outstanding, the UX is a pleasure to use and fairly intelligent too. (I dialed a number I had NOT input into my Google Contact address book the other day and yet it displayed the name of the person or business I was calling on the screen! It somehow had mapped the number to the contact without any link through my own Google services.) All of this is because Google were first and foremost a cloud and AI company whilst Apple were, like Microsoft, a child of the disconnected desktop computing revolution. With Google proving with the Nexus 4 that they can help produce great hardware, the war is only now starting. Thermonuclear? You bet!

    En garde!

  • All the apps are just superb and outstanding but it’s only for Nexus Q ?

  • new ones replace the old is equal. It is the world of society.

  • I totally believe in google and their applications.

  • JMonkeYJ

    this is the first i’ve heard of a chrome dongle, but if they made that, holy crap it would be awesome! as long as it could handle flash, it would completely replace my current ancient laptop’s job of streaming stuff to my TV.

  • Hatyrei

    If Google will release a new Nexus 4 LTE… I think it’s kinda unfair if they won’t re-enable the built-in LTE thatw as already on our Nexus 4. Official support I mean. Or why is’t Google didn’t reapply to FCC at this point of time?

    • Why give you something you already have when they could just make you pay for a whole new phone

  • Google and Motorola are separate. There will be no such announcement at Google I/O.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I have a feeling this is really the way it is. Google just needs to go the Apple route and produce the hardware + software. The rest of the manufacturers have proven they can’t do it that well (Samsung is getting better, but still), Google needs to step it up.

      • Android needs OEM support, so Google giving Motorola special treatment or using it to become vertically integrated would undermine their ultimate goal of Android everywhere. That said, with Motorola moving to stock Android and pushing updates as fast as possible, they may end up being a Nexus manufacturer in everything but name.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          I understand they need OEM support, but the madness with devices just being terrible is out of hand. The HTC Thunderbolt comes to mind .. devices like that just give Android a black eye to those who just see the Google logo and assume. I really hope Google leverages Moto, I don’t care if it isn’t a Nexus device .. just use what they purchased to make a superior device.

    • Ian

      Know this for certain? We all know they operate separately, but they could still share some lime light.

  • Tyler Casilio

    I think they will introduce something new, and very useful that for some reason we can’t think of but when we see it we will say “wow, I must be dumb to have not guessed that”

  • Bionic

    X phone for IO is still up in the air. We may see it or we may not. It’s supposed to be released mid to late Q3 2013 per sarge.

    • Tim242

      If the X phone exists, it is a Moto device, not a Nexus. Google only announces Nexus devices. They may own Moto, but they are separate.

      • Scott Souder

        If that’s true, why did they feature and give away HTC Evo’s a couple years ago at io?

        • Tim242

          Giving away phones, and announcing a new phone are not even close to being the same. The EVO had already been announced by HTC and Sprint.

          • Tony Allen

            It may not be a Nexus by name, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a Google Experience device…

      • Ian

        They have said they are separate. But why else would you buy something if not to exert some level of influence?

    • bananatroll

      may or may not? I guess motorola really has stopped giving a damn about their bottom line. I don’t know anybody that even wants a DROID anymore. They need to do away with that defective brand and put something real out this year.

      If they don’t announce something or at least give us some easter eggs/hints, there will be quite a few more GS4 owners by the end of the month – not counting me of course!

      • Raven

        Obviously, you don’t know me, but I still want a Droid 5 with a physical keyboard. I am still loving my Droid 4 with JellyBean, but it is starting to show its age and I would love a spec update.

      • Bionic

        I agree they need to start showing something soon or they will lose customers

  • Nexus 7 FHD with Snapdragon 800 and I’d drop my wallet faster than a Google Search query return.

    • Keith0606


    • TylerChappell

      Expect something like the Snapdragon 800 to wind up in the next Nexus 10, no way they would get it into the Nexus 7 if they want to keep prices the same.

  • edmicman

    Is Babel/Hangouts for sure not going to handle SMS/MMS from the stock Android messenger? I would love love love to have a unified Google messaging client – but unified in SMS/MMS (and have it actually work!), Google Talk, and Google+ Messenger/Hangouts. Plus, that could leverage Google as the true BBM/iMessage killer. If it’s just a merging of their IM clients then it gets a big ‘meh’ from me.

    My out there prediction? ‘ChromeOS Pro’. They’ve got a sweet Chromebook Pixel with that sweet hardware and super hi-res screen. And it essentially only runs a browser. What if Google released a “pro” version of ChromeOS that built off the web, but opened up the native hardware. I’m thinking something geared toward developers. Maybe it would run Android apps. Maybe it would run Windows apps in emulation or through some VM functionality. I don’t know. But it might be cool.

    Looking forward to new Nexus 7’s, too.

  • vadster8

    What ever happened to that rumored Google Wallet Card?

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    I’m hoping for a new text messaging UI. That’s the only thing that hasn’t change. It needs to keep up with that.

  • Julian Coronado

    What if the new Gmail is Gmail Blue!?

  • BrianLipp

    “Should they release an LTE model that works on AT&T” Screw AT&T, theyve got enough phones coming out and already have the Nexus working on their network. I want a Verizon Nexus (or Nexus-like device)!

    • NYCHitman1

      Keep on dreaming, friend. Lol.

  • poeddroiduser

    Nexus 11

  • Dain Laguna

    Initially i was disappointed that we may not be seeing 5.0 klp…but look how much JB has caught up after 4.2 was released? That is awesome for us as end users.

    Id rather the 5.0 update come later next year, right now, jellybean is so solid that its the odds an ends like a gaming center, unified chat, and an updated nexus7 that are more important to me.

  • monkey082506

    I just keep thinking.. my boss isn’t going to be near as excited next week as I am.

  • XphoneTroll

    No X phone… Like I said and many others the dam X phone does not exist!

    • Bionic

      It exists.

    • John

      Actually, it does. It’s just not what everyone thinks it’s going to be.


      ^gets device specs/test units before the mass do..been accurate for years. search his tweets over past 6months for “x phone”. only a few regarding it but it’s real & not going to be “geeks dreamphone”

      edit: here’s a couple for the lazy. 1 and 2

    • Of course it exists, but it won’t be at I/O. It’s already been said that it won’t arrive until the end of the year. Besides, the X Phone has nothing to do with Google I/O.

  • Dr0me

    My excitement for I/O this year is pretty low. I think we are definitely going to see a Nexus 7 refresh and babel. I am definitely not expecting to see some major feature like Google now or something as significant as project butter. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  • jcorf

    I want a Google TV/Nexus Q/Ouya mashup. At a competitive price point.

  • Alan Paone

    Sources familiar with the matter say that, so long as Google doesn’t massively screw it up, I’ll be preordering the new N7 during the keynote if they make it possible like they did last year.

  • Dr0me

    are your Q’s still working properly? A lot of users (myself included) are having issues with the Q getting an error message after 20 min that can only be fixed by power cycling the Q on and off. This was caused by the update to the google services framework. Google has even acknowledged the issue. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/mobile/0a0nDlo7Bz8/6JHhBjNsusQJ

    • 4n1m4L

      I use mine for movies and an occasional song. Not usually whole albums, but I haven’t had it quit.

      • Dr0me

        Interesting… I am pretty sure that youtube and movies still work on mine although I never use it for that. The music function is broken for me. I would be very interested to hear that yours is able to stream music for extended periods of time with out getting an error message.

        • 4n1m4L

          I also factory reset them every time my video glitches. Its easy to re-add so i do it often.

  • Kerry Fath

    For some strange reason I am interested in a Google watch….

  • WhatdoIknow

    You forgot X-phone….right?

  • mcdonsco

    Nexus on vzw would be nice…especially at the price point of the nexus 4 for all of us keeping unlimited data.

    • Sean Bello

      would never happen ever.

      • Taylor Levesque

        Thanks Taylor Swift

      • mcdonsco

        The only reason I think it wouldn’t happen is Verizon doesn’t want it because it would make it easier / cheaper for us to keep unlimited data and still have a nice phone…that why you say never?

        Or just the LTE thing?

        Couldn’t a smartphone manufacturer make a smarrphoneone to work with Verizon without verizons consent?

        • Johnny Volare

          Someone can correct me, but I believe Verizon controls which ESNs are activated on their network.

          • Tony Allen

            That is correct, and all they’d have to do is allow a batch of Nexus 4s with the ROM set properly to work with Verizon’s CDMA network and LTE, add those to their ESN database and it’ll work like any other Verizon phone, drop the SIM in and it works.

          • Johnny Volare

            I believe the original flavor of the question was “without Verizon’s consent.” I think the fact that Verizon has an ESN database of allowed/disallowed phones means it’s their call.

        • tyguy829

          They could, but for lte only. They would need verizon’s consent for the CDMA part. So essentially it would be a phone that doesn’t do voice since voLTE isn’t live yet.

          • Tony Allen

            Not true. Just have a batch of them with ESNs enabled for Verizon’s network. Drop in your 4G LTE MicroSIM and go. It’s up to Verizon but it’s entirely possible. You can’t buy an “unlocked” device no.. but it’s pheasibly possible to buy an off-contract device from Google Play and put your Verizon SIM in it provided the ESN was screened as a ‘go’ for their network.

          • Exadyne

            Actually, as part of the purchase of the 700mhz spectrum, Verizon had to agree to allow any properly functioning device on that spectrum, without prejudice – it is called the open devices clause. So if someone released a phone or other device that worked only with Verizon LTE, Verizon would be forced to allow them on network or face a hefty lawsuit.
            They already lost one lawsuit where they were banning people that used their own hotspot apps to avoid paying a monthly fee to Verizon for it.

          • moosc

            Actually this fall when VZW goes VOLTE Google wouldn’t need VZW permission to have a nexus. It’ll be like the HTC one on att and how HTC was able to by pass the strangle hold att had on lte. Also why does VZW care they have added payment plans to buy phones out right and keep unlimited plans

          • Because they won’t get a cut of the device sale or the “payment fee” of $24. Make no mistake, even though it is actually quite nice for unlimited data customers, that device payment plan is for them to continue to make money from device sales for people who don’t want to sign contracts.

    • Nexus 4 seems so old to me though… N4 on vzw with LTE would be nice, but it’s so old! Especially with Note2, Gs4, and the upcoming HTC ghost one device whateverthehell…

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Old? It’s a Quad core with 2GB ram, similar (or same for the Note 2) specs to other devices. I had ZERO lag with my Nexus 4 .. not sure how much faster or newer you could possibly want. The software doesn’t even take full advantage of the hardware yet!

        • Good point, I guess the specs are top notch… after 7 months though, the release still seems stale… I’d rather a new Nexus for vz. As one whos committed to vz LTE, I guess I’ve been ignoring the Nexus4.

          • It was the best…until the One and GS4 launched, and we had new candy. Hence is the march of the mobile tech world, we’ve all been jaded by the next big thing coming ever 6-8 months, and as tech nuts we drool. And while comparatively the Nexus 4 is not the “latest” tech, it is still firmly in the realm of “good enough”. Honestly, only the HTC One or Motorola’s next device (hopefully) are compelling enough to make me give up my Razr after 18 months, or Bionic after 20.

  • Nexus 4s?

  • I’m rather wishing instead of predicting, but i just really need some Verizon open flagship phone to upgrade from my Bionic. But I’m pretty sure though we won’t see a Nexus on Verizon for awhile =/ Fingers crossed

  • Sp4rxx2k7

    That’s what she said

    • EvanTheGamer

      Michael Scott in da house, ladies and gentleman!

  • Greg Morgan

    I know everyone is “where is KLP?!?!” but i think it’s a good thing that we might see only a minor update. That will allow some OEM’s to catch up.

    • Alan Paone

      It also gives apple and Microsoft time to catch up, which is no fun.

      • Justin Swanson

        As if Apple _could_ catch up 😉

        • But wait…..they’ve added another row! /s

          • Justin Swanson

            Well hell, I guess I need to go buy an iPhone, because a new row was just what I REALLY wanted. Suck it fanbois /s

        • pappy53

          They are catching up in U.S.marketshare, while Android’s is falling.

          • Kevin Hill

            You say the truth nobody wants to hear.

          • Caleb Martinez

            the only reason android is failing is because people buy the really cheap ones, which is not Google’s fault, and it leaves them essentially hating android.

      • Well, seeing as though it was a minor update to JB that introduced such major innovations as Photo Sphere, and the first version of Jelly Bean (itself a minor update) that unveiled Google Now, Apple and Microsoft should be kept just as much at bay if this upcoming minor update unveils changes on that major of a scale.

  • Jordan Debow

    Google give verizon a second chance I beg you Nexus 4 LTE please.

    • rice2130

      No problem for the Nexus 4 LTE (perhaps) coming to Verizon, but I hope the Nexus 4 LTE 32GB comes for the T-Mobile LTE…


        The current Nexus 4 ALREADY HAS T-Mobile LTE, all you need is a 32gb Nexus.

  • Tony Allen

    Well with Eclair 2.0-1 / FroYo 2.2 / Gingerbread 2.3 being all numerically like they were, and FroYo was quite a step up from Eclair in all sorts of the sense. 4.3 being KLP isn’t out of the question, I feel it’s unlikely but it could happen.

    • I feel its in Google’s best interest to make 4.3 Jelly Bean by name. That brand is just now getting public attention, so they should simply keep that ball rolling until they have something that is very obviously different to warrant a new name.

      • Tony Allen

        Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean aren’t brands.. You know that though right?

        The “brand” is Android. Those are internal codenames for the different versions of the operating system.

  • nvitone23

    No, but soon after.

  • Clay S.

    i hope it has a better processor though if they want to play games and more. same omap as the gnex, correct? i would love to see a qualcomm 600 or 800, even tegra 4.

    • Tony Allen

      Just say no to Tegra..

      Qualcomm for sure though. I’d like powerful I/O computing, not just powerful graphics.

      • Tegra 3 got disappointing quick

        • Dain Laguna

          well, support for it rather. when games were optimized, they ran great, but that sadly was hardly the case.

          • Tony Allen

            I could care less about how well games were optimized for a proprietary chipset. Make games work well on all chipsets and let computer power sort out the rest.

  • TheCheapGamer

    Truth be told, other than the Nexus 4, the 7 and Q seem old and outdated now.
    Definitely feels much longer than a few weeks for myself.

  • pball_inuyasha

    I’m also hoping for some nice and decently off contract priced phones. Even if the X phone doesn’t make it’s debut hopefully that other moto phone makes it out. I just want a good solid phone that won’t bankrupt me getting it off contract, for vzw no less.

    • This. If no cheap no contract phones are launched I might actually have to do with a used LTE phone. (S3 or RAZR hd) for around 300 off ebay.

      • pball_inuyasha

        Yeah my backup plan is probably a used S3 since I won’t pay full price for an S4 or do a new 2 year contract for one. I wish there was a refurbished market for phones, the only place I’ve seen referbs is for warranty replacements

        • aBabyPenguin

          You ever been to Swappa.com ?

        • Newegg sells refurb unlocked devices, but for VZW your best bet is Swappa and to be picky as to the condition.

      • Crankintopwater69

        Im letting my S3 VZW 32GB,PBlue and xtra batt and chrger for 250.Im with Tmo now with One.Wantnig out of contract with VZW.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Put it on Swappa!

  • I’m either just underwhelmed or I’m getting used to this and the excitement has left me.

    • Dylan Patel

      Well I mean what more can they do besides incremental updates.

      • ERIC REED

        Let’s hope not..

      • J

        Speaking of incremental updates. I’ve played with a new gmail…can’t say its the one they are releasing but would be surprised otherwise. My initial impression are that it was a little disorienting at first, but the article’s predictions about how it looks it are pretty close to spot on.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        They could give some love to Google TV.

        While I really adore Google, I am getting quite tired of the attention given to a billion other projects. I have moved to iOS for my main device and tablet, but my wife still has her (my old) Nexux 4 and we have a Sony GTV.

        Google needs to get their crap together and make Android just work. So fed up with issues concerning basic functionality (GPS, etc) not “just working”. Google, WIN ME BACK!

        • aBabyPenguin

          iPhone user complaining about Android’s GPS functionality?? I’m confused. ;p
          I don’t know what your situation was but I haven’t had issues with GPS in a LONG time. I’d say my Droid 2 Global had some problems but that was about a year and a half ago.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I went with an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile and haven’t had any GPS lock issues. My Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3 had to fight for GPS to work .. it drove me nuts, among other issues.

            I still love both, I’m just a geek and have to switch back and forth.

          • aBabyPenguin

            Sorry for your luck. If your wife has issues, download an app called GPS Status. It would sometimes help when I had issues with my D2G.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I had that for my GS3 as well, it worked from time to time. It just drives me nuts that I can’t seem to get an Android based phone where the GPS works flawlessly. I use Endomundo a lot with my cycling and it gets irritating waiting for GPS to lock (sometimes it never did, even using GPS assistant apps).

          • nebula

            Mh, I never had a single issue with GPS on my nexus4. It fixes in 1-3 seconds and stays perfectly with avg. >9 satellites. But I had some trouble with the galaxy nexus. ‘Cause it broke up sometimes and only had found about 5-7 satellites.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I was really bummed about the GPS issue on the Nexus. I had to send it back the first time due to a bad front microphone. I then noticed that the GPS had issues locking, I had to turn it off and on a few times before it would function (non rooted, pure stock w/ very few apps). Oh well, that’s how it goes for now.

          • I’m thinking that is more a factor of the OEM, not Android in general. Samsung has been notorious for having very poor GPS, though I’m not sure about LG. On the flip side, I usually have instant GPS locks on my RAZR running 4.1, and both my wife’s Bionic and even our old Erises only took 5-10 seconds max to lock.

            While I’m not trying to exonerate Android, as it certainly has its share of basic issues, I’m simply positing that the GPS-specific issue may not be related to Android in general, but rather indivdual OEMs.

    • 4n1m4L

      Self driving cars

      • Kenahn Ghazal

        I saw a google self driving car with my own eyes, in person, and I have pictures to prove it! They are very real.

  • Damian

    There will probably be a few surprises thrown at us besides the stuff on this list to look forward to

  • Chris Cuffie

    A new Google TV hopefully

    • Google TV has to have some sort of a presence, but I have no guesses on it. They seem to redo it every year now and then it disappears.

      • New Nexus Q needs to be Google TV imho…

        • Dillon Brown

          imagine a nexus Q that is a Google tv, media streamer, and a gaming console all in one. Now that would be something.

          • And that’s only $99

          • This guy knows where it’s at.

          • michael arazan

            A nexus Q that allows me to plug it in to my tv like a stick android, so I can turn my tv into an android platform to search the internet, use my apps, and play games, magazines books and movies

    • LuisEA2124

      Google TV needs its own App Market…. at the same time, it needs to join the last Nexus updates, so if the Nexus 4 gets for example Android 5.0, Google TV should get the same update at the same time. If Google TV appears in this years Google IO, it should come with Android 4.3…


        Like how Google Glass shipped with ICS? Good god Google is worst than the manufacterers!

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Are you serious it shipped with ICS?

          • Yes, but let’s face it, there is really no reason for them to put JB on Glass. While it may be ICS by name, I’m absolutely certain it is a highly optimized build that has been pared down to nothing. JB hasn’t been out long enough for that level of optimization, and I’d be surprised if they even tried to port it at this point. There’s simply no good reason to on a device of that kind.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I guess the issue I see with it is the fragmentation issue. Perhaps they need to determine a new method for naming, or whatever, that makes it seem like Google’s devices are not all over the place with versions. Granted, this device isn’t yet public really so it isn’t much of an issue.

          • If you’re talking ICS vs. Jellybean VS Key Lime pie, that’s not fragmentation, that’s legacy.

      • Tony Allen

        There won’t be Android 5.0, it’ll be 4.3