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20+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips

Just like we did shortly after getting our hands on the HTC One (tips and tricks), we thought it was time for a quick tips and tricks session with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (review). Since Samsung packed all sorts of new software features into this device, we probably could have made this 50+, but 20 or so seemed like the right amount.

Throughout this 14-minute long clip, we’ll show you how to use features like Air View, Air Gesture (and how to turn them on and off), managing quick toggles, jumping in and out of the camera quickly, enabling lock screen widgets, answering calls without touching your phone, and more. There are also some basic navigation and general Android tips in there for those of you who made the Galaxy S4 your first smartphone.

Also, be sure to drop tips of your own in the comments. 


  • Amber Rodelander

    Great video. I love your voice 🙂

  • Ranier

    Just jumped ship from an Iphone5 to the S4. There is no push email on the S4 which I always had with the Iphone5. Samsung people have no answers. Is there a workaround for pushing email through? Could use some help.


  • Very cool

  • where can i find those wallpapers?

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  • Two questions. 1. Can I turn off the air swipe when the phone is off (the first tip)? Mine isn’t working and I’m wondering if I turned it off.

    2.He has emails and a calendar in the first screen (right when he presses the phone to unlock it) – how do I set that up?

    • Oop. 1. It’s under Air Gestures, and it is off by default.

  • Re Unlock etc, once again I ask if this is safe and easy to do for all, why is no-one offering to do this for owners who aren’t tech savvy, for a fee ?? Cant someone make an auto unlock and Rom loader program that does that in the same way as Supplier updates are done?

  • Loving new S4

    I don’t have a toggle to enable lock screen shortcuts on my S4 (GT-I9505)


  • Erik

    What wallpaper is that on the picture? Looks awesome!

  • kaveman

    I got my Galaxy S4 two days ago and it rocks. Best damn phone on market.

  • THANK YOU, can’t wait to get my phone!!

  • Mario

    It’s interesting how people mention dirty hands as an example of air gestures use. What kind of a slob do you have to be to use the phone with dirty hands? And even if you do get the phone dirty, the screen may be the easiest part to clean.

  • Justin Kos

    Still holding onto my gnex, however I do admire the features and removable battery
    Out of any smart phone I’ve had since the OG droid I’ve held onto my nexus the longest I still like it (but have to utilize dual batteries and a wall charger )

  • StuffPerson

    Which DashClock extension is that?

  • Alex Brown

    What wallpaper is that?

  • Clay

    1. Install CM10.1 at roughly one GB smaller that the official S4 ROM.
    2. Enjoy the awesomeness of AOSP.

    • Tim242

      That has its downsides, like losing the camera software.

  • Kurt Weber

    Over all how would you say the battery life is compared to the s3….?

  • Diablo81588

    Ugliest phone dialer ever.

  • Sean Bello

    looks like Kellen has a little thing for Amanda Bynes (Google Now) lmao

    • fartbubbler

      Google Now always gives random entertainment news I don’t ask for. I couldn’t care less about The Voice, Ryan Seacrest, etc…

      • Sean Bello

        doesn’t do that for me, I wish it did. have it all set up for it and everything

  • Tom

    Hey Kellen, what’s that wallpaper? I really like it

  • Rocketjrb

    If you remove the lockscreen shortcuts, do you still need to swipe down to access widgets?

    • Not really, but you can’t swipe in the area where you swipe to unlock.
      To access widgets you need to swipe in the area of the currente widget (i.e. the clock)
      I hope you understand me =P

  • Droid-life always has the best wallpapers on their phones.

  • EC8CH

    In before Bionic’s Xphone comment!

  • John Goggs

    That Touchwiz interface is getting worse.

    • EC8CH

      Probably why Steve jumped ship.

  • Greg Morgan

    TIP: Unlock Bootloader, load AOSP.

    • Calvin Williams

      Tried a bunch, prefer Synergy over everything. Touchwiz has some pretty awesome features.


      • Greg Morgan

        Yeah I have an s3 and occasionally i’ll load up Hyperdrive. But always find myself back on AOKP.

        • EC8CH

          go figure from a guy with a Nexus Prime avatar 😛

          • Greg Morgan

            lol I do have a Nexus as well 😛

    • Pat Hamilton

      This is exactly what I wanted to type

  • Jaden Buchholz