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Quick Look: Spigen GLASt.R Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S4

spigen tempered

As you all know, we’ve been on the tempered glass screen protector bandwagon for some time now. We have done our best to bring you all of the best in tempered glass for all of the top devices over the last year, to help you decide if spending this kind of money on screen protection is worth it. One of our long-standing favorites has been the GLASt from Spigen because not only does it provide great protection, but Spigen tends to toss in extra goodies like screen wipes, back protectors, squeegees, button covers, etc. So when we heard about their new GLASt.R, a thinner, lighter, and rounded tempered glass protector, we had no choice but to take a look. 

Like with other tempered glass protectors for mobile devices, the new GLASt.R sports an 8-9H hardness for protection along with an oleophobic coating to help reduce smudges and fingerprints. Where it differs, is in the new rounded edges that should help reduce chipping, but also provide an incredibly smooth feel while using. Spigen is claiming that this new GLASt.R is 28% slimmer and lighter than its predecessor as well.

I can tell you that after using it for the last couple of hours that I’m incredibly impressed by it. Tempered glass screen protectors have been pretty hit or miss in the past, but this one seems to be nothing but a hit. The rounded edges feel incredible. There seems to be almost no gap between the protector and the display, making it feel as if it’s one and the same, while protectors in the past left you with a disconnect. The sensitivity you would see with your device’s actual display is there, plus all of the gestures and Air View technology still works. There is no dotted grid or pattern on the protector either, which is another issue we have seen with similar products in the past.

The only downside I can see so far, comes during installation. If you get anything on the sticky side of the GLASt.R, it’ll essentially ruin it. Attempting to clean the backside after it has been tainted is almost impossible. So be sure you are in a completely dust-free and sterile environment before you get to applying. Should you get it on there cleanly the first time, keep it there.

At $35, it’s not cheap, but that price matches up to others in this arena. Keep in mind that the regular GLASt is $28, so there is a cheaper option. I’d recommend this one, though, as it feels that good.

To see it in action, check out the clip below.


Links:  Spigen Shop | Amazon

  • birjushukla

    The best option is to use a protective case for the mobile.Here are some of the latest and best protective samsung galaxy s4 cases http://www.squidoo.com/designer-samsung-galaxy-s4-cases

  • coolsilver

    Most frustrating screen protecter I have ever bought. Now have one corner jacked up trying to get it square on the device. Front plastic made me misjudge the edge until I took it off. Still floated out of place numerous times. Has to be a better way to apply this damn thing.

  • My galaxy s4 got screen crack. It is too easy crack even though it uses gorilla glasses 3. If galaxy s4 cost 700 you have to plus screen protector and case for 80 dollar more. If it is crack, it cost 275 dollar plus service repair about 40 then you will be unlucky as me. If Samsung is sure with its galaxy screen quality, they put it in warranty. You have to buy insurance to cover it. I waited for 5 months to buy this galaxy s4. This brand I stood for and I trusted turn to be just a piece of rubbish

  • eTech Parts

    Glass breaks, chips, and shatters. It’s GLASS! Glas.T will chip, scratch, and shatter too, but it will protect your device from those damages. The repair on a Galaxy S4 screen is expensive, over $200. The investment of $35 is pretty great preventive coverage. We love this product.

  • derek connolly

    I like the folder named ISH

  • mcdonsco

    I’ve never had a screen scratch or crack, so not something I would want…But I’m wondering, my ex-wife, when we were married, cracked the screen on her phone and cost like $80 to replace the screen at a local shop. With that, I wonder, why pay the $35 for this protector if it only costs $80 or so (cheaper now?) to REPLACE the screen IF it ever gets damaged? Sounds like useless insurance to me. EXCEPT, for those who use their phones in environments where scratches are common (someone mentioned being around sand a lot for instance).

  • Spigen is definitely one of the better companies when it comes to support also. My GNex case had stress fractures after a couple of months. I called them and they replaced it and threw in a three pack of there awesome screen protectors to boot. When I upgrade I will look to them for minimalist protection.

  • It would be so much easier if phones were just made with glass screens to begin with.

  • John

    tempered glass to protect gorilla glass? Isn’t that like strapping a Yaris in front of the Escalade to protect the Escalade?

    • mustbepbs

      I’d pay to see that.

  • I had one for my Gnexus. It eventually cracked/shattered after a year. It wasn’t bad while it lasted but I will say the touch was hindered a bit. Now I’m back to a nakie screen…with surprisingly no scratches in sight.

  • bitch_please

    Glass to protect another glass, really?

    • DanSan


  • CapnShiner

    I don’t understand the value of a $35 screen protector for a screen that’s already made of Gorilla Glass. What the hell are people doing to their phones that necessitates a screen protector? I got one for my DX and installed it before I even turned on the phone for the first time. I did not use on on my DX2 and it felt so much better. After a few months of use, the screen was perfectly fine. I decided not to install the one that came with my Otterbox Commuter for my GS3 and the screen is fine after almost 6 months of use. So, again, what’s the point of a screen protector?

    • gokusimpson

      I’m still not impressed at how gorilla glass still seems to shatter on drops. Maybe the tempered glass takes the brunt of a drop so the real glass doesn’t shatter? I don’t think tempered glass is any better than my cheapo $1 plastic cover for small things like keys or sand in my pocket.

      • CapnShiner

        I highly doubt a thin layer of tempered glass or plastic would make any difference if you drop your phone with enough force to shatter Gorilla Glass. Keys do not scratch Gorilla Glass and why the hell would there be sand in your pocket? If you’re going to the beach your phone shouldn’t be in your pocket anyway.

        • gokusimpson

          I long jump so there’s always sand everywhere. If not for protection the glass is at least curved. Super jelly of the nexus 4 and its rounded glass that feels awesome.

    • michael arazan

      Are there any videos of a drop test with the extra glass on it anywhere?

      I actually dropped my nexus and the digitizer fractured without a scratch to the glass whatsoever

    • Tim242

      I HATE screen protectors!

      • Brandon Golway

        I’ve tried them multiple times and they usually only last a day or two until I rip them off. I did like the screen protector on the OtterBox for the Gnex but the case was way too bulky so I stopped using it after like 3 days.

    • I’m one of those people who could use a screen protector like this.

      I work outside on golf courses, and though my phone is in a protective holster case, it frequently comes in contact with sand and dirt particles. Sand also is constantly in my pockets so I can’t keep my phone there. Since sand will scratch up a phone screen in no time at all, if I want to keep my phone in relatively mint condition, I would go with one of these.

    • j

      I agreed. My GNex screen is still absolutely flawless to the human eye. No protector, but I am conscientious and keep sharp things like keys away.
      Hell, even my OG Droid only had a couple very small scratches by the end and that was step 1.

    • mustbepbs

      I like to keep my phones in pristine condition as I often sell them for my next phone. A phone with scratches (even small) will not sell as quickly/for as much as a phone that has a flawless screen.

    • Kayak83

      Sand scratches gorilla glass very easily. Mostly a minor annoyance. My Note 2 has a few scratches showing up after just a few months of having it.

    • Sp4rxx2k7

      You realize that Gorilla Glass isn’t perfect, right? There is always “that one weak spot”

      I pocket dropped my OG RAZR and it spider-cracked the whole screen … and it wasn’t even dropped on the corner – it was just a freak accident that found that one imperfection. Though I agree $35 is a bit much, naked glass is still a risk to take for a daily-used phone.

  • DanSan

    i’d love to see an install video

    • XphoneTroll
      • DanSan

        You linked the exact same video that is above, way to go. That’s not an install video

        • XphoneTroll


        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Try not to get too mad at him, he’s new here.

          • XphoneTroll

            I am very curious how many fake names do you have on this site?

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            Went from using Mack to ReturnOfTheMack (nickname at work). By saying fake I guess you’re referring to the fact that I always post as a guest. Haha I’ve been coming to this site for ages but I’ve never bothered to sign up with Disqus.

            Relax man, at least you know that as a “guest” I don’t have the ability to downvote your useless posts. Have a good one man. 🙂

  • I wish they made one for the note 2!

    • Geoff Johnson

      I agree. Even though the Note 2 is Gorilla Glass (I believe), I’ve somehow gotten significant scratches on it while taking extreme care not to put it on a hard surface, don’t put anything in my pockets with it, yet it’s gotten scratches in a matter of a couple weeks.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    I know there aren’t that many people still using it but I wish SGP would make this or a few of their newer screen protectors for the G-Nex. I know there are other options but with my other devices I have never found a screen protector that was better than an offering from Spigen.

    That said, does anyone have any recommendations? I have tried the discontinued SGP Flex, XO Skins and Skinomi.

    • EraserXIV

      Just go naked. Nothing matches the feel of the original screen, and at this point it’s more trouble than necessary to protect a phone that is on its proverbial death bed.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Haha I’m too OCD to do that, plus I plan on keeping the phone until the end of the year (ish).

        • EraserXIV

          I tend to baby all of my gear too, but after wasting upwards of $60 looking for a decent screen protector, I just gave up and now I run it naked. I figure whatever happens, happens. It’s actually pretty liberating to be honest. I also plan on keeping it until the holiday season.

    • nvitone23

      XO Skins was nice but after awhile I just pulled it off. Eventually they all start peeling up at the corners unless you have a case to protect the corners.

    • Got an XO Skin for my GNEX just over a year ago, still holding up to this day, no issues. I don’t use a case either.

      • eli

        freaking hated my xo skin. Maybe I got a defected one? it had so many dents in it.

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Same with the one I had.

    • DanSan

      they didnt make it for the gnex but i really like techarmor branded screen protectors. its dry application and my brother tried it on his S3 and loves it. he got the clear version, cant even tell and comes in a 3 pack for like $4 bucks shipped. i ordered a pack of clear and the fingerprint resistant ones for my S4. im going to use the clear ones and giving the other ones to friends at work who also preordered an S4