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Builds of Paranoid Android 3.50 Now Up for Verizon “toro” Galaxy Nexus

Paranoid Android Halo

Over the weekend, the first alpha builds of the 3.50 Paranoid Android ROM hit the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Starting today, all of you Galaxy Nexus owners can get in on the fun too. What makes Paranoid Android so special is that it features the fancy new Halo feature, something we have been chatting about for the past week. With Halo, you can have a system-wide Chat Head-like feature for your most recent notification. It’s new, sexy, and very cool. 

To download the build, follow the via link to XDA down below. Be on the lookout for a hands-on video with Halo sometime later today.

Via: XDA

Cheers Will, Jeremy, and Mike!

  • @sb_81st


    • Sean Bello


  • Hothfox

    I just tried it. Wondering if it’s just me, but when I go into the per app settings, I can’t figure out how to set the new navigation bar color? there’s the color picker, but no okay, etc. to set the color. I also hate how you can choose the phone UI, but a bunch of apps are preconfigured to be phablet ui.

  • duke69111

    Same here. They tried to reboot it around the end of last year, but decided against it and then tried to give it to someone with developer knowledge. I checked and as of April 27th, 2013 they open sourced it placed it on github. Hopefully a dev will pick it up. It was an awesome app.

  • jayman1576

    Ok so question for all of you root/ROM experts. I’m running CM 10.1 M2 on my Verizon GNex. Downloaded the latest PA and installed it after a full wipe like I’ve done a million times with other ROMs. Installation completed successfully but on boot, the CM ROM was still installed and my SD card partition was wiped. I restored a backup to get everything back but I have no idea why PA didn’t install. Is there an extra step I need to do with 4.2.2?

    -Dazed and confused

  • Jeremy Martin

    This is quickly becoming my new favorite rom. Sorry CyanogenMod. 🙂

  • napes22

    Been on AOKP for way too long now, gonna try PA for something new.

  • Jon

    Does anyone know if this has come to the Note II version yet?

  • Paradisimo

    I don’t know if I will like this or not but what I really don’t understand is why people complaining about it. The beauty of Android is having options and so what’s the harm in creating more options so people can find a system that works best for them? No one is forced to use this so why on earth complain? Personally I’ll take as many options as I can get so long as I can decide which ones to implement on my device.

  • I hate the floating heads that Facebook forced on me with their new messenger app update. Why on earth would I want to be inundated with these floating heads for all my notifications? I’ll pass. But, hey, if you’re one of the ones that like this kind of feature, by all means, grab it. To each their own I guess. (But I’m with those who are hoping that it stays out of AOSP.)

  • is there any way to hide the search bar and dock in paranoid? I flashed it yesterday (halo is not working properly for me though) and can’t figure out how to change anything in the launcher.

    • DanWazz

      Download another launcher.

  • JonathonFlores

    Am I the only one not thrilled about this.kind of don’t see the point. Didn’t we bitch about iOS notifications being obtrusive? Hence the awesome notification bar. And what if my mistress sends me a nudie while I’m showing my wife a YouTube video. #justsayin

  • xev1n

    Where can I get that wallpaper?

    • Kunal Patel

      I’d like to second this thought.

    • Steve Benson

      It’s a Paranoid Android wallpaper included in the ROM. There’s a whole bunch similar that are included.

    • derek connolly

      Wallpaper built into rom.

      Or here…
      (credit to Paranoid Android)

      • xev1n


  • gregmr

    Exactly why this phone is still relevant and will be for some time, at Verizon’s rate of providing decent options

  • I don’t understand what the fad obsession is with these pop up notifications.

    Its as if we’ve forgotten all of the past infuriations with this system as we moved to the notification bar which is a much more refined experience on a mobile device – it gives the user the ability to deal with a new message now, or later without getting in the way of what you were doing.

    I tried NinjaSMS for a while and uninstalled it as it would just pop up in the middle of me typing an email and infuriating me.

    Not a fan of this new fad and I hope Google keeps these kinds of notifications out of AOSP.

    • Steven Rothermel

      same here….aside from pure asthetics (yes, the “chat head” looks cool) this is a useless function to me. i dont think it will be poping up in front of me when composing an e-mail, but the fact that i can choose to view notifications when i want, and switch back and forth between apps is just fine by me. no need to overlay anything.

    • zorak19620

      I think the difference here is that these pop up notifications don’t usually get in the way if what you’re already doing. I’ve only used the chat heads a few times, but in those instances I never had them get in the way of what i was doing at the time. This is different that the old IOS style popup window that didn’t allow you to do anything until you close it out. Although I haven’t played around with ninja sms, but from what I saw from their video, their icons look pretty big. I can see how it might get in the way. I imagine if anything gets implemented in AOSP, it would be something you could easily turn off.

    • Tim242

      I’m glad I am not the only one wondering that exact same thing.

    • pretty simple, I don’t use my status bar and still wish to see notifications I can directly react on if I want to. Yes, I could use Notifiers on App-Shortcuts, but who would want loads of shortcuts on his/her homescreen. I guess, if you use your phone like the majority of people, yeah chatheads etc IS nonsense! But in special cases like me wanting fullscreen, no status bar, no shortcuts on home (I got an appdrawer?!) this is perfect.

    • MKader17

      I keep trying to re-invent this halo feature in my mind to make it where I would like it, and every time I do it ends up being a notification bar…

  • Justin Barrett

    Just create a nandroid and flash. Worst case you can restore.

    • JoshGroff

      I prefer to test everything myself, so that’s what I do every time I see some interesting feature I want to try out.

  • srs need to have halo made as an installable app

  • DanWazz

    oOOOH. So excited!

  • Shaunwin

    I hope they make Halo available through the Play Store.

    • Brandon Golway

      It’s most likely built into the framework so I highly doubt that will happen.

      • Shaunwin

        That was my thought as well.

  • njr1418

    I’ve been using it since yesterday. It is great!

    • NexusPhan69

      Any problems? Phone is essential to work for me. I have to be careful of what I do.

      • Manny

        Not him but I’ve noticed no problems since my installation of it yesterday. Phone calls work fine, browsing the internet is not a problem, pictures can be taken. I did notice that it ran a little bit hot on the first boot but then I restarted and it cooled off. Not sure what that was.

        • NexusPhan69


      • njr1418

        No problems at all. Just as stable as any other PA release.

        • derek connolly

          Agreed. Very stable. Only bugs or issues are with the Halo feature, but that is expected because it is an alpha build.