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AT&T’s 32GB Galaxy S4 Available This Friday, Starting at $249.99

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Though Verizon might be keeping us all waiting on the Galaxy S4, the other carriers are getting theirs ready for launch this month. AT&T just took to Twitter to announce that if you are looking to get the follow up to last year’s best selling smartphone, you can do so this Friday. 

For new customers and people renewing their contracts, the phone will run $249.99. If you are looking to save a few bucks, you can go with the 16GB version of the device and save $50 off the price. Just remember the 16GB version really only has 9GB of usable memory!

Via: @AT&T

  • Responder

    Raidy, I don’t know how this is a HARD concept for you, some of us use the storage space. And it has NOTHING to do with Apps. I have a Thunderbolt (piece of crap) but it has 32 gig, I have 21 of it filled. I have 7-8 movies on my phone, WHY? cause I don’t hook up to the mobile connection or I’m on a plane or anywhere that I want to watch the movie and I don’t want to kill my data limit (which is unlimited; shut up, for now) and the streaming service actually has the movie. I like room. 16 gig is unacceptable to me.

  • Brandon Golway

    I hope T-Mobile releases the 32 GB (and 64 GB!) soon since I’m done with Verizon next month!

  • RaptorOO7

    As usual AT&T you couldn’t announce this like last Friday. Too late I already ordered my other phone.

  • LiterofCola


  • Raidy

    Hard to fathom paying a $50 for 16GB more internal, when you could pay that same $50 and get a 64GB class10 SD card instead. The bulk of storage is used for media like pix, video, and music, I doubt most users would come close to filling the internal space with apps, esp with a lot of apps going to SD as well.

    • SkylaC90

      but most users or rather, a great amount of users would quickly fill it with games, and since people either don’t want to root their phones, can’t be bothered with it, or most likely just wants something that works out of the box then, paying the extra $50 bucks or so really isn’t so bad.

      • Raidy

        I suppose it is all relative. Most normal apps are well <100MB , and often <25-30MB in my experience. No one I know has a ton of games installed (the only thing that really sucks up space), maybe just a few large ones. And I know and work with a lot of avid Android users.

        I'm curious if there are any legit stats out there for usage of space by average users, since typically people posting on forums (myself included) are the minority and not the 'average' user.

    • RaptorOO7

      Some of us actually carry more than a few apps on our phones and actually want to have more than 1-2 high end games. 9.8GB is unacceptable and now AT&T is fixing it but its too late for the early adopters to exchange and now I already ordered my new phone and returned all of my accessories for the S4.

      Oh well, at least my phone won’t have lag.

    • Joey

      I thought I read somewhere that you could no longer do apps2SD? If so, then that wouldn’t work anyway.

  • T-Bag

    Verizon ? You there ? Anyone…Anyone ?

    • michael arazan

      Can you hear me now? No? Then release some phones so you can

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