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How Ironic: Verizon Ad Shows Up in Google Wallet

verizon google wallet

Certainly got a laugh out of this.

Cheers @Blink1st

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  • I added a line for my sister on our Verizon plan during a promo for 2GB get 2GB free. Her phone was bad and she sent it back to get a replacement. During that time she had to use a basic phone. When she got her new phone they did not add back on her promo and she lost a free 2GB. I was denied the restoration of the promotion because my request was outside of a 14 day window “for plan restorals.” Customer service and a supervisor said there was nothing they could do and the team that approves or denies these is an offline team (how convenient). Is Verizon not in breach of contract somehow?

  • neoand12

    You hear that? Can you hear that? It sounds like ISIS. Wait you can’t hear it? No?

    Yeah I thought I heard ISIS too. Must be my imagination…

  • anonymou5

    It’s ironic but also ingenious ad targeting since only those with smart phones not on Big Red’s network will see the ad.

  • TheWenger

    I asked their twitter support account a couple months ago why Google Wallet is blocked and they just sent me the link to the official canned BS statement about secure element, blah blah blah.

  • Syraz/Azilla

    This is what happens to droid life on the weekends eh? 🙂

  • I have met some troubles when try to purchase

  • EC8CH

    !Unsupported device

    I offer $20 to the first dev to write me a hack to change that text to “UP YOURS VERIZON”

    • 4n1m4L

      I’m still using rev13 (only one away from current) and have never seen this message. Or is that the root message?

      • EC8CH

        root message

        • michael arazan

          Speaking of hacks, does anyone know how to change your Play store region from US to UK so I can install BBC iplayer?

          • You can find the APK easily enough on Google. You won’t be able to watch any content without a proxy though.

          • Mark Mann

            there’s an app called market access that allows you to change carriers, i would imagine that it could change region to

  • Clearly is just an offer from Google Offers and not Verizon specifically targeting Google Wallet, at least I don’t think, but still funny.

    • Kellex, it’s Saturday night. I <3 you for posting!! But GO HAVE FUN!!

      • Thomas

        One word : Dedication

        Kellen : thanks for putting out some fresh stuff over the weekend. Always nice to have something sneak up on ya on a Sat. or Sun. Cheers 😉

      • Heh headed out now. 😛

        • Mchl496

          No stay… what if I need android ?

    • Tim242

      Is it any more ironic or funny than Microsoft/Windows Phone ads on Droid Life? : )