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Samsung Galaxy S4 Unboxing! [AT&T]

Samsung Galaxy S4

Yes, I’m well aware that we fully reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S4 already. But you know what, we like to do unboxings. And since we didn’t have a chance to do one the last time around thanks to an embargo, we thought we’d take the time to do a quick one now that we have the AT&T Galaxy S4 in hand. Who doesn’t love watching our grubby little blogger paws unbox the latest and greatest in tech that has been wrapped in faux-wood? Don’t lie. 

As one would expect, the AT&T version of the phone is no different from the Sprint version outside of the fact that it runs on HSPA+ and LTE, while the Sprint version runs on CDMA mostly, but is supposedly capable of running on LTE, though that has yet to be seen by anyone other than Bigfoot (kidding of course). You’ll also find a boatload of AT&T branded bloatware, which we take the time to count in our video down below. This is the white version – our Sprint review included the black version of the phone.

Oh, and since I was so excited to ditch my Sprint Galaxy S4 for the AT&T version, I completely forgot to show you what comes in the box during the clip. That’s the power of LTE for you. So below, you’ll see a picture of the insides which include a charger, more documentation than one person can possibly read, and tangle-free headphones.

And once again, don’t forget to check out our full Galaxy S4 review if you haven’t seen it yet.





Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Kurt Weber

    Why is there no photosphere on the galaxy s4..?

  • Rocketjrb

    Does the sprint battery door fit on the ATT phone? No carrier branding FTW!

  • CIFchamp24

    Played with it at the store. It was a lag king. I swear my OG droid was smoother after some over clocking:)

  • Finally, Samsung has a device that has a little bit difference

  • bogy25

    Everything said about this phone – plastic – cheap feel – too big – ….is just all wrong. The S4 is an amazing device that is very light and feels great in hand – hard to believe it is a 5 incher….but that’s what she said right?

  • eli

    – almost every comment on this post.


    I love the fact that AT&T’s very minimalistic about their branding on the phone’s exterior.

    • Geoff Johnson

      Take the hint, Verizon

  • i had to return mine because the lag was horrible. anyone else experiencing that?
    using swiftkey i noticed so much lag while typing. home button usage to get to the home screen was laggy, opening apps and using recent apps was laggy.
    i was super excited about this device for nothing D:!

    • i5

      There’s something about Android that will stutter no matter how beastly the specs. Sorry to say, but iOS is just coded better.

      • LionStone

        Uh no…HTC DNA puts the ooo in smooth and quicker than your i5…its the difference between smartphone and superphone

        • Ibrick

          Yes.. Newt’s Sense 5 ROM w/ Palmers kernel is a buttery dream.

      • Geoff Johnson

        They have 100% control over the hardware on their devices. If you have an older iPhone, newer versions of iOS make those laggy too.

      • Sorry, but my Nexus 4 never lags.

  • metool6

    Got mine a few days ago. You can multitask with no lag its amazing

  • Tim242

    Just FYI, it has the same ongoing WiFi notification that Verizon became famous for. However, the toggle is still there

    • Dorian Brooks

      -Charlie Brown

  • KleenDroid