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Kovdev Launches Stark to Google Play, Another Icon Pack


Last night, kovdev published a brand new icon pack titled Stark to Google Play. The pack is colorful and full of cleanly squared off icons, over 850 in total. If you haven’t bought one of Dave Kover’s packs before, you will find that he is constantly releasing bi-weekly updates and also takes icons requests. If you notice your favorite app isn’t already in there, you can politely ask for it. On top of the icons, Stark also comes with a pack of 10 wallpapers, each complimenting the icons quite well.

The pack costs $1.79 on Google Play, a reasonable price for some very high quality icons and wallpapers. Go grab it and let us know what you think.

Play Link ($1.79)

  • Robert MacDonald

    This is the worse icon pack ever. Its not any different from his other ones. Refund

    • Royal2000H

      It’s both the worst and no different? That makes no sense..

    • Benjamin P

      I would refund you the 1.79 from my own…. that’s how much I love this pack!! Almost all my friends who have seen it on my phone have bought it as well! I find it very funny about all the talk of iO7 or whatever number it is at atm is going flat! They should have got KovDev on it!

  • Delvien from xda-developers apparently thinks he has copyright over these kind of flat looking icons. He had submitted DMCA takedown request against KXNT’s “Minimal MIUI” which Google suspended. Delvien did the same thing to my “Colors (Nova Apex Go Theme)”. We both refuted the claim, submitted proof of not violating copyright and submitted reinstatement requests. But as all non-big-shot developers know, Google doesn’t reply to these. (No replying vaguely after 3-4 month doesn’t count). KXNT has re-uploaded his pack as “Minimal UI”. I haven’t done so yet. What’s stopping Delvian from filing DMCA complain again and getting me another unjustified infraction….? What’s he going to do about this Stark icon pack…?

    • He won’t do anything about this pack because I’m not using the icons that he posted on XDA and told people not to use.

      • Is he so sensible? Hypothetically, that’s not gonna stop him. Me and KXNT also made it very clear to him that we had made our own icons; based on the MIUI v4 icons; when he had mailed us. But he went ahead and got our apps pulled down anyway.

        fyi, I’m not badmouthing/shouting at you; if that’s what you thought. I’m letting out my frustration about Google and Delvien.

        • Delvien

          I think you’re more upset that you stole copyrighted work and can no longer profit from it. You took icons from KXNT’s pack and my own (not all icons I own copyright on, but alot of my icons that I made myself (and copyrighted) ended up in “your” icon pack)

          It would be more prudent to not lie to yourself and others about the reality of the situation.

          KXNT’s icon pack was returned to the play store, per my request. Yours will not.

          Kovdev hasn’t done anything wrong, btw. In his g+ thread I only mentioned that they looked similar, you misunderstand my post. There are no copies of my work in his. So there is no problem 🙂

          • You yourself proved that you are lying.

            1. KXNT’s icon pack didn’t return. The suspended one is still suspended and he had uploaded a new copy of the icon pack.

            2. You had accused KXNT earlier that he stole your work etc. On your thread, you said the same thing about him, what you are saying about me here. Are you even sure what exactly is in your mind? You are flipping on your own words so often.

            I never said Kovdev or KXNT did anything wrong. They also made their own icons. This is what happened. You thought you’ll claim copyright over MIUI V4 icons and file DMCA against everyone else. You messed with KXNT but he has his own fan following in XDA. So, you had to back down. Kovdev also is a known developer. So, you can’t touch him. But me, you thought “Oh, he’s a nobody. He can’t do anything to me”. That’s where we are at.

      • Sean

        I love your work. I had been using Lustre for months but bought Stark today. You do great work, thanks!

  • Trevor

    Aw, those wallpapers are so polite!

  • edoggy

    I’d use these if they were packaged as a CyanogenMod 10.1 theme.

    • Delvien

      I thought about doing this myself… but with Icon Themer app there really is no need… you can use a apex/nova icon theme and apply it to your entire rom.. Check it out, the dev really did fantastic things with the xposed framework.

      • edoggy

        Thanks for the tip.

  • Anthony

    Personally I’ve grown tired of his work all looks same. I use Samantha Connors work. Her icons are gorgeous and every icon gets masked.

    • Anthony

      Correction samantha conner

      • Miranda McCuller

        Aren’t masks something thrown over stock icons?

        • Anthony

          It masks the ones that she personally didn’t customize the icon for.I so in the iinstance where you might have one app the pack doesn’t you don’t even notice. They are custom icons though and I have a few of her packs and love them all, I hate having that one ore two icons that doesn’t match to an icon pack. So yes it masks stock icons but only the one she didn’t customize.

          • Miranda McCuller

            Oh yeah I understand now 🙂 I believe that Tersus and Lustre both do that as well. Kovdev’s other sets. I just am not a huge fan of themers that only utilize masks without customizing their own icons. But heck even thats more than I am capable of doing so kudos to them as well.

  • Joshua Patrick

    Save yourself the cash and enjoy https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.czarnomorski.theme.dcikonz

    If you like donate!!!

    Daniel Czarnomorski makes nothing but perfection!

    • mjmedstarved


    • Delvien

      It’s not nice to advertise someone elses pack in this thread. :/

  • Shaunwin

    Love it, looks great!

  • stark and tersus are similar but stark is way nicer in my opinion, flatter with more saturated colors

  • Brian

    Can we get a Stark/Tersus comparison? Maybe it’s just me but they look nearly identical.

    • Steven Rothermel

      working on this now. going to compare a few apps (gmail/phone/google/messaging/chrome) and post a snapshot for you in a few.

      • Steven Rothermel

        OK here we go.

        from top to bottom

        Minimal Miui




        as you can see, Tersus is a bit more rounded and there is some Depth to the icons with different shading. where Stark is VERY squared off with a Flat look (no depth/shading) which is very Similar to the Minimal Miui pack.

        • John Burke

          Thanks, I prefer Tersus.

        • Pretty similar if you ask me, very subtle differences. Stark is squared and is a more flat than Tersus.

      • poxijubijabi

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    • dw00

      Agreed. I think all he does is change a few wp’s

      • Steven Rothermel

        he would probably be very angry with this post….lol. a lot goes into making icons. he has to redo them pretty much from the ground up. its not as simple as taking existing ones, cropping them a little, and throwing some wallpapers in there and selling for a profit. some serious time and effort went into these.

        • dw00

          relax bro, i was being sarcastic.

          • Steven Rothermel

            haha…..wasn’t “attacking” you or anything. everyone knows you should use the sarcasm font when being sarcastic……..;)

          • dw00

            Note taken.

      • Definitely just change wallpapers.

        • dw00

          Thanks for confirming that. lol

  • Steven Rothermel

    I would love to buy these, but i can’t see a big enough difference between them and the free “minimal miui” pack on the play store right now.

    • EraserXIV

      Where? I only see the minimal ui pack for $0.99

      Edit nvm, found it. It’s called Miui X4, not minimal miui

      • Minimal UI used to be Minimal MIUI, the guy above you probably has the old ass free version.

      • Steven Rothermel

        nope, you were right….for some reason i didn’t think i paid for them…but i did. edited my original post.

    • rotz055

      I just rebought Minimal UI yesterday and am still tempted by this because of the 850+ icons. Minimal UI only has about 320 right now, though more are being added.

  • r0lct

    I want to buy these but I can’t seem to get any icon packs to work with Buzz Launcher. Anyone else get that launcher to use packs?